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Information below was gathered using the actual videos of the movies. In the instances where I don't have a copy of the movie, information was gathered from the Internet Movie Database. Stephanie Zimbalist is listed as the first cast member on each film, even if she wasn't the first one in the credits. (Hey, I'm a fan of her...not these other people.)

A TV producer (Zimbalist) capitalizes on the popularity of an elderly story-teller.
Directed by: Larry Elikann
Written by: Robert Zeschin
Cast: Stephanie Zimbalist; Tony Auer; Luis Avalos; Brenda Ballard; Ed Begley Jr; Bobbie Candler; Charles Champion; John David Conti; David Correia; Ellen Crawford; Tandy Cronyn; Charles Durning; Christopher Gartin; Mary Pat Gleason; Michael Goldfinger; Rif Hutton; Jeanine Jackson; Lisa Jakub; Jean Kasem; Janice Kent; Steve Kramer; Richard Masur; Michael Mitz; David Michael Mullins; Clive Rosengren; Bo Sharon; Jessica Tandy; Billy 'Sly' Williams

A criminal profiler (Zimbalist) trys to solve an old murder.
Directed by: Michael Ray Rhodes
Written by: William W. Forsythe, Pat A. Victor
Cast: Stephanie Zimbalist; Tony Bill; Daniel Roebuck; K. Todd Freeman; Lee Tergesen; Candy Ann Brown; Stan Ivar; John Durbin; Keith MacKechnie; Cameron Thor; Billy Beck; Gordon Currie; Tim De Zarn; Danielle Harris; Darlene Kardon; Sheila Larken; Frank Novak; Jack Orend; K.T. Vogt

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