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Rare but real words


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These are rare but real words in the English language. The sources that I use are the games Balderdash and Dictionary Dabble, as well as an email trivia list that I'm subscribed to. Check out my other site can at

Able-whackets (ay-bull-whack-ettes): a sailors' card game in which the loser is whacked with a knotted handkerchief

Abscotchalater (ab-skaw-chal-ay-ter): Someone who is hiding from the police

Adit (add-itt): the enterence to a mine|Aeolistic (ee-a-liss-tick): describing a long-winded bore|Agrypnia (a-grip-nee-ah): the inability to get to sleeep|Agyiophobia (aj-ee-o-foe-bee-ah): the fear of crossing busy streets|Albuginea (al-booje-in-e-ah): the white of the eye|Anatta (a-naw-taw): coloring put into butter and cheese|Anteambulo (an-tee-am-buh-lo): an usher in a theater|Arsharite (ar-sherr-ight): an old marriage custom in which the groom must give at least one cow and bull to his bride's father|Auscultate (aws-kul-tayt): to use a stethoscope|Azzy (azz-ee): a wayward child|Baize (bayz): The green cloth on a billiard table|Barrikin (berr-ick-in): a jumble of words|Bedlamite (bed-lam-myte): another word for a lunatic|Beeves (beevz): the collective name for beef cattle|Beldam (bell-dam): an ugly old woman|Bergamot (burr-ga-mo): the fruit of the lime tree|Bibble (bibb-ull): someone who drinks a lot|Billdad (bill-dad): a mythical monster with the hind legs of a kangaroo and the feet of a duck|Blashy (blash-ee): watered-down beer|Blet (blett): overripe rotting fruit|Boanthropy (bo-an-throw-pee): madness in which a man thinks he's an ox|Bodkin (bawd-kin): a sharp needle-like tool for making holes in leather|Boondoggle (boon-dog-ull): the act of trying to look busy when you have nothing to do|Bosky (baws-kee): covered with trees|Bourdon (boor-don): the drone of a bagpipe|Brimborion (brim-bore-ree-yun): something that is silly|Bubukle (boo-buck-ull): a small red pimple|Bubulin (bub-you-lynn): a compound obtained from cow dung, used in calico printing|Cabotin (ka-bo-an): a medical quack|Cachou (kash-oo): a pill for bad breath|Cacogen (ka-ko-jenn): a person who is anti-social|Cadge (cadj): to beg|Calvities (kal-vish-ee-eez): gradually growing bald|Camarilla (kam-a-rill-a): secret advisers|Canthus (kanth-uss): the corner of the eye|Carking (kar-king): acting in a bothersome, pestering manner|Carwitchet (kar-witch-ett): a funny pun|Casern (kass-urn): Army barracks|Cephalonamancy (ceff-a-lawn-a-man-see): telling fortunes by boiling the head of an ass|Cestus (sess-tuss): a boxing glove loaded with lead|Chitin (kitt-in): the hard colorless substance that forms hair and fingernails|Clodpolish (klawd-paw-lish): clumsy or awkward|Coarct (ko-arkt): to hold back or restrain|Colubrine (kawl-you-bryne): cunning and sly|Coruscate (kor-uss-kayt): to be brilliantly witty|Corybungus (core-ee-bung-guss): a person's butt|Crawthumpers (kraw-thump-urrs): religious fanatics|Cuggermugger (kugg-urr-mugg-urr): someone who gossips behind someone's back|Curpin (kur-pin): a bird's butt|Darg (darg): the amount of work turned out in a day|Dewlap (doo-lapp): loose skin on the neck of a cow|Dildock (dill-dock): one who uses a marked deck of cards in gambling|Dinic (dinn-ick): in a dizzy state|Dorty (dor-tee): crabby|Drugget (drugg-ett): a burlap rug|Empiric: (emm-purr-ick): a medical quack|Ensky (enn-skigh): to immortalize a person|Eruct (ee-ruckt): to belch loudly|Facula (fack-you-la): a small bright patch on the sun|Famble (famm-bull): to stutter whil speaking|Farrago (faw-ray-go): a jumble or hodgepodge|Fetor (feet-ore): a bad smell|Figgum (fig-gum): a dangerous trick that involves juggling while spitting fire|Flitterbick (flitt-urr-bick): a mythical flying squirrel that flies so fast no one has ever seen it|Foiter (foy-turr): a riddle or puzzle|Fossick (faw-sick): to search hard for anything of value|Fucate (foo-kayt): disguised with paint|Funkify (funk-iff-figh): to run away in fright|Fusarole (fyoo-sa-roll): an architectural moulding|Fustilugs (fuss-ti-luggs): a filthy slob|Geloscopy (jell-oh-scop-ee): Fortune telling by listening to laughter|Gigger (gigg-urr): a sewing maching|Girning (gurn-ing): contorting one's face in a comical manner|Glebe (gleeb): soil, earth, a piece of cultivated land|Gledge (glejj): to squint the eyes|Gombeen (gawm-been): a money-lending storeowner who keeps customers in debt|Graip (grayp): a pitchfork for hurling manure|Greeze (grees): a large gathering of people|Griggles (grigg-ulls): runty apples left on a tree after a harvest|Gronk (gronk): a computer breakdown|Hamesucken (haym-suck-en): assaulting someone in their own home|Heliolater (hee-lee-o-lay-turr): a sun worshipper|Hispid (hiss-pidd): having a rough texture|Hoker (ho-kurr): to