Welcome to the cheats page. I hope you like the cheats I have. If you know any I missed than e-mail me.

No way to get Mew - doesn't it suck?

I've been looking everywhere since I got my game for a way to get Mew. What have I learned? There's one! And you can't do it without something called GameShark. That's right people, gameshark only. Believe me, you can try and try but you won't get anywhere. You can try the "truck code", you can try the "Beat the elight 4 40 times" code, the bottom line is IT WONT WORK.

Super Pokeball accuracy!

This cheat has not been proven, and it is not always accurate, but it won't hurt to try. To possibly improve your chances of catching a Pokйmon with any Pokйball, hold B and either down or up. Do this right before you see Ash throw the Pokйball on screen. Like I said, it isn't definite, but it's worked for me several times.

Multiply Items

This is a code that never fails. To multiply your sixth item follow these simple steps...

1. First talk to the old man that shows you how to catch Pokemon and say no
2. Next after he shows you how to catch a weedle fly immediately to Fusia city.
3. Now go down to the shore on the south and surf to Seafoam Islands.
4. Surf on the east side of the Seafoam Islands.
5. Wait for a Pokemon named "M" or "Missing No."
6. DO NOT CATCH THIS POKEMON!!!!! If you do it will mess up you game!!!
7. Run away from this Pokemon or kill it.
8. This code works great for rare candies and nuggets!!!

Level 100 Pokemon!

Ok here is what you do. Firs repeat the multiltiply item code, then instead of waiting for a "Missing No." or "M" wait for over level 100 Pokemon. You can catch one with a master ball. But just remember that if you give exp. to these Pokemon the will turn back to level 100. Feed them rare candies and get them to level 250. If you go over that then they will turn level 100 again. These Pokemon are great for creaming your friends in link cable matches!!!!

Catch Safari Zone Pokémon Easy

First,go to the area where a Pokemon "lives,"and then dig,(or wait untill your time runs out)go to Cinnabar Island or Seafoam Isles,without fighting or talking to anyone,and surf 50/50 on the land,so that half of you is on land,half in water. When you find a Pokemon,it should be one from the area of Safari Zone!


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