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Land Grant by King Charles II of England, for restoring him to throne. To 8 Lords,,   

incld Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper  1621-1785  First Earl of Shaftesbury

(who may or may not be related to our Reavis family).<






Hiram                      1840-1857

Andrerw J.              1857

Andrew P.               1858

William W.             1857




Joseph                  1833-1837

Lewis D.                 1835-1840

Samuel D.                 1826-1854

William T.                1837-1852

Andrew A.             1833-1837

Andrew H.                 1837

Andrew W.            1840

Asley L.                  1840

James A.                  1840





Edward                   1835-1843

Warren P.               1831-1843

Daniel                     1853




Mark                       1827-1833

James                      1831-1839




Fenton G.               1843

Drury B.                  1854



Bowling G.              1857



Woodson               1852-1859



Solomon                 1831




Overton                                  1835

James                      1840

Doctor                    1840-1859




Henry J.                  1833-1835 <




Edward                    1843-1858






Anderson                  1852

Allen                      1858




Asher                     1837-1850




Allen                       1824




Archibald               1853

James L.                  1835-1860

William                    1835-1838




Allen                      1845



James G. 1837-1847




James J.                   1858-1861




George W.                  1841-1854




Varnal G.                 1838

James M.                  1853



Wilson O.               1837



Richard                  1835-1837  maybe thru 1896..needs ck’g ?



