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Fantastic Reality
The Company
Based in south Florida, Fantastic Reality first opened its doors in the early summer of 1996. The company began by touring various local art shows and expositions and later settled down to become a mail order organization. Since its opening the artists of Fantastic Reality have been rendering various RPG characters from cartoon to science fiction games. Fantastic Reality is a home based rendering company that specializes in transforming your imagination into images that all can see. The company does this through various mediums including oil or acrylic paint, pen and ink, or sculpture. If preferred by the client, the portrait can also be done in a photo realistic style using various computer programs. That coupled with years of experience makes your fantasy a reality.
The Concept
Gamers have a particular affiliation with the games they play. After a while of having a character and adventuring with that persona, whether it be exploring a deep dangerous dungeon or traveling the very fabric of time and space, the character becomes something of a trophy. A piece of work with countless hours spent in conquests and defeats alike. Your mind is numb with all the experiences your character has had and you want others to see that character as you do. This is where Fantastic Reality becomes effective. Most gamers have a book for their more experienced characters, a journal where all those hours of play are recorded but there is still something lacking; a visual experience directly linked with his/her exploits. We put those exploits and experiences into a piece of artwork that demonstrates your character's essence.
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