Hi people. How many people out there have gameshark? I know that some people(if not most) don't know what gameshark is. For a good understanding of what gameshark does, go to the Gameshark website. If you have a gameshark then you can use the codes below. If you don't, then I recommend to go to the normal codes section of this site.
# Description Code
1 Invincibility 01FF16D0
2 InfiniteMoney 019947D3
3 Infinite Safari Balls 016447DA
4 Infinite Safari Zone Time 01F00ED7
5 Infinite Game Corner Coins 0199A4D5
6 Catch Any Pokémon 01XXD8CF
7 Pick Any Pokémon From Prof. Oak 01XX1ED1
8 Catch Pokčmon At Level: LV 05: 010527D1 LV 10: 010F27D1 LV 15: 010A27D1 LV 20: 011427D1 LV 30: 011E27D1 LV 40: 012827D1 LV 50: 013227D1 LV 75: 014B27D1 LV 99: 016327D1 LV 255: 01FF8CD1
9 Buy Any Item Slot 1: 01XX1ED3 Slot 2: 01XX20D3 Slot 3: 01XX22d3 Slot 4: 01XX24D3 Slot 5: 01XX26D3
10 Infinite Items Slot 1: 01631FD3 Slot 2: 016321D3 Slot 3: 016323D3 Slot 4: 016325D3 Slot 5: 016327D3
11 Teach Any Skill To Any Pokčmon Skill 1: 01XX73D1 Skill 2: 01XX74D1 Skill 3: 01XX75D1 Skill 4: 01XX76D1
12 Have All Pokémon Entries In Pokédex LONG CODE
13 "Float" 010A14D7

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