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Hello orchids friends,

Welcome to my orchid page. In here you will find a Brassavola section, my favorite genus. I do have majority of them, but still active looking for a few rare ones to complete the collection. So please help me with this mission. My collection of Rhyncholaelia and Brassavola primary hybrids are also included in this section.

You will also find my Orchids for trade page that lists plants I do have extra. All linked pictures are actual flowers from my plants, or otherwise will be noted. My Wish list page lists the ones I considered "must have", hoping that you have the plants(s) for trade, or can refer me to the sources that may have them. I prefer to trade for plants, and do believe that it is the best way to increase the collection at a minimum cost.

For your viewing pleasure and references (perhaps), I added a collection of my Orchids' photos , including my collection of Encyclia species. Again, they all are actual flowers from my plants. Some of them may be available in the future for trade!

I have made a few trades/buys in the past by way of the internet, and found that ALL (no exception) orchid hobbyists were sincere, generous and have a passion for orchids. Please keep our reputation!

Please Email me if any of the above mentioned interested you. Thanks for your visit and good growing!



Orchids for trade/sell

 Wish list page