Welcome to my fakes page(fakes?). Fakes are what I mean by rumors. They're the cheat codes you wish were real but aren't. People actually have the nerve to make these things up! Well I really made this page so you could check up on codes that you might have heard are real but aren't. Here you can also e-mail me and tell me a code that you want double checked, then i'll check if I can do it on my game and post it on this site if its fake or post it on the cheats page if its real. Enjoy your fakes.=)

Get Togepi

Here is a rumor that I heaard at school from my friend. I know it's a "fake" cause I've tried it on both versions. So,here we go:first,start a new game and get to Mt. Moon with only 10 Pokemon caught,then walk in,and when you get inside,zip right back out as soon as you enter. When you get out,you should find an egg,then pick it up and it will say,"You found an egg!" Then it will say,"It's hatching,you got Togepi!"


Get Mew!

to get mew go to the ss anne and go to the person who asks if you have a ticket and just as you get to the dock turn right and surf you should see a truck, use stregth find mew..... PS:when you go to get hm1 faint, after you get it so the ss anne dosent leave.


Get Pikablu

This is a rumor that I have been hearing for a long time now and to tell you the truth..... I know it is a fake!!!! Now here goes, first catch a Pikachu in the veridaian forest. Now train you pikachu until it gets up to level 100. (No rare candies allowed!!!!) Do not evolve it. Now trade it for a Blastoise on link cable. When you trade then trade back you have a Pikablu!!!!!!


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