Nathan                    1838-1859

Green                      1838






Ichabod                                 1823



George W.              1858



Joseph                  1831-

Lovett                     1831-1833

Matthew L.                  1831




Reavis, Asbury H                1858

ditto                        1855                Prairie

Francis M.                1860-1                Ashley County

George W.                 1861-1895  Newton Co..Searcy Co

James E.                 1900

James H.                 1892  Washington Co


Jasper N.                 1860-1900 Fulton Co

John E.                   1890  Madison

John L.                   1907 Nevada Co

Mary                      1900

Morgan                  1859                Independence

Noel G.                   1859

Warren E.                 1882

William                   1860

Revis      Francis M.           1860 x 2 1861 x2  

Revis, Mary                          1882

Revis, Morgan                      1882

Revis, Thomas J.                 1897       

Reaves `Lovelt                     1837, 1839, 1842,1859, 1861  Bradley Co 1839

                Martial d.             1893

                Mathew L.             1837, 1839 x 3, 1859  400 acres  Cleveland Co

                Mycager C.            1860

                Peter M.                 1883

                Reuben                  1836-1859  327 acres  Cleveland Co

                Reuben                  1839, 1859, 1859

                William L.             1901

                William S.             1893

                Wilson G.            1860-1861

                Albert H.            1855

                Amaziah B.            1860, 1860, 1857, 1894,. 1904

                Andrew J.             1906

                Chapman M.        1855

                Chapman              1856

                Charles P.             1855, 1855

                Drew                       1896

                Drewery P.             1882

                Elias M.                  1855-1856

                Elijah T.                  1859

                Eliza A.                   1893

                Elizabeth                1848  80  acres  Grant Co

                Frankling C.         1899

                George W.           1861, 1860, 1892

                George                   1855

                Henry J.                 1903

                James H.                 1882

                James O.                1875

                James                     1837x2  80 acres  Hempstead Co

                Jesse                      1859, 1860x4

                John L.                   1894

                Joseph L.             1903-1904

                Joseph                   1848x2  80 acres  Bradley Co

                Lovelt                     1839x2  80 acres  Bradley Co



VIRGINIA-Rives………………………………...                Patent and Page


1711        William                Pr Geo Co           422 acres       10-51

1714        Robert                                                219 acres       10-197

1717        William                                              206 acres       10-340

1724        William                                              260 acres       12-60

1725        George                                              225 acres       12-281

1733        Joseph                                              300 acres       15-188

1735                Benjamin   Amelia Co                500 acres       16-501

1735        William                                      500 acres       16-501

1739        Joseph                Pr Geo Co           194 acres       18-288

1741        George                                      350 acres       20-61

1741        William                                     300 acres       20-82

1756        William                Brunswick Co      121 acres       34-17

1761        William                                    704 acres       34-830

1760        George                                     72 acres                  33-918

1761        Richard                                    70 acres                  34-830

1772        Timothy                                   940 acres



1796        George                   Grayson Co

1799                Nathaniel                Monogolia Co



1747        Moses                Brunswick            230 acres       26-90

1747        Timothy                                     140 acres```   28-339



1775        Isham                Brunswick Co      181 acres       E-10  *******



1760        George                Brunswick

1780        George                Henry Co           138 acres       E-643

1784        George                                     254 acres       I-426

1779        John                Bedford Co           83 acres                A-105

1779        John                                         104 acres       A-105

1750                Benjamin  Luenburg co



1746                Benjamin and Timothy  DB3-267



1746                Benjamin and Timothy   Brunswick co  DB3-261

1766        George                Sussex Co

1764        Hermon                Brunswick co       128 acres



1723        Edward                Henrico Co           400 acres (with Thomas Ally)

1729 Aug  Henrico Co Va  DB 242-4  Edward and Thomas agree to division of

                the 400 acre patent of Sept 1723..wives Hannah and Frances relinquish

                their Dower Rights  wit: George Paynes, Pierre Louis Soblet

                s/Edward Revis and Thomas Alley

                rec. 1st Monday of August

1729 Aug 1  Edward and Hannah of Henrico  sold to Thomas Jennit

                                50 acres for 3 pounds

1735 October 7  Charles Christian of Charles City co sold to Edward Revis

                200 acres for 20 pounds on a branch of the Tuckahoe Creek

                called Stony Run


1738 May  Edward Revis deed land to Wm Ellis

                Source: Henrico Co Va deeds 1738-1750


1740     Dec  Deeded land to Thomas Smith, Sarah his wife relinquished Dower Rights



1672-3     Hen.                Nansemond co    150 acres

1701        Thomas                No Co given      740 acres       Pat 9 pg 387

1724        Joseph                Isle of Wight     90 acres

1724        Joseph                Isle of Wight     200 acres

1724        William                ditto                        200 & 400 acres

1740        Richard                Surry Co                400 acres 


1748        Timothy                Brunswick Co      100 acres

1761        William                Luenburg              325 acres

1736        Foster                Isle of Wight     200 acres


DB3-411  George Rives (wife Mary) of Northampton Co NC, pd James Parham May 1748

                50 acres by his father Thomas


DB3-pg320                Feb 1746  between John Moore of Northampton Co NC and Wm Walker **

                of Va, 100 acres..Pea Hill Crk.. witnesses:  Wm Allen, Edward Revis, Thomas Clanton


North Carolina


Buncombe Co

DB 3 Nov 1799 Rec Jul 1803  John Strother to Thomas Reavis for $11 95 acres waters of Flat Crk

