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Munich Ulrichs Commitee

Das Münchner Ulrichs Comité

The Munich Ulrichs Committee is an association of four Gay organizations. It was founded in 1995 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs. He is the first known person to speak out publicly on behalf of Gay rights. Ulrichs just happened to give the speech at the Odeon Theater in Munich. Therefore, it seemed appropriate that an Ulrichs Committee be formed in that Bavarian city.

The Committee's initial project in 1995 was pushing for the naming of a street after Ulrichs. In 1998 they succeeded in having a square named after him: Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Platz. Success came because in 1997 Gay City Councilor Thomas Niederbühl was elected (in the picture, Niederbühl is second from the right).

However, in anticipation of the 1995 jubilee year, in 1994 Wolfram Setz (far right in the picture), a leading member of the Committee and editor of the Bibliothek rosa Winkel (Pink Triangle Press Library), published a four-volume paperback facsimile reprint of some of Ulrichs' writings.

Those four volumes were followed in 1998 by another volume, a facsimile reprint of some of Ulrichs' letters, prose, and poetry (Matrosengeschichten [Sailor Stories]) All of these writings are available in English.

In 1994, Setz was also responsible for getting a complete copy of Alaudae (Larks), Ulrichs' Latin newspaper, into the Munich State Library (no other German library had a complete copy of it).

The year 2000 marks Ulrichs' 175th birthday anniversary. The Committee has several items in the offing:

It gives great pleasure to Paul Nash and me to participate in the lecture series and commemoration event on Ulrichs-Platz, and to be with the representatives of the Committee in L'Aquila.

Michael Lombardi-Nash
Gay Pride Month (June), 2000

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