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Vital Statistics

Full Name: McKenzie Kate Westmore
D.O.B: April 26th 1977
Place of Birth: San Fernado Valley.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: UnKnown
Markings: Birth Mark on Her Upper Right Shoulder
Citizenship: Duel Citizenship in The United States Of America and Canada


The Westmore family is an 'entertainment' family, her father is Michael Westmore an Oscar and Emmy Winner for his talents as a makeup artist. Her mother, Marion Westmore was once a model for the costume designer, Edith Head. McKenzie has 2 siblings, a brother, Michael and a Sister, Michele. She also has 3 cats and an Armenian Terrier, which is a little black and white dog.


Food: Bagles, Chinese Food
Color: Purple
TV Shows: Star Trek: Voyager and Will & Grace
Music: Musical Theater; such as Les Miserables and Phanton of The Opera
Bands: Match Box 20, Foo Fighters
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Horseback Riding, Roller Blading, and Running.

All Information came from chat transcripts.