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FEB 23 2001- Well this last week was a big week! I have acquired a new daily driving car. I purchased a 1999 Pontiac Firebird. It has a 3.8L V6 that puts out 200HP and 225 lbs of Torque. It is great to drive and if you want to see it you can use these two links to view it. I made 2 seperate pages so the pics load more quickly. The F-body is a great car and I love driving it every day. I only use the vette for weekend cruising. It has the following options: A4, fog lights, power windows, power locks, CD player and performance tires. There is a new z06 gallery with some awesome pictures just like you all requested. Check it out!! I took some of your guys comments and have added 4 high quality video for you to download and view. They are really great! Go to my multimedia section to find them. Enjoy! If you have a question about my car or Vette's in general contact me at Visit for good car wax!

I got a lovely message from an moron obviously and I thought I would share it with you :
"this site might be good if it actually had something on it. Now if it were me I would think about killing myself if I had a site like this but thats just me. Thanks for wasting my time :)"
My response: I really appreciate your intelligence to just insult me. Granted I haven't had much time to work on this site but please, give me a break! I started the poll to get opinions on how to make it better, not grief! Now please get off the crack and get some help! I thank the rest of you for coming by and enjoying the site. It will be awhile until I get some more pictures due to the limited space I have on this damn server, so we will just have to deal with it for awhile! If anyone has any individual pic requests email me and I will try to help if I can. Thanks for stopping by.;

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