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Well tomorrow I go home. Mom says we have to have the relatives over for dinner so I can see everyone before I leave. She sends Dad out to the store with a list a page long

I was instructed to get myfinished now before all the comotion.

Mom had to run out real quick to sell a house,She left me a list of things to do while she was gone.

First I got the done.

Then it was time to put the pasta in the.

My little brother helped me pull everything out of the I would need to get dinner together.

Then he wanted some. He started fooling around blowing bubbles in his milk.

As I was taken moms famousout of the oven,

it happened. He bumped his elbow andWe quickly cleaned up the milk when Dad came home with the

I asked Dad to help me out by keeping my little brother occupied, so they went for a

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created 3-6-2001 by Mrs T.