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New Popples

Toymax is bringing back the popples!! Although they are not the original popples, they are still very cute. The Toymax company is making colorful new designs for the new generation of kids. They have already created the Cutie-Fruity popples. These are small popples and are priced at $3.99. I got one at KB Toys.Also, I have some pictures of some of the new, bigger popples. I know you can find them at and I've heard that they're also available at Wal-Mart and Super Wal-Mart.

Pixie Doodle Popple


Pinwheel Penny Popple

Cutie-Fruity Popples

CHARM POPPLES Popsy Daisy, Pizzazzy Jazzy, and Pitter Patty. These popples light up and giggle when you squeeze on one of their ears.