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So, you finally found this place after having nothing better to do. The internet sure does suck doesnt it? I mean you pay a whole damn monthly fee just to recieve email. Yeah, its pretty cool at first, but then soon you find it lacking any interesting material. Well, I have unfortunately a lot of damn time on my hands. And instead of completing my school work so I can survive in the real world, I made this page... 


What was your favorite Weezer record?

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Some kids were nice enough to put the anarchist cookbook online. (very amusing and informative)
The Guitar Album
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Yeah, after looking around you really figure out that is is a kick ass site! The songs, polls, everything has somewhat interests you. Oh yeah, Also if you like rap, limp bizkit, kid rock, korn, blink 182, or any other shitty "popular" bands.

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To gain my respect again, act like a human being. Dont just listen to music because it is from the latest band, example: some people dont like nirvana or weezer because it is "old." Dont buy name brand clothes eiter! Because Name Brand Clothes, Pop Culture, and fasion SUCK!!!!!! Change back to a real person, who hates school, hates rap, and most of all hates kids who are trying to fit in to the Pop culture. If you dont want to go back though, be my guest and go listen to the latest crap record. And dont come back! Your kind isnt wanted around here. Thank you

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