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"Dressage is a precision sport. The more you learn, the less you really know" -Libby Mc Mullen
Welcome to Snickers Web Stall, this is one of a few she has about the net and I think she likes it that way. She is a lovely little lady with the most wonderful ground manners one could ever ask for. She's also doing really well under saddle. Snickers truly enjoys to half pass, bow, pirouette, shoulder-in, haunches-in on two and three tracks, and turns on the haunches and forehand, showing off her Classical Dressage training. In the summer Snickers and I (the human A.K.A. Trentidon_Illusion©) swim at the lake in the equestrian park. She doesn't like jumping, and she lets me know in her ways, but she can clear 2½ feet. She is a 7 year old, Egyptian/Crabbet Arabian mare, standing 14.2 hh. Please excuse the fact that what I'm wearing is not proper for handling horses, but she is not in my backyard, so if ever I'm in her area I will stop by. {;-) up-dated 24/Nov/2001!

"It's getting into the soul of the horse, and you develop such trust that he tries everything you ask" -Lisa Wilcox
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"The air of Heaven is that which blows between a horses ears..." -Arabian Proverb.

"In the forelocks of horses are entwined success, rewards and bounty until the last hour of the world." -Arabian Proverb.

Snickers And I
This is my favorite picture, a common but oh so special momment,
she does this often and I cherish it.

The first time you ask an Arabian to do something they say, "What?" The second time you ask an Arabian to do something they say, "Oh ok." The third time you ask an Arabian to do something they say, "I have a better way!"~*~*~"Riding defines me. It's who I am. It gives me a sense of self-worth" -Patty Mayer

Dressage is life, the rest is just details!

The Art of Dressage, When horse and rider think and move as one.

Snickers Web Stall Six
"Dressage is a strange dialectic, this [opposition between two interacting forces] is what's interesting about it. Dressage is totally not about having a horse obey you because you want him to do something he doesn't want to do, It's aout letting the horse express himself through movement and obedience. It's about having a horse respond to you because he is excited about doing it for you. And that's a very cool thing" -Patty Mayer
I'm not in full attire here nor is she.
But you can see she is accepting the bit
well, and she is a bit down hill, but the
over all picture looks nice. She has
an even tempo and a soft content face,
meaning she's not at all upset,
but willing instead. And this picture is
from the new stable I'm now keeping her at,
a might bit better than where she was before!
If you click on the picture above, it will
take you to Snickers Web Stall Six
which contains more pictures of Char and I
during a schooling session.

When looking closely at the eye, you may see the reflection of the distant pyramids... or maybe a bird in flight. Only the true Arabian has that special eye! ~*~*~ Where in the wide world can one find. Nobility, without pirde. Friendship, without envy. Or beauty without vanity? Within the Horse. ~*~*~ He took his mighty hand and formed an image out of the sand then with a forceful wind He made the breath from within in a cloud of thunder came the sound of hooves on the ground and from the firey sun He joined the soul and spirit in one" ALAS the ARABIAN!
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I created this page Dec 31, 1999
Allah called to the South Wind, "Become solid flesh, for I will make a new creature of thee, to the honor of my holy one, and the ambasement of mine enemies, and for a servant to them that are subject to me", and the South Wind saud "Lord do thou so", then Allah took a handfull of the South Wind, and he breathes there on. Creating the horse saying, "Thy name shall be ARABIAN."

"Arabians adopt their owners as one of their own." ~*~*~ "My treasures do not chink or glitter, They gleam in the sun and neigh in the night"-Arabian Proverb

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