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One World One Game

I have taken it upon myself to create a site which I will dedicate to a very special man who has "Dedicated his Life to the Sport of Bowling. John Davis ~ my boss and friend".

John's number one supporter is his wife of many years Linda.

They are terrific people! I, as an employee along with all other employees are part of their extended "family". They make time to just "chat" and find out what is going on in our everyday lives. This, in this time and age and their busy schedules is unheard of. So, I want to say a special Thank You to them.

John's "home away from home" is at Kegel, located in Lake Wales, Florida ~ home of Kegel Training Center and also Kegel Manufacturing.

John's "favorite" saying is ~ What A Life!!!
{I had to put that in here}

To know John is to know his passion! Yes, it is bowling!

Below you will find some of the things that John believes in.

The Crisis is upon us, friends.

Our "SPORT" is in trouble!

Many of you that love the sport as we do will look at the Crisis like a friend who is in trouble and needs our help.

We must not shrink from the task before us, we should welcome it.

It is OUR generation that has been called to the challenge.

John Davis

John has contributed many things to the bowling industry. His "main" goal is to make lanes as fair and consistant as they can possibly be for all players. In doing this, he has "contributed" the following.

1981 ~ "The Key" Lane Cleaning Tool
1983 ~ Opened Kegel Bowling Center
1985 ~ NPS - No Pin Slide
1985 ~ The Master Key
1986 ~ Bowling Journal International Renovation Award Winner for Kegel Bowling Center
1988 ~ The Sanction Machine
1991 ~ The Lane Walker
1992 ~ The Lane Walker LCM
1993 ~ The Excel
1994 ~ The Dart
1994 ~ The Phoenix
1995 ~ The Arrow
1995 ~ The Phoenix-S
1997 ~ The Sanction Machine II
1997 ~ Herbies ~ Official Training Center for Team USA
1998 ~ Kegel Mobile Service Unit 28ft. lane machine maintenance shop on wheels traveling the country to do in depth service and maintenance.
1998 ~ KBT *Kegel Bowling Technologies*
1998 ~ The Foundation
1999 ~ The Sanction Standard
1999 ~ FIQ World Bowling Tournament

If not now, when? If not us, who?

What is Herbies Bowling Center in the Sky?

Herbies started out as just a dream for John and his brothers Mark and Dennis. The perfect bowling center. Herbies, as we call it, became a reality in 1995. It is a "high-tech" bowling training center. It is amazing to see bowlers from all over the world come to the small city of Sebring for training. If you would like more information on Herbies and Kegel Training Center, please link below.

What is the Foundation?

The Foundation is a group of people dedicated to the preservation of the SPORT of BOWLING.

The mission of The Foundation is to standardize bowling worldwide. In doing so, The Foundation will bring bowling to a completely new level; where at any given league our tournament fairness and predictable ball reaction are the rule, not the exception. In other words, to return integrity to the sport of bowling. Link below to The Foundation.

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I hope you have enjoyed this site. Please take a moment to sign my guestbook.

The Phoenix, which is the Kegel logo symbolizes immortality, resurrection & life after death.