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About Me

Hi...Here is a little about me and How I came upon nails...I was born and raised here in the Sunny State (Florida) of course :) ... Nails are the best things I could have ever discovered in my life...

How was I introduced to nails?

My sister introduced me to nails. I went to Michigan for her wedding and then we went and of course had our nails done for the event. I was totally amazed about the appearance of my hands with long nails all of equal length and painted so nicely and of best of all I was a severe nail biter (big no-no) so it made it even more interesting to me. I was so astonished that when I got home to Florida I told my mom I wanted to keep them, she said no because they were very expensive to keep up (of course back then they were) But I was very lucky cause my mom was a Licensed Beautician, which allowed her to buy product at salon costs. So I asked to her to get my nails filled one more time so I could watch how it was done and ask what products were being used and try to pick up the procedure, this way I could do my own nails a lot less expensive. So that’s exactly what happened my mom agreed to let me get my nails filled once again. I took a pen and paper and wrote all the info down after the fill on the products and procedure.

It was a very hard road trying to teach myself with no one to ask questions, my mom couldn't help much cause all she knew about mostly was hair. I almost gave up till my mom said "Hun, Practice makes perfect the harder you work the better you get" From this point I was very determined to do nice looking nails on myself and someday become a great nail specialist. I am now what I wanted to be back then I am even more cause I am now a Licensed Nail Specialist...of course I am not the best and I learn new stuff everyday and I see other nail specialist that do beautiful work also, and this encourages me to learn more, do more, and make my work even better then before. When my clients walk out the salon door I want them to be pleased with the way their nails look and feel therefore I do my Best job on all cause I know if I am not satisfied neither are they!!!

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