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My Long Hard Battle

(My Burn Survival Story)

By Laura


It has been 32 yrs. now since I have been burned. I started writing this way back then, by hand at first, and then typing it, when I started to recover. Even though a lot of time has passed, it still sometimes seems like yesterday. Some of the facts may be incorrect, some of the medical terms may not be right either, but this is the best recollection of the events that I have. Although it has been a long journey, it is one now, that I would not undo if given the choice. For anyone else out there that is a Burn Survivor, remember, there is always hope, the pain does go away, and you are a beautiful person. Although all your scars will never fade away, I think of them as reminders, that I am a strong person, and God would not have allowed me to go through this if he didn't think I could handle it.


     Chapter 1   The Crash

    Chapter 2   The First Fourteen Days

    Chapter 3   Home Away From Home

    Chapter 4   Senior Days

    Chapter 5   Summer 1979

    Chapter 6   Recovery