The WOW Revolution [Episode 16]

Setting: WWF Smackdown, live from Los Angeles, CA.

("Born to Be Wild" plays)

Lillian: "Making their way to the ring, being led by Thug, they are the WOW World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Davidson and EZ Ryder, Harley's Angels!"

EZ: "Harley's Angels is in the house!"

Mixed reaction of cheers and boos.

EZ: "We're the WOW Tag Team Champions. We can beat anybody. We're gonna prove it by issuing a challenge to any two girls in that lockerroom."

Thug: "You'd rather kiss a rattlesnake than mess with Harley's Angels. Tell 'em Charlie!"

Charlie: "And if you do decide to mess with Harley's Angels, we're gonna make roadkill out of you!"

("The Freaks Come Out at Night" by Whodini plays)

Poison and Ice Cold (w/full head of hair) run to the ring and attack the champs. They demand a title shot right then and there, and want their proper introduction from Lillian. The champs accept.

Lillian: "Introducing the challengers. First, from The Toxic Unknown, representing The WOW Revolution, Poison!"

Crowd cheers

Lillian: "And her tag team partner, from The Deep Freeze, also representing The WOW Revolution, Ice Cold!"

Crowd cheers.

JR: "The Deep Freeze? Is that near Parts Unknown?"

Ice and Charlie start, and they both put on a good, basic, straightforward match. Charlie gets the advantage and tags in EZ. Ice gets to play outcast-in-peril for a while, as she gets dominated by the heels. Thug cheats freely for a while, before referee Tim White tells her to stop or he'll throw her out. He doesn't get the chance, because, all of a sudden, Jacklyn Hyde runs out to make the save for Poison and Ice Cold! She chases Thug out, going crazy the whole time. As a result, Charlie and EZ are disoriented without the more experienced Thug there to guide them. This allows Ice Cold to recover and make the hot tag to Poison. The crowd pops huge as Poison charges in and wipes out everyone in sight. Poison locks on a camel clutch on EZ, the legal woman, but EZ won't tap. Poison picks EZ up and hits the Poison Paralyzer (inverted DDT). Ice Cold follows with the Deep Freeze elbow drop. Charlie breaks up the pin, pissing off the crowd. Ice gives Charlie a few elbows to the head, knocks her off the apron, and slams her on the floor. Ice goes back into the ring and hits a perfect dropkick on EZ. Ice drops a few elbows on EZ, and goes back up for another Deep Freeze. Charlie knocks her off, but EZ can't capitalize. Charlie tries to drag EZ to the corner for the tag, but Ice is able to block it. Ice tags in Poison, who again wipes out the heels. Poison hits another Paralyzer on EZ, but hits the ref in the process. Ice wakes up the ref, but the delay only gets two for Poison. Poison hits another Paralyzer, and Ice hits a perfect elbow on EZ for the pin and the titles!

Lillian: "Here are your winners, and the NEW WOW World Tag Team Champions, the team of Poison and Ice Cold!"

Jacklyn Hyde runs back to the ring to celebrate with her victorious friends. Poison proclaims that the belts are back where they belong, in the WOW Revolution, and that they are finally getting their due. Ice asks the crowd if they can "feel the chill," and they respond positively.

End of show.