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Cross Country 2002 Profiles

Listed below are the links to our Team Profile pages. These are our top returning runners, the ones who look to make an impact at the highest level of distance running during this upcoming Cross Country season. Keep an eye out for them at the front of the pack in races, watch for them in the headlines of the papers, and listen for their names on the lips of their onlookers as they make a name for themselves this year.

Profile Pages

Senior Page 1: Kyle Bateman, Ryder Leary, Tripp Southerland
Senior Page 2: Joey Peters, James Russell, Patrick Miller
Senior Page 3: Matt Wahila, Adam Kovacs, John Prendergast
Junior Page 1: Jonathon Crouch, Brian Doyle, Glenn Buddecke
Junior Page 2: Joseph Deaux, Will Stone, Stuart Toomey
Junior Page 3: Sean O'Sullivan, Anthony Costanza, Andrew Steele
Sophomore Page 1: Corey Kolb, Chris Mullaney