The WOW Revolution [Episode 14]

Setting: WWF RAW, Houston, TX

We start off with a match.

The Asylum (Gangrel/Tommy Dreamer/Bam Bam Bigelow, with Luna Vachon] vs. X-Factor (X-Pac/Justin Credible/Albert)

Lillian: "The following six-man tag team match is scheduled for one fall."

[X-Factor's music plays]

Lillian: "Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 817 lbs., from Minneapolis, MN, the WWF Light Heavyweight Champion X-Pac, from Boston, MA, Albert and from Ozone Park, NY, Justin Credible, X-Factor!"

Crowd boos.

(Gangrel's music plays, as The Asylum elevates from the floor.)

Lillian: "And their opponents, being led to the ring by Luna Vachon, at a total combined weight of 810 lbs., from The Other Side of Darkness, Gangrel, from Yonkers, NY, 'The Innovator of Violence' Tommy Dreamer and from Asbury Park, NJ, 'The Beast from the East' Bam Bam Bigelow, The Asylum!"

The match starts with Dreamer and X-Pac. Dreamer dominates quickly, just beating the crap out of X-Pac with ease. Pac gets in some kicks and a lowblow and tags in Justin. Crowd pops, as they remember the Dreamer-Credible feud from ECW. The two brawl for an extended period, as Tommy reliably plays Ricky Morton. Justin tags in Albert, who beats up Tommy some more. Tommy recovers and tags in Bigelow, drawing a HUGE face pop. The two monsters square off, and Bigelow just destroys Albert. X-Pac and Justin interfere, but Bigelow fights them off with ease. Bigelow powerbombs Albert, but X-Pac breaks up the pin. X-Factor triple-teams Bigelow, but Dreamer and Gangrel put an end to that. The match settles down to Bigelow and Albert again. The double-KO spot leads to the race to tag. Bigelow gets to his corner first and tags in Gangrel, who runs in and nails Albert before he can tag in X-Pac or Credible. Gangrel DDTs Albert, but X-Pac and Credible keep interfering. Finally, a pier-six brawl breaks out, but The Asylum is able to handle X-Factor without much trouble. Gangrel spits red stuff at Albert, but misses and it hits the ref instead. X-Pac and Credible double-superkick Gangrel and put Albert on top, but the ref is still out. More brawling, and security runs in and head referee Earl Hebner throws the match out.

Lillian: "Referee Earl Hebner has declared this match to be a no-contest."

Fast-forward to Riot-Thug.

WWF Women's Championship Match: "The Heavy Metal Maniac" Riot (c) vs. Thug

Lillian: "The following contest is for the WWF Women's Championship and is scheduled for one fall."

("Born to Be Wild" plays)

Lillian: "Introducing first, the challenger. From Dublin, GA, and being accompanied by the WOW World Tag Team Champions Charlie Davidson and EZ Ryder, she is the leader of Harley's Angels, Thug!"

Crowd boos.

("Dragula" plays)

Lillian: "And her opponent, from Chicago, IL, representing The WOW Revolution, she is the WWF Women's Champion, Riot!"

Crowd pops.

Brawl to start, and it's pretty even. Thug, being the more experienced, relies on cheating and other old-school heel tactics. Riot is tough enough to hold her own, and counters with her martial arts skills. Charlie and EZ both try to interfere at various points during the match, but Riot is able to fight them off with little trouble. Thug splashes Riot in the corner, but misses a second try. Riot responds by slamming Thug and dropping the Riot Twister Elbow, but EZ breaks up the pin attempt. Finally, the ref gets fed up with Charlie and EZ and ejects them from ringside. Charlie and EZ leave, and get attacked by Caged Heat! The four women brawl backstage before security separates them. Back to the ring as Riot is making her big comeback. Riot fires off some clotheslines and chops, and finally manages to drop the Riot Twister Elbow. Riot tries to lift Thug for the powerbomb, but she's too heavy. Thug backdrops Riot and hits a running splash for two. Thug tries for the chokeslam, but Riot escapes and DDTs Thug for two. Belly-to-back suplex gets two. Another one for two. Legsweep for two. Riot continues the beatdown on Thug, with the aim of weakening her for the powerbomb. Riot tries again, but she still can't lift Thug. A third try, but Thug trips up Riot. Thug splashes Riot again, and follows with a couple of stomps. Thug hits the chokeslam and Last Call, but Riot's foot is on the rope. Thug tries again, but Riot is aware enough to roll out of the way. Riot gets up, drags Thug into the middle of the ring, and pins her to retain her title. Huge pop for that.

Lillian: "Here is your winner, and still WWF Women's Champion, Riot!"

Riot collects her belt and bat and celebrates her hard-fought victory with the fans.

End of show.