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Popples were a part of cartoon show in the late 80's. They were small, cuddly creatures with pouches, and the show was about their adventures with Bonnie and Billy, two kids. They were the only people who knew about the popples. Even though the show isn't around anymore, the cute popples are still remembered in the hearts of their fans forever. Now popples are making a comeback in 2001. New stuffed animals are now being sold at various toy stores and on the web. PLEASE VOTE ON THE NEW POLL!!!

New 2001 Popples
What is your favorite new popple?

Polka Dottie
Pixie Doodle
Pinwheel Penny
Popsy Daisy
Pizzazzy Jazzy
Pitter Patty
One of the Cutie Fruity popples
I don't like the new popples.

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