1796     Geo Revis 2 purch frm Wm Hunter

1798  Geo Revis frm state 150 acres both sides of Flat Creek

1803     Geo Revis Purch 60 acres frm Henry Roberts on French Broad River

1803     Thomas Revis purch 100 acres frm John Roberts on French Broad River

1805..Thomas Revis sold 100 acres to Joseph Warrenon Flat Creek

1805..Thomas Revis sold 95 acres to John Gregory on Flat Creek

1805  Thomas Revis sold 200 acres to Glen David onFlat Creek

1808     Geo Revis (?4) 100 acres on Mims Creek

1809-1811       George Revis (estate of Geo-3 or Geo-4) sold 350 acres

1814     Thomas Revis purch frm State 50 acres mouth of Sugar Camp Branch

1815     Thomas Revis purch 200 acres

1818     Thomas Revis purch 200 acres

1818  Thomas Revis purc 300 acres

1821     Geo Revuis (4?) purch frm Zachariah Candler 100 acres on Flat Creek


 Rutherford County


                1777      Reavis, Isham  200 acres  (mentions school house..he prob teacher)

                1778                Reavis, Isham  bought 100 acres frm McFadding

                1778                Isham Reavis  purch 100 acres frm McFadden(& 2 negroes and a horse)

                1778                Isham Reavis  100 acres  Grant

                1778                Isham Reavis  100 acres  sold to Wm Harmon

                1778                Isham Reavis  60 acres

                1779                Isham Reavis  200 acres to Mary Jones with houses on Main Broad River

                1782                Isham Reavis  1-00 acres purch frm McFadden

                1783                Isham Reavis  sold 100 acres to Samuel Walker

                1783                Isham Reavis  193 acres

                1784                William Ravis and Kuykendall

                1787      Isom Ravis recov thru Sheriff 200 acres frm John Lewis

                1787                Isham Reavis  50 acres on Main Broad River

                1787                Isham Reavis  100 acres on Main Broad River

                1791                Isham Revis purch 30 acres from Long on Cathey’s creek

                1792                  Isham Ravis sold to Littleberry Jones  50 acres

                1792                Isham Reavis  59 acres Cathie’s Creek & 50 acres adj Calahan’s

                1792                Edward Ravis sold to McHan 150 acres on  (Isham father wit the deed)

                1794                Isham Reavis  100 acres

                1794                  Isham Ravis  350 acres deeded to Wm Mchan on Shepards Crk, Cathey’s Crk.

                1795         Revis bought frm Thos Morris  200 acres

                1795                  Reavis, Mark(Mercurial?) bought 80 acres frm Thomas Walker..Main Broad River

                1796                  Isham Ravis  100 acres to John Briant on Main Broad River and Houses

                                wit: Harris Ravis, Edward Ravis, Daniel, Mark Ravis

                1796                Isham Reavis/Ravis gave dau Rebecca and husband Royal Potter 100 acres

                1796                Reeves, Edward , Jr.bought 100 acres frm James Doyle and David Ravis <

                1797                Ravis, Isom

                179?                Reavis, Isham & NC                Grant

                179?                Reavis, Isham & NC                Grant

                179?                Reavis, Isham & NC                Grant

                179?                Reavis, David & Walker                Deed

                179?                Reavis, William & Kuykind Deed

                179?                Reavis, Isham & NC                Grant

                1794                Reavis, Isham & NC                Grant

                1795                Ravis, Edward and Callihan

                1796                Reavis, Isham & Morris                Deed

                1796                Reavis. Edward & Calliham Deed  (Gilliham ?)

                1796                Reavis, David & Smith                Deed

                1796                Reavis, Isham & Long                Deed

                1796                Reavis, Edmand & Janes                Deed

                1796                Reavis, David & NC                Grant

                1796                Revis, John & Lawrance                Deed

                1797                Ravis, Edmond and Little

                1798                Isham Reaves and Annes Raves (sic) sold to Richard Lewis   sev lots of land

                1798/Jul  Isham Reavis deeded to Mercurial Reeves  193 and 160 acres on Main Bd Riv

                1798/Jul  Mark Reavis  100 acres to Harmon

                1798/Aug  Mercurial/Mark Reavis  sold to McMurtrey

                1798/Aug  James Reavis, Jr  deeded to Mark Ravis/Reavis 40 acres

                1798/Nov  Edward Reavis of Warren Co Ky  deeded to David Reavis of Ruth Co NC100acres

                1798/Nov  Edward Reavis of Warren Co Ky deeded 100 acres to David Reavis of  Ruth. NC

                1805                   Reavis, James and Bird Lawter

                1808                Reavis, James and Bird Lawter

                ?                Reavis, David & Harmon                Deed

                1815                Reavis, David and  Edward Reavis

                18??                Reavis, David and Edward Ravis                Deed                       *some dates not legible

                18                Reavis, Edward and James Doyle                Deed

                18                Reavis, Edward and James Doyle                Deed

                18                Reavis, Mark and James Ravis      Deed

                18                Reavis, Mercurial and Isham Reavis                Deed

                18                Reavis, David & NC                Grant

                18                Reavis, Elizabeth (Lucinda, Mary, Nancy, Morgan, Washington, Wilson)

                                                 James Reavis  Gift Deed

                18??                Reavis, David & NC                Grant

                18??                Reavis, David and NC                Grant                *David aft 1817 must be David s/o James

                180?                Reavis, James and Laughter                Deed                  David s/o Jesse to Tn 1817

                180?                Reavis, Jonathon & Waldrop                Deed

                180?                Reavis, James & Walker                   Deed

?              1814                Reavis, James & Laughter                                Deed

?              1815                Reavis, David & NC                          Grant

?              1817                Reavis, David & NC                          Grant

?              1817                Edward & McCann                            Deed

?              1819                William & Burge                                 Deed

                                Morgan & Bagwell by comrs     Deed of L

                                James & Bagwell                              Deed of L.

