Under Water Backstreet World

Once upon a time there were five handsome, talented, amazing young men, wandering through the desert with no food, no drinks, no nothing except the clothes on their bodies! (*Damn, why did they have to have clothes on?!*)
They had been walking for hours already, the sun beating down on them mercilessly. But our heros never even considered giving up, always taking one step after another, singing their chant: "Jam on, 'cause Backstreet's got it, come on now everybody - we've got it goin' on for years!"

They had survived a gold-digging manager, had survived the stress of non-stop touring, photo shoots, interviews, fan hysteria and even some wannabe-boygroups - nothing had ever been able to stop them. No one could kick them off their throne...
But the heat of the desert was about to take its toll now. When suddenly...

AJ: Yo - is that a McDonald's I can see?!

Brian: Nah, man! It looks like something else...

Howie: I don't know about you guys, but...I don't wanna get mobbed. Too tired to run, ya know!

Nick *thinking*: I hope there are some girls!

Kevin: I'm gonna find out what that is now.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, four girls appeared (Backstreet Crew - that's us! *LMAO*) and showed the Boys something they've never seen before:

AJ: I'm going in first!! I'm first, get out da way, dude!

Brian: Whohoo - water and girls!!! No way you're first, Bone! Let me go...

Howie: Come on, chill, guys! It looks as if there's enough for everyone!

Kev: Somebody clue me in... What's going on? What IS that?

Nick: *blank, blank! ERROR!* Water! GIRLS!

You are about to enter an unofficial Backstreet Boys website! (Simply click on Brian's nose on the pic above to enter! *LOL*). This site is run by BSB FANS and we are in no way, shape or form affiliated with the band or anyone who works for them or knows them at all.
We know there's space enough for everyone in Under Water Backstreet World - but are you ready for the experience??
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