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Making a Difference/Getting the Job Done

1st Session-Pursuits- Fall 1998

Topic: Making a Difference

1. Staying Focused on God's Promises

  • Numbers 13:40,14:6-9,24
  • Joshua 14;7-14
    Lesson Bible Truth: Believers make a difference in their world when they stay focused on God's promises.

    2. Speak Helpful Words

  • 2Kings 5:1-15
  • 2Kings 5:1-27
    Lesson Bible Truth: The helpful words we speak can make a difference in people's lives.

    3. Promote the Faith

  • Acts 181-4,18,19,24-26
  • Romans 16:3-4
  • Corinthians 16:19
    Lesson Bible Truth: Christians make a difference when they are involved in promoting the faith.

    4. Tackle Tough Situations

  • 2Corinthians 7:6-9,13-15,8:6,16-17,23
  • Titus 1:5,10-11; 2:15; 3:14
    Lesson Bible Truth: Believers make a difference when they deal with tough situations in biblical ways.

    New Topic: Getting the Job Done

    1. Understanding the Job

  • Nehemiah 1:1-6,11; 2:1-8
    Lesson Bible Truth:God reveals to each believer the job He wants them them to do.

    2. Start Well

  • Nehemiah 2:12,15-20: 3:1-2, 22-23
    Lesson Bible Truth: A good start in a God-given job involves analysis, enlistment, faith and organization.

    3. Overcome Opposition

  • Nehemiah 4:1-3,6-12,14,19-20,23
    Lesson Bible Truth: God helps people of faith overcome opposition to work He has given them to do.

    4. Resolve Internal Problems

  • Nehemiah 5:1-1
    Lesson Bible Truth: God helps people of faith resolve internal problems that threaten the work He gave them to do.

    5. Celebrate a Job Well Done

  • Nehemiah 6:15-16; 12:27-31,38,40-41,43,44-47

    **End of our first session**

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