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Where, as green as grass, the changing blades
crept around in the weeds.
You flew with me when I stepped into the lovely
Belino Valley,
Whose river, born out of crags, wildly rushes and roars
along in bright green waves
Turning up the banks and the
Do you still remember the inscription set there
on the wall in the
But made lower than the head, which Titus Clemens
at one time
Engraved into the stone for himself and Erotica,
his companion,
Above the little place of rest and on the site of
eternal peace?
Titus he called himself. His bond of servitude
was gently
Untied, and that esteemed prince loaned it
his own name, whose home was here in the valley.
My yearning was also fulfilled here, when I
found the green
Forest, oh forest, for which I had long
Sought in vain! Happily I stepped inside between
old chestnut trees
Under the maze of branches and breathed in the
fragrant forest air.
How soft the ground felt in the hall of vaulting
Boughs, where under the ceiling of the tall
shadows I saw the green leaves above guilded by the sun!
I then turned my path this way into the valley
of the Aterno,
Through the bushy meadows and columns that lay
ruined on the ground,
Whose banks are fringed with violets that breathe
out fragrance,
Where all around the crescents and summits shimmer
In show,
While the almond trees begin to bud on sunny hills
And peach trees cover themselves with a shiny red
gown of blossoms.
Here in the valley is a lake overgrown with rush


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