and so, the legacy comes to a close........


p>December 22, 2000 was an amazing show for all of us. The anticipation of another show by hate crime (which was now concreation) was unreal. However, what many did not know and still do not marked the end of the story of anti-racist palm beach gardens high school hardcore.

I have always told you over again that certain rumors were untrue, however, i cannot lie, the one that has been going around is true. Concreation (or hate crime if you will) has broken up. With mario's departure, and several other things going wrong, dan and dave took what was left of their shattered band and are now putting it good use. I am sure many of you are upset we have broken up, and I KNOW many of you pussies we nade fun of all these months are happy that now we are silenced and are no longer a thorn in your side as you pollute the local music scene.............or are we?

What is on the road now? Several things. For one, dan and dave will still hold on to the uncanny chemistry they have together as they reform an old project of dan's called DEVOSIS. Along with them, comes the dark and loomy lyric-writting Ates (From MAD TEA PARTY) and they will uplift the soul of what was once hate crime, and keep it on rocking and slamming. I hope to see them bust onto the music scene soon, for they are the ones who will keep the faith and attitude I gave hate crime back in Feb. of 2000 alive. However, they are also going to bring something fresh to the table, so be on the look out for that. Good luck to all three of them.

As for mario and I, well no hard feelings have been put against mario by dan or dave, however, mario will not be joining up them in the DEVOSIS project, nor will I. Mario and I still have SUNDAY MOURNING MASS to hold on to. The quest to bring on old school hardcore continues. He and I shall continue the political mess that the band is. Expect to see SMM grow even stronger, as Mario and I can now put our full efforts into this.

Now, to all bands that hate crime has called out over the past year or so, don't think that we are dead. All four of us are still in the music scene. None of us are going anywhere. All of us have the same attitude, and we will all continue to fight the "pretty Boy" image that is really screwing up the scene down here. All you bands know who you are, and who we are talking about. The actual band may be gone, but the spirit lives on. And hate crime has done some things no other band would ever have the balls to do. WE ARE STILL STRONG, AND WE WILL ALL BE REBORN UNDER NEW NAMES!!!

thanks to all who have supported us. This is Mike Asfour (founder and lead vocalist of the band) giving you all a final shoutout. FIGHT FOR EQUALITY......PRO-CHOICE, PRO-QUEER, ANTI-RACIST!!

where dan and dave have gone....
where mario and mike have gone....