ridicule|Holluschick (holl-uss-chick): a young male seal|Humdudgeon (hum-dudj-un): an imaginary pain|Hypobulia (hi-po-boo-lee-ah): the inability to make quick decisions|Irrugate (irr-you-gayt): to crease up in wrinkles|Jactancy (jack-tan-see): bragging about somethin|Kedge (kedj): a small anchor|Keech (keech): a large lump of fat|Kobold (koe-bold): a goblin who haunts houses|Kokum (ko-kim): pretending to be sympathetic|Knurlin (nurrl-in): a hunchbacked dwarf|Lambative (lam-bat-tiv): a cough medicine which has to be licked|Latitat (lat-it-tat): a lawyer|Limosis (lye-mo-siss): an urgent desire to eat chalk|Lippitude (lipp-it-ood): having sore, bleary eyes|Logomachy (logo-mack-ee): a word game|Mammothrept: a spoiled child raised by its grandmother|Menald (menn-awld): speckled with different colors|Merenda (merr-enn-dah): a little snack between meals|Microhenry (my-kro-henn-ree): unit of measurement for an electrical charge|Miniate (minn-ee-ayt): to color with red paint|Mizzler (miz-lurr): a criminal on the run from the police|Monoglot (mon-oh-glot): a person who speaks only one language|Muckrake (muck-rayk): to expose corruption|Mumblecrust (mum-bull-krust): a thoothless beggar|Murfles(murr-fulls): freckles|Nexus (neck-suss): things linked together|Nybble (ny-bull): half a byte (computer terminology)|Oam (ohm): steam or vapor of any kind|Oikofugic (oik-oh-fuj-ic): an incredible desire to wander|Orison (or-riss-awn): a short prayer|Palindrome (pal-in-drome): an expression or word that reads the same backward as it does forward, such as "radar"|Palliard (pal-yard): a tricky beggar whose parents were also tricky beggars|Pelmatogram (pell-mat-o-gram): a footprint|Pfund (fund): a unit of measure equal to one kilogram|Pharology (far-awl-o-jee): the science of lighthouses|Piaffer (pie-aff-urr): a type of dance step taught to horses|Pimola (pimm-o-lah): a stuffed green olive|Planiped (plan-ipp-pedd): to go barefoot|Pogamoggan (paw-ga-maw-gan): a wooden club with a knob on the end|Pollard (po-lard): an animal which has lost its horns|Pollex (po-lecks): the thumb|Puniceous (poo-neesh-us): Bright red in color|Quean (kween): an immoral woman|Racklettes (rack-letts): the deep lines at the base of the wrist caused from bending it a lot|Rosemarine (raws-ma-reen): a walrus|Saccadic (sack-add-ick): jerking and twitching|Salamoniac (sal-am-own-ee-ack): chemical compound originally derived from camel dung (ammonium chloride)|Sanglier (sang-lee-urr): a wild boar|Sarwan (sar-whon): a camel driver|Saxatile (sax-a-tile): relating to rocks|Scoon (skoon): the way a stone skips across the water|Scree (skree): a pile of rubble|Scrimshaw (scrim-shaw): engraved ornamental ivory or shell|Scumble (skum-bull): blurring the outlines of a painting or drawing|Sederunt (sedd-ee-runt): a public meeting|Shenk (shenk): to pour a drink for somebody|Shilpit (shill-pit): something that is totally useless|Shittim (shitt-imm): a kind of wood|Skimmington (skim-ming-tunn): a strange punishment by beating actors with spoons|Slatch (slatch): the area of quiet water between two breaking waves in the ocean|Sloom (sloom): to become weak and tired|Smift (smifft): a slow burning fuse used in mining explosions|Snath (snath): the handle of a knife|Somniloquist (psalm-nil-o-kwist): a person who talks in their sleep|Sourdine (soor-dyne): a mute for a trumpet|Stipe (stype): the stem of a mushroom|Strake (strayck): the iron rim of a wheel|Swedge (swedj): to leave town without paying one's bills|Taliped (tawl-ipp-pedd): a clubfoot|Tapetum (tah-pay-tum): a membrane or layer in the retina of the eye|Teest (test): a small anvil used by sheet metal workers|Thimblerig (thim-bull-rig): a gambler's game played with three shells and a small pea|Thorp (thorp): a small village|Threstle (thress-tull): a three-legged stool|Thurifer (thew-riff-fur): a person who carries burning incense|Tiffin (tiff-in): a light snack|Tirl (turrl): to make a rattling sound|Toft (tawft): a construction site|Tragus (tray-guss): the hard little bump of skin at the opening of the ear|Tranka (trann-kah): a long cylindrical box which jugglers balance with their feet|Trismus (trizz-muss): lockjaw|Trork (trork): a measurement of one quart|Truggel (trugg-ull): a wooden pig-trough|Tumbrel (tum-brell): a manure wagon|Twibil (twy-bill): a two-edged axe|Unco (ung-ko): what a Scotsman says when he thinks something is remarkable|Upas (oo-pazz): tree sap used for arrow poison|Ustulate (uss-tyoo-late): extremely sunburned|Wimple (wim-pull): a nun's headpiece|Woofy (woof-ee): cloth with a thick or dense texture|Wuzzy (was-zee): confused, faint, woozy|Xat (zatt): a totem pole|Xebec (zee-beck): a ship with three masts|Zorillo (zor-ill-low): a skunk|Zugzwang (zoogz-vong): a bad move in a chess game|Zythepsary (zith-epp-sayr-ee): a brewery|

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