The WOW Revolution [Episode 2]

Setting: The WWF online show Byte This!

Guest: WWF Women's Champion Chyna

Chyna is talking about her in-ring success, the success of her book, her Playboy issue, etc. etc.

HOST BRUCE PRICHARD: "Let's take a phone call. This is someone calling herself 'Riot' from Chicago."

RIOT: "Hey, Chyna, you no-talent freak-show reject! Why don't you come down to the Great Western Forum next time you're in L.A. and face me for the WOW Women of Wrestling World Championship?"

CHYNA: "Excuse me, but I don't know who you are. Have you read my book?"

RIOT: "I don't care about your stupid, lie-filled book. I'm issuing a challenge for a match for the WOW World Championship, unless you haven't got the guts to face me."

CHYNA: "I don't know what your problem is with me, but I'm really busy. I've got TV appearances, interviews, I'm looking at movie scripts"

RIOT (interrupting): "Clearly you haven't learned a damn thing about being a serious champion. The first rule is that you do not turn down challenges. I guess you're too afraid and want your bookerman boyfriend HHH to guarantee you'll win."

CHYNA: "Listen, here..."

RIOT (Interrupting again): "No you listen! You are a disgrace to the WWF Women's Championship, you are a disgrace to women's wrestling and you are a disgrace to wrestling in general. If you don't come to the Great Western Forum and face me, I'll bring my 18-strong WOW Revolution to RAW and we'll destroy you on worldwide TV. Because we are unbreakable, unbeatable and no one can stop The WOW Revolution!"

BRUCE: "I, I don't know what to say. Chyna, what do you think about that?"

CHYNA: "I don't know, obviously who ever she is has a serious problem. She's probably nobody important. Oh, did I tell you about some of the movie roles I've been offered?"

The show continues with the usual Chyna blather and calls from adoring marks.

That Friday, Jim Ross includes the following in his weekly "Ross Report" at

"During Chyna's recent appearance on Byte This!, the champion of an obscure independent all-women's wrestling promotion called in and issued a direct challenge to Chyna to fight her in Los Angeles. Given the 9th Wonder of the World's busy schedule, it is unlikely that she will respond to this challenge."

Over the course of the following week, The WOW Revolution and their fans send in numerous emails to the WWF offices demanding that if Chyna won't face Riot at the Forum, they will show up on RAW next time it is in L.A.

Stay tuned.