Pokémon: What Are They?

Really, Pokémon are just like normal animals except for the fact that they are a lot, and I mean a lot smarter. There's a whole world of Pokémon to enjoy. You've got the cards, the games, and even the show. The show mainly tells about the boy, Ash Ketchum who because he is ten years old can now go out to raise, train, catch, and tame Pokémon. Not only that, but he can also try his hand at becoming a Pokémon master! To become a Pokémon master, he has to

get badges from gyms. Your probably thinking, "How can you get badges from places where you train out?" but you've got it all wrong if that's what you think. Gyms (In Pokémon) are where he fights against other Pokémon trainers and after he beats all the other trainers, he has to fight the GYM LEADER, da da da. If he beats the gym leader, than he gives Ash a badge. But that's not all he needs to become a Pokémon master. Not only does he have to get a badge, but he has to get eight badges! But that's not all, after he gets eight badges, he has to go to to the Pokémon League to battle to be the champ and become a Pokémon Master. Thats about it, The World Of Pokémon!

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