                                William & Jolly                                   Deed

                                Revis, Harriet & Anderson al                Deed  1879

                                                Ebeneezer & Anderson                Deed  1890

                                Reaves, Isham & NC                          Grant

                                Rives, Isham & NC                          Grant

                                Rives, Isham & NC                          Deed

                                Reaves, Isham & NC                          Grant

                1909                Reaves, Sarah & Bostic                     Deed


 Rutherford Co NC 1779-1917  Res Est conveyances

                Reavis    James                     Bird Laughter                &1805-6

                                Jonathon                Banjamin Waldrop   1806

                                James                     Thomas Walker       1807

                                James                     James Laughter                    180?

                                David                     State of NC              1815

                                David                     State of NC               1817

                                Edward                   John McCann      1817

                                William                   Woody Burge          1819

                                Morgan                  Lunsford Bagwell by Comra  1826

                                James                       ditto                          1826

                                William                   William Jolly             18??

Revis                Harriet                    W.F.Anderson al                     18??

                Ebeneezer                Mary F. Anderson al 18??

Reaves                Isham                     State of NC               Grant

Rives                Isham                       ditto                `                    ditto

Rives                Isham                     State of NC               Deed

Reaves                Isham                     State of NC               Grant

Reavis                Isham                     John McFadding                 Deed  Bk A-D

Revis                Isom                       George Minters by Shf   Deed Bk E-I

