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HOT SITEWhether you’ve heard of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs or not, this is a site for you. Created in anticipation of the 175th anniversary next year of Ulrichs’s birth, this page gives details about the man said to be the first out-and-proud gay activist, including his writings, his passions, and his coining the word uranism to describe homosexuality.
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Lesbian love knot
Laws may forbid it, and religious zealots may rail against it, but gay marriage is alive and well online—even on the primarily straight sites., a wedding and gift registry site, has picked lesbian couple Kimberly Acquaviva and Kimberly McGannon, who plan to wed next April 8, as one of the five finalists for its Millennium Couple Contest. “Before Kimberly A.’s mother passed away, she told her daughter, ‘Marry for love and don’t worry about what others think,’ ” the site explains. Results were scheduled to be posted November 29.

AOL heeds protest
America Online, one of the gayest spots on the Web, is under fire from gay activists. AOL, they say, is censoring nonvulgar sexual content in gay members’ user profiles while allowing antigay language in other profiles. The criticism triggered a meeting between company officials and representatives from several gay lobby groups November 9, during which AOL emphasized its policies against hateful language. But John Aravosis, head of Wired Strategies—one of the groups most critical of AOL’s policy—was not invited to the meeting. “Most of the groups who attended the meeting are not specifically focused on Internet issues,” he told Wired News. “And a real discussion about content policies will require participants who are knowledgeable about it.”

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