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Brief History of Grandmaster Lawrence Day


Many thanks to Grandmaster Day, for opening his heart and teachings to all of us.

Master Lawerence Day

Shaolin History

The Shaolin art during its conception and for the years to follow had a few monks with bad morals. Through the years of its growth, as their skills became more and more powerful, some would roam the countryside robbing and killing. Then during the Chou dynasty (570.a.d), the Shaolin temple were "closed". In order to continue with their teachings, the monks were required to teach both morality and martial arts together. From that day forth the teachings went hand in hand. The monks now gained popularity once again. From 600 to 1600 A.D., Shaolin grew to a superior and more complete system over most other fighting system in the world.

The study of internal, external, and bare hand, weapons, herbal medicine, massage, etc. were all taught and practiced. More so, the monks, especially during the ming Dynasty(1368-1644) were known as the protectors of all that was honorable...keeper of justice as it were, where ever they traveled. Their martial arts were used to assist people.

During the "Chin" dynasty (1644 - 1760) the prosperity of Shaolin was once more threatened. The Manchus destroyed many of the temples, and killed many of the monks. . Through the years of militant and political opposition, many of the temples were burnt down, and monks scattered to various parts of the countryside.

Silent Dragon Begins

A specific monk named Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Djin, "the dog faced monk",(the first monk to master all of the Shoalin styles) fled with his followers to the forests. This begins the inception of the Silent Dragon school of shaolin., with final destruction of the temples in 1927.Kung Fu since then has been considered a treasure and no longer a threat to the government...thus has been practiced ever since.

Su Kong Tai Djin taught many monks, one of which being the next Grand Master (Ie Chan Ming). Chan ming had trouble became the second Grand Master to master all the Shoalin styles. Grand Master Ie Chan Ming killed eleven soldiers of a local militia, and became wanted by the government. So he fled to Indonesia and created the school, "Shaolin do".Master Ie Chan Ming incorporated some Japanese terminology and the proper way of dealing with the Indonesia+'s prejudiced towards the Chinese at this time. The school taught the shaolin art,but in secret.

One day in 1949, a young boy (Sin Kwan The) arrived at the steps of Grand Master Ie Chang Mings' school. He became Master Ie Chang Mings' best student, and eventually learning all that Grand master Ie Chang Ming had to offer. The title of Grand master was then passed to Sin Kwan The'(the third Grand Master to master all the styles of Shoalin), at the age of 25. Ie Chang Ming passed away in 1976.

Master Lawrence Day learned "Shaolin do" from Grand Master Sin Kwan The'. With the interest to continue the Chinese heritage, broke off and formed the first school of "Silent Dragon" kung fu. In 1997 Master Lawrence Day appointed three people to head the System. Master Mike Erickson, Sifu Mike P. Glynn, and Sifu Dennis Pinon were chosen for this great honor, thus the first black sash meeting began, of Silent Dragon system, to incorporate martial artists from diverse styles and systems. Master Lawrence Day headed up the meeting, Master Mike Erickson, Sifu Mike P. Glynn, Sifu Dennis Pinon, Sifu Brandon Day, Sifu Harley and Si Hing Brian D. Robinson were all in attendance.

Lineage of Grandmasters

Shaolin Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Djin

Shaolin Grandmaster Ie chang Ming

Shaolin Grandmaster Sin Kwan The'

Silent Dragon founder and Grandmaster Lawrence Day

Current Heads of the Silent Dragon System

In order from left to right: Sifu Dennis Pinon, Grandmaster Lawrence Day, Master Mike Erickson, Master Mike P. Glynn,

List of Silent Dragon Instructors/ Students and Rank


(Ft.Walton Beach)

(1st level)Sifu Joey Parks
(1st level)Sifu Ted
(1st level)Timothy Van Midthun
(1st level)Alan
(1st level)Dirk
(1st level)Ken

(Orlando/Edgewood area)

(2nd level)Sifu Brian D.Robinson
(Orange Sash)Simo Tammy Robinson
(Green Sash) Si Hing Dung La
(Green Sash) Si Hing Fung La
(Yellow Sash)Javier Agosto


(Note:Sifu Dennis Pinon has moved on to form his own system, we wish him the best.)
(2nd level)Sifu Dennis Pinon
(Green Sash)Simo/Si Hing Kris Pinon
(Orange Sash)Chris Bouwens
(Yellow Sash)Jim Bouwens
(Yellow Sash)Amelia Gonzalez

Noth Carolina

(City unknown)

(3rd level)Sifu Brandon Day


(Bay Clif)

(4th level)Master Mike P. Glynn
(2nd level)Sifu Rich McKay
(2nd level)Sifu Kieth McComb
(1st level)Sifu Mark Arkinson
(Gray Sash)Si Hing Barbara Escamilla

Silent Dragon over seas

Sifu Ryad

NOTE: If you are not listed,listed incorrectly, or have changed rank please send me an e-mail
and I will make the corection. Thank you for visiting the site.

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