                Isham                   State of NC Grants x 3   Ditto

                David                     Samuel Walker          DB E-I

                William                   Abraham Kuykind       DB E-I

                Isham                     State of NC grants  x3  DB J-L 1794

                Edward                   Wm Gallihan           DB J-L 1795

                David                     James Smith      DB  M-Q 1795

                Isham                     Gland Long       DB M-Q  1796

                Edmond                 Little B. Jones      DB M-Q 1796

                Mark                       Thomas Walker   DB M-Q  1796

                David                     St of NC  Grant   DB4-6  1797

                John                       Martin Lawrence  DB12-14  1800


Revis                Harris                     John Bradley  DB 12-14 1800

                David                     Micajah Harmon  DB 12-14  1800

                David                     Edward Reavis    DB 12-14  1800

                David                     Edward Reavis    DB 12-14  1800

                Edward                   James Doyle        DB 15-17  1802

                Edward                   James Doyle        DB 18-19  1802

                Mark                       James Reavis       DB 18-19 1802

                Marcurial                Isham Reavis       DB 18-19  1802

                David                     St of NC Grant   DB 22-23  1804 

                Elizabeth                James Revis        DB22-23  1804

                Lucinda                  gift deed







Northampton Co Deeds

1745 Aug  Arthur Jordan, Sr sold to Edward Reavis, Jr 120 acres in Northampton Co NC

1747 Apr Thos Clanten of Brunswick Co Va to Edward Revis, SR of  Northampton Co

       53 pounds 15 shillings current money of Va 290 acres houses and orchards 

1747  Apr  James Reavis wit deed of  Edward Reavis also wit Edward, Jr.

1753  Jul   James Reavese, Sr. Bought 320 acres on Peahill Crk frm Avent of  Surry Co Va

1755 Aug  James Reavis, sold 160 acres to Thomas Reavise (wit Wm Reavise and Sam Reavis)

1755 Aug  Thomas Reavise purch frm James Reavise 16- ac on Peahill Crk

1756 Aug                  James Reavise bought 85 acres on Peahill Creek

1756        Jesse Reavis from Sarah Reavis

1757 Feb  Samuel Reavis bought 144 ac frm Sarah Reavise on Lasley Run(wit Wm and Ths Reavise)

1757 Nov  Samuel Reavise bought frm Jesse Gilliam 225 acres

1758  Samuel Reavis wit prov deed for bought frm Jesse Gilliam -  Wm Clark

1758 Jul  James Reavise purch frm Wm Thompson 500 acres on Roanoke River

1758 July George REAVISE men in deed..

1759 Jan  Samuel Reavis sold to William Reavis 225 ac..he had acq frm Jesse Gilliam

1759 Jan  William Reavise bought 75 acres on Lasley Run frm Samuel Reavise

1759 Oct  Samuel Reavis bought frm Jesse Reavis 40 acres

1759 Oct  James Reaves wit deed of Jesse Reavis to Samuel Reavis

1761 Aug    James Reavis sold 511 on Roanoke R to Wm Rutledge (wit Wm and Agnes Thompson,)

1761  Aug   James Reavis bought 100 a frm Wm Rutledge..wit Wm Reavis, Wm and Agnes Thompson

1762 Jan    James and Elizabeth Reavis sold 260 a to Southall s/James and Elizabeth Reaves

1762  Aug    James Reavis sold 2 acres on Peahill Crk to Wm Riddlehurst Thompson

1765 Feb   Samuel Reavis bought frm Jesse and Fortune Revis 123 acres

1765 Feb    Samuel Reavis bought 338 acres

1766 Aug    Samuel Reavis  bought right of dowry frm Wm Bryant Planter and his wife Ann

                (Ann prob widow of Thomas Reavis)

1766 Oct   Samuel Reavis bought 415 ac frm John Cooke

1766  Oct   James Reavis wit deed of John Cooke to Samuel Reavis

1766 Nov   James Reavis bought frm Southall 260 a on Roanoke R..

1767  Apr   William Reavis bought frm Sarah Reavis 144 acres on Lashley Run

1767           Sarah Reavis sells 140 ac land inherited frm father Jesse Gilliam

1767  Apr  Isham Reavis, Wm Allen, Mark Allen  wit deed Sarah Reavis to Wm Reavis 144 a

1768 May  James Reavis wit deed to Samuel Reavis

1768 May  Samuel Reavis bought 100 acres on Jamey’s Run

1770  Dec  Isahm Reavis  100 a In Tyron Co (now Rutherford)

1771 Feb  James Reavis sold 150 acres to Henry King (s/James and Elizabeth Reavis)

1771  Aug  Isham Reavis  385 acres frm Samuel Reavis  wit Mary Reaivs, Lucy Reavis

1771 Jun  Samuel Reavis purch 136 acres frm Isham Reavis

1771 Aug  Samuel Reavis sold Isham Reavis

1771 Nov  Samuel Reavis sold to Wm Kendall 40 acres on Jamey’s Run…

1772 Apr  James Reavis sold 260 acres to Charles Seath wit Miles Alley

1772  Jul  Isham Reavis, Scoolmaster  sold 285 acres to Z. Thompson

1773 Mar  Samuel Reavis wit deed for Wm Reavis for 530 acres

1773 Mar  William Reavis bought 72 acre island known as Bare Island

1773  William Reavis sold to Samuel Reavis part of Bare Island/36 acres..and 200 acres on Roanoke R

1774 Mar  Samuel Reavis sold 350 acres on Lasley Run

1777  Mar  Isham Reavis sold to Z. Thompson 115 acres  wit. Reavis, Wm, Thos Alley, etc

1778  Nov  Isham Reavis  bought 100 acres frm John McFadding

1778  Nov  Isham Reavis grant 100 acres (entry # 277 Rec of  Entrys on Land for County of Tyron

1778 Jan  Samuel Reaves and Wm Reaves sold to Gholson 250 acres of Lasley Run


Rutherford County

1799  James Reavis

1795 Dec James Reavis sold a slave girl to his son in law James Doyle

1804 Oct   James Reavis, Sr., made a deed which was in effect his will “For love, good will and affection

and was effective at his his grandchn, chn of his beloved son James, dec’d, his household furni-

ture, stock of ev description, and five negroes.  The g chn were Wilson, Mary, Morgan, Washington,

Elizabeth, Lucinda and Nancy.


