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Truth Seekers!

Truth Seekers!

Bible Study Subjects and Dates
Celebrate 2000 with our 50 day adventure

"Celebrate Jesus"
Beginning January 19, 2000

Action Steps

1.Pray with a pencil
Set aside time each day to talk to God.
Start with the "Show Me Prayer" (printed on page 10 of your book)
a. Get the lead out

  • Write down your concerns for the day.
    b. Use the sparking question
  • At the end of the week write down 5 questions to remind you when you felt close to God
    c. Keep a people file.
  • Jot down the names of people that God has brought to your mind.
    d. Journal your Prayers.
  • Write down what you are saying to God-not only requests, but also your praises and thanks.

    2.Light Your street (pgs. 11 & 12)As Christians, we have the light of Christ within us.
    a.Once a week pray for a few families in your community.
    b. Go "Prayer Traveling"

  • Drive, walk, jog by 5 homes and pray a blessing over them as you are going. Do NOT stop or draw attention to yourself.
    c. After a while, invite others to join with you in prayer for them.
    d. Visit the website: register your lighthouse!