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Lies Told about Ulrichs

There's a Christian website that says Ulrichs was molested as a child (and therefore damaged enough to begin a Gay Movement).

It's nothing but a lie.

For 25 years I've researched, studied, and translated Ulrichs' life and works. I've never come across his saying he was molested.

And no one else has ever said he was.

This website, a so-called Christian ministry to protect boys from recruitment by Gays, is a disgrace and a mean-spirited attempt to destroy the good name of Ulrichs and of homosexuals -- and ultimately -- of Jesus.

The website only encourages young, impressionable teens to commit suicide.

In the name of my beloved, gentle, and sweet Jesus, Christians have destroyed the lives of millions of homosexuals over the past 2000 years.

It was the suicides of Gay people that motivated Ulrichs to begin a Gay Movement.

Here's the irony: Since Jesus was already 33 years of age and unmarried, and kept the company only of men, there is every reason to believe he was Gay himself.

People always ask me, "Why do you translate if it's such hard work and no pay?" I respond that being Gay is a God-given gift and it's my way of saying thanks.

Other people say to me, "Michael, you're more than just Gay." I reply, "Oh, yeah? All my happiness in life has been a result of being Gay. My long-term relationship, my publications, and my highest educational degree."

My love relationship happens to be with a person of the same sex, my publications are all on the subject of Gay sexuality, and my degree came from a Gay graduate school.

People can't resist saying, "But, Michael, if it weren't for heterosexuality, you wouldn't even exist." My answer is, "That had nothing to do with me. That was my parents' pleasure. It had to do with their happiness, not mine."

M. Lombardi-Nash, Ph.D.

"Our enemies will supply us with weapons."

Does the Bible in Your Home Promote Killing Gays?

Check it out:
Old Testament: Leviticus 20:13 (chapter 20, verse 13)

"put them to death"

New Testament: Romans 1:32 (chapter 1, verse 32)

"they deserve to die"

If the Bible (or any other divine scripture) promotes killing Gay people (also known as "homosexuals" and "sodomites"), then you would think the book ought to be banned as dangerous to society.

The Christian motto is:

"Love the homosexual; hate homosexuality."

Is the reply supposed to be:

"Love the Christian; hate Christianity?"

+ Remember Matthew Shepard +

And others murdered by so-called Christians:
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Barnett Slepian
James Byrd Jr.
Billy Jack Gaither
Pfc. Barry L. Winchell
Winfield Mowder & Gary Matson
Arthur "J.R." Warren

[Please remember that murderers often receive the death penalty, or are raped or murdered in prison, or commit suicide]

As Islamic fanatics wage war on Christians, Christian fanatics wage war on homosexuals:

Before a television congregation, Jerry Falwell, referring to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, offered up his credo: "I really believe that ... gays and lesbians ... helped this happen." His henchman, Pat Robertson, seconded the motion, "Well, I totally concur." --Ellen Goodman, Washington Post Writers Group

Christian Democratic Party member Councilman Hendrik Schnelle (city of Detmold, Germany) says homosexuals ought to be gassed. He was acquitted of this hate crime because he said it at a bar, and not in public.

MAYDAYRemember: Kent State and Jackson State 1970 -- six students executed in cold blood by members of the U.S. National Guard -- Shame! Shame! Shame!

Take the joy out of homophobia:
Have lots of Fun and Make lots of Gay Love


We Remember
September 11, 2001: Gay Victims & Heroes