Granville County


1779  William Reavis purch three negroes frm Smith Bros

1785  Jul  Samuel Reavis bought 100 acres frm Brook

1787  Aug  Samuel Reavis purch 640 acres and 50 acres frm Critcher and Mitchell

1787 Sep  Samuel Reavis purch frm Roberson


Surry county

1778     #926  Jesse Revis enters 100 acres south side of Dutchmans Crk incl

improvement & #927 enters 100 acres lying on (?) Pules Creek adj Rown Co link

 both dated Nov 11 178


1779   NC Grantee  640 acres toJames Reavis

1780 Apr  NC Grant of 640 acres to Edward Reavis @ Deep and Reavis Creeks

1784 Apr  William Reavis  200 acres grant..not completed til 1786  aft death ?

1786     Henry Reavis bought frm Edmond Reavis 640 acres on Deep Creek

1787     Nov  Harris Revis  NC Grant 640 acres on Harmon’s creek

1789  May  James Reves 200 acres on Deep Riv frm State to David Reves

1789  Jesse Reavis bought 540 acres frm Harris Reavis on Harmons Creek

1789 Oct  Harris Reavis of Ruth Co sold to Geo Moore 100 acre Dutchmans Crk in Surry Co

1791 Dec  Jesse Reavis/Reviss granted 100 acres on Dutchman’s Creek

1791     Nov David Reavis of Rutherford Co NC to John Stanfield  81 acres North Fork of Deep Ck

Part of his 640 acre grant  wit: John, Joseph and David Reavis


1791  Dec  Jesse Revis  100 acres Grant N fork Dutchman’s crk

1793 James Reavis sold 40 acres Surry co to Thomas Hutchinson

1793 James Reavis bought 175 acres on Deep Crk frm Cook

1795     James Reavis of surry Co sold 100 acres on Deep Creek to Joseph Reavis

1795  Jesse Reavis s/marriage bond for Edward Reavis and Mary Haddocks

1796  Jesse Revis sold to Edw Reavis 400 acres hd Harmons Crk

1797  Jesse Reves bought frm Throphilus Evans 400 & 200 acres Wilkes Co

1798  Jesse Reves bought frm Lenoir 150 acres Reddin Riv Wilkes Co

1799 Apr  Harris Reavis bought frm Bradley 100 acres on Main Broad River in Ruth Co

1802  Harris Reavis of Ruth Co bought frm Jesse Reavis of  Surry co  140 acre on Harmons Crk

1805     David Reavis (s/o Jesse) purch 300 acres on Dutchman’s creek

1813     David Reavis of Rowan Co (s/o Jesse-2) purch 248 acres on Dutchman’s crk

One of wit Abraham Hanes..son in law


1815 Surry Co Tax List

Revis, Dudley  183 acres  Deep Crk

Revis, Mary  150 acres Deep Crk

Revis, Mary  140 acres  Dutchman’s Crk

Revis, William  49 acres  Deep Creek

Revis, John  195 acres Deep Creek


Tyron C (later became Rutherford Co)

1778 Nov  Isham Reavis of Tyron Co NC  100 acres  40 L both sides of Main Braod River

1779 October  Isham Reavis of Rutherford Co NC to Mary Jones of same for 3000 L

On both sides of Main Broad River, granted Aug 1777

1782 October  Grant 100 acres on Godfrey’e branch of the Main Boad R  Isham Reavis

1782 October  Grant 100 acres both sides of Main Braod River   Isham Reavis

1784  Mar  Isham  Revis wit a deed for land on the Green River


Tennessee Records


                Mar 1836  David Revis wit to land deed James J and Nancy M. Brown to James Allison

                Bedford Co Tn


                Jan 1848  Deed frm J. Ivey of Linc Co sold to Solomon Reaves a tract of Land in

                Lincoln and Franklin counties on hd waters of the e. fort of Mulberry Creek,

                50 acres  wit: Solomon Rives and James M. Byron rec May 1863


                Jan 1828  Deed adj Samuel Reavis Lincoln Co  nr hd waters of Kellys Creek

                Sep 1860  Solomon Reaves sold to Solomon S. Reaves  10 acres of land in Lincoln

                County hd waters of the east fork of Mulberry Crk in Dist #1


June 16, 1846  Isaac C. Reavis enters 91 acres of land east of the meridianline part of

An entryin the name of eli Eley  SW cornor or original land entry  Franklin Co Tn


Jun 16,1846  Reavis, Elijah W. enters 58 acres east of meridian line survey Jun 16 1846


