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Critique by

Dave Doyle at Queer Horror

     At one point you wrote that the fact that "manor sucks the boy's teat and not his neck is not traditional." Actually, it's not traditional from the modern American version of the vampire. The whole neck thing is very strongly influenced by Bram Stoker, and many cultures have very different views. Interestingly, one of the most common vampiric practices is to drink the milk of mothers. This was also seen as a life-giving substance, and was often imbibed by vampires. So, suckling at a teat would not necessarily by out of character.

     As a way of familiarizing myself with vampire lore, I started collecting basic information on the types of vampires in legends from different countries. If this sparks your interest enough that you want to find out what legends Karl Heinrich Ulrichs might have been aware of when he wrote Manor, then this kind of information may be a starting point.

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