The WOW Revolution [Episode 3]

Setting: A WWF Divas Photo Shoot. At one point, a messenger arrives with a note for Ivory, from "Bambi" and "Peggy." The messenger says it is urgent, and that there is a phone number on the note.

Ivory picks up the phone and calls the number.

Ivory: "Who is this?"

Selina: "Tina, it's Bambi and Peggy Lee Leather. Remember us from GLOW and POWW? We're calling ourselves Selina Majors and Thug now, but it's still us. We've organized a group of 17 talented women wrestlers from McLame's latest flop, WOW, and we're looking for a way into the WWF. Since we know you from GLOW and POWW, we figured you might be willing to help us out."

Ivory: "Sure, what do you want me to do?"

Selina: "Tell Vince McMahon to let us appear on RAW, and to give our Champion, Riot, a match against Chyna. Our main goal is to get Riot a chance to destroy Chyna on national TV, and then for all of us to get work over there. Otherwise, we'll show up uninvited and beat the crap out of her anyway."

Thug: "We all watched WrestleMania, and hated how Chyna treated you with no respect during your match with her. She didn't even bother with a proper cover. Don't you want some revenge on her?"

Ivory: "You make some good points. I'll talk to Vince and see what I can do."

Selina:"Riot is pretty tall and a legit taekwando competitor. Chyna wouldn't be able to toss her around the way she did to you or Molly."

Ivory: "Okay, I'll do it. Anything to bring back credibility to the WWF Women's Division. Just give me a phone number or email I can use to keep you up-to-date."

Selina gives Ivory both items.

Will Vince listen to Ivory? Will Riot get her match against Chyna? Stay tuned, true believers!