Wake County


1784     Dec  Thomas Revis, wit deed

1786 Oct  William Reaves wit deed

1787 Mar  Wm Reaves sold 505 acres on Horse Creek to Robert Bell

1788     Sep  Peter Revis wit deed on Little Lick Creek

1787 Dec  Wm Reaves & Avery Parham wit deed

1790 Jun  Hardy Reaves & Avery Parham wit deed

1797     Oct  Wm Reaves, Senr of Wake Coi to his son Charles Reves  of same for love

And affection a tract of 220 acres on the south bank Elobeys Creek adj his

Brother, William and Holloway, John Shearing, Samuel Peake and Hines

Former line.  It being parts of two tracts of land, one deeded frm the State

And the other deeded frm John shearing.  Wit Jno Humphries, Wm Reves

1798     Oct  wm Reves, Sr to his son, William Reves, Junr, of the same for love and affection

A tract o 130 acres on the south bank elobeys Crk adj Holloway, Charles Revis’ spring

Branch, and Samuel Peake,…etc.

1799     Mar  John Humphries of Wake Co to Samuel Reaves of same for 150 silver dollars a

1800     Tract of 150 acres on the waters of Lick Creek adj Belvin’s line, ……..

        ch  Tiller Ship of Wake Co to Samuel Revvis of same for 222 silver dollars a

Tract of 111 acres lying on both sides of Laurel Crk, adj James Revvis…wit Avery

And Wm Parham

1801     Oct Wm Reves, Senr of Wake o to Nathaniel Jones, senr of same for 1,708 dollars

A tract of 427 acres on the southside of Nuce River and on elobys Crk..

