Hi, these are the stories & theorys made by you & me! If you have any type of pokémon story or theory then e-mail me

Mew And Ditto-The Wierd theory

A theory that I have is that Ditto is a gene of Mew. I believe that Mew was more like Mewtwo until experiments were done on it. I think that the scientists tried some kind of new experiment that sliced the genes of Mew and lot’s of little Ditto’s came out. That’s the only way the Ditto’s had the ability to transform, Mew and Ditto being the only two pokemon with the ability.

DNA Catastrophe, is it true?

This is a Pokemon theory that I made up and started to think about. Ok here goes.... what if Pokemon were just like some sort of weird experiment with real animals gone bad. I mean think about it what if some scientist was trying to clone different types of animals but the experiment went wrong. The scientist miss calculated something and it completely screwed up his experiment. Then all of the animals disappeared and then he looked outside and instead of birds he sees Pidgeys flying around and then he goes to the zoo and instead of monkeys he sees Mankeys!!!! He really messed up and on top of that he brain washed everybody accept himself. So nobody knew about the catastrophe accept him. Cool huh!!!!!


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