1808     Samuel Reavis lv’d on Great Lick Creek



1729 Aug  REVIS, Edward and Hanah of Henrico Co sold to T. Jennitt 50 acres for 3#

1729 Aug  Revis & Thos Alley  split 400 acres frm 1723 grant

1731 Sep  Revis, Edward lv on Tuckahoe Creek  Henrico Co Va

1735  Aug  Revis, Edward helped inventory estate of John Walters

1735 Oct Revis, Edward bought 200 acres frm Charles Christian for 20#branch of Tuckahoe Crk/called Stony Run

1738 May  Revis, Edward deeded land to William Ellis…     Henrico Co Va deeds  1737-1750

1740  Revis, Edward and wife Sarah (relinq her dower) deeded land to Thomas Smith

                                Henrico Co Va Deeds  1737-1750



Reaves, Joel                1859                Newton County

Reaves, John                1851                Pike County

Reaves, Elizabeth   1875                Lauderdale County

Reaves, Jaems                1859                Jones County

Reaves, Oliver                1859                Forrest Conty

Reaves, William                1854-9   Jasper County



Reaves, Newton                1882                Union county

Reaves, Samuel W.  1854 Bienville county      Parish



Cooper County

Reavis, Andrew A. 1833

Reavis, Andrew W. 1840

Reavis, Ashley L.    1840

Reavis, Joseph  1833

Reavis, Lewis D.  1840
Reavis, Samuel D.  1826

Reavis, James A.  1840

Reavis, William T.  1837


Cole County


Reavis Andrew J.  1857

Reavis, Hiram  1840

Reavis, Woodson  1852


Audrain County

Reavis, Bowling  1857


Pettis County


Reavis, Daniel  1853

Reavis, Edward  1835

Reavis, Warren P.  1831


Johnson County

Reavis, David B.  1857

Reavis, Gilbert S.  1856

Reavis, Woodson  1852


Saline County


Reavis, Doctor  1840

Reavis, Overton  1835

Reavis, James  1840


Henry County


Reavis, Drury B.  1854

Reavis, Fenton  1843


St. Clair County

Reavis, Edward  1843


Boone County

Reavis, Mark 1827

Reavis, James  1831


Clariton County

Reavis, Solomon  1831


Greene County

Reavis Henry J.  1833


Lawrence County

Reavis, William H.  1859




Cass County

Reavis, Ishom                1831

Ravis, Isham                1835


Bond County


Reavis, Harris                1838

Reavis, Zachariah                1840

Reavis, Ewing                1844

Tedrick, Alvin                1844  m/Reavis


Mason County

Reavis, James A.                1835


Shelby County

Reavis, William                 1843


Macon County

Revis, Hiram                1831-1833


Fayette County

Revis, Preston                1854

Reaves, James                1838

Tedrick, Alvin                1856


Madison County

Reaves, Wiley G.                 1854

Reaves, Tobias                1839

Reaves, Willis R.                 1841


Schuyler County

Reaves, Alvina                1852

Reaves, William                1852


Fulton County

Reaves, Jonathon                1818


Adams County

Reaves, Richard                1818


Menard County

Reaves, Isham                 1826


Macoapin County

Reaves, George                1839


Illinois Land Purchases..early

Reavis Charles  September 1814

Reavis, Henry                Sept 1814

Reavi, Charles        Aug 1817

Reavis, Isham        October 1816

Reavis, Harris   Sept 1819                              




                1834                William                   Rush County

                1835                Elias                        Gibson County

                1837                Asberry                 Madison County

                1837                Martin                    Gibson County

                1837                Enoch                     Madison County

                1838                Joseph L                   Gibson County

                1839                Joseph L.              Gibson county

                1839                William                   Gibson County

                1849                Isaac                       Grant County

                1850                William                   Gibson County


Georgia <br>

Cherokee Co  Jan 17 1840  Bk E   rec 04 Jan 1841

Frm Jesse Deloah of Upson Co to James Reavis of Cherokee Cty in consideration

Of the sum of $100 conveys all that tract of land known as land lot 527, 2d district,

2d section, tract consists of 40 acres more or less.  Signed Jesse Deloach  Wit: Lindsey   


Book E  #122  Cherokee co  24 Mar 1836  rec frm John Honea of  Meriwether Co

To James Reaves of Cherokee co.  Inconsideration of the sum of $100 conveys all

That land known as land lot 483 2nd district, 2d section. Land lot was orig drawn by

And granted to Jon Honea


Forsyth co  Deed #123  27 Jan 1836  rec 21 Feb 1837 frmTruman Kellogg of Litchfield

Co.  the state of Ct to James Reavis, in consideration of the sum of $150 conveys all

That tract of land known as land lot 482, 2d dist 2d sect.  Tract consists of 40 acres more

Or less.  Land lot was orig draw n and granted to Annaie Wallis on 22 Jan 1833.

S/Truman Kellogg.  Wit Walter Webster and George Kellogg JP


Deed Bk G  Cherokee co  24 Nov 1841  rec 06 Jan 1846 frm Major wilbanks of Cherokee Co to

WilsonRevis of Cherokee Co in consideration of the sum of $120 conveys all that tract of land

Known as tract lot 1017 3d dist 2d section.  Tract consist of 40 acres more or less.  S/Major

Wilbanks.  Wit Wm W.  Worley and Licena Worley.  Sworn to in Cherokee Co on 06 Jan 1846

Wm W. Worley bef Jabez Gault JIC


Deed Bk C #719  13 Jan 1838  rec 03 Apr 1838 frm Garrison Cross of Cherokee Co to James

Reavis of Cherokee Co and Abraham Deavours of Cherokee Co, trustees of the Boiling Springs

Church of Cherokee Co in consideration of good will toward such institutions hereby makes a

Gift of one acre of that tract of land known as Land Lot 383, 2d dist, 2d sect for the use of said

Church Land is to incl where the meeting house stands.  Signed Garrison Corss  Wit: James

Jordan and Burwell Mobley JP


Index to the Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgis  1756-1909 Rev edition

Reves, Jesse                  Burke Ga                200 acres  1787

Reves, Jno.             Columbia   Ga    137 acres  1797

Revis, Jackson                    TattnallGa           55 acres  1859

Revis, Jos                Burke                      100 acres       1785

Revis, Jno                Tattnall                  830 acres       1785



1799 Land entries 

                Revis, Isam

                Revis, Charles

1800 Warren co Tas List

                Reavis, Isham  land on Bay’s Fork

                Reaves, Edward

1801 Warren Co Tax list

                Revis, Edward  land on Barren River

1802 Warren Co Tax Lists

Reves, Mark  land of Barren River

Reves, Isham Sr   land on Bay’s Fork

                Reves, Isham   land on Barren River  ?jr)