The WOW Revolution [Episode 11]

Setting: WWF Smackdown, Minneapolis, MN

We see HHH on the warpath, throwing things around and yelling. Anger, jealousy, or roid rage? You make the call :)

JR welcomes us to the show, and shows the clip of Steph dumping HHH and kissing Trish.

The Island Connection (Rikishi and Haku) vs. The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray and D-Von)

Lillian: "The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall."

("We're Coming Down" plays)

LG: "Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 585 lbs., from Dudleyville, Bubba Ray and D-Von, The Dudley Boys!"

Crowd boos.

(Rikishi's Too Cool music plays)

LG: "And their opponents, at a total combined weight of 696 lbs., from Samoa and Tonga, representing The Island Connection, Rikishi and Haku!"

Crowd cheers.

JR explains that, out of concern for their safety, Paradise and BBV will not be at ringside for this match.

Haku and D-Von start, and a good brawl results, with stiff shots and good moves from both men. Haku takes over and dominates D-Von for a while. D-Von cheapshots Haku and tags in Bubba. Bubba attacks and actually gets the advantage on Haku. However, Haku recovers and tags in Rikishi. Total size/power match, with Rikishi dominating. Rikishi whips Bubba into the corner and hits the CHEEKS OF FIRE. This sets up the Stinkface, which Rikishi delivers. D-Von tries to interfere, but Rikishi headbutts him down. Rikishi isn't done yet, so he gives Bubba a Samoan Drop and a buttdrop. D-Von gets back up and distracts the ref, allowing Bubba the chance to recover and grab a chair. Bubba chairs Rikishi a few times, but doesn't cover. He climbs to the second rope and goes for his senton, but it misses. Race to tag brings in Haku and D-Von. Haku destroys D-Von with ease, hitting the Kick of Fear and Tongan Death Grip for the win.

Lillian: "Here are your winners, representing The Island Connection, Rikishi and Haku!"

Post-match, Rikishi gives D-Von a Stinkface and both Dudleys take Banzai Drops.

We cut to HHH barging into Vince's dressing room.

HHH (angry): "What the hell was that on Monday? Was this your idea, to put Stephanie and Trish together?"

Vince (nervous): "I'm telling you the truth, HHH. I knew nothing about that at all. I was as surprised as anyone."

HHH: "Well, it's not lasting past tonight. I'm going to get my revenge. Because I am The Game, and I am that damn good!"

Cut to Commissioner William Regal's office. HHH barges in and demands a match with Trish.

Regal: "Listen you cretin, I am under strict orders not to create any singles matches involving men vs. women. If you can find a female tag team partner, and Trish Stratus can find a male tag team partner, then I'll make the match. If you can't, then I won't. Now get out of here."

We see HHH finding his lucky sledgehammer and heading toward the lockerrooms. He finds Tori, and, shall we say, "convinces" her to be his teammate tonight.

Back to Regal's office. The First Couple of the WWF enter.

Trish: "Commissioner Regal, I saw HHH was in your office and, to tell the truth, I'm scared. I don't want him anywhere near me. Plus, Steph told me that I no longer have to compete if I don't want to compete."

Regal: "Well, if you can find a substitute and a male tag team partner, I will definitely allow you to skip tonight's match."

Trish and Steph leave, determined to find a substitute, and having a good idea of where to look.

Fast forward to the match.

Mixed-tag team match: HHH and Tori vs. ??? and ???

LG: "The following mixed-tag team match is scheduled for one fall."

("Game" plays)

LG: "Making their way to the ring, first, from Greenwich, CT, weighing in at 246 lbs., HHH, and his tag team partner, from Portland, OR, Tori!"

HHH comes to the ring armed with the sledgehammer and orders a very nervous Tori to walk to the ring. She does.

Crowd boos.

("Bodies" plays)

LG: "Please welcome, the First Couple of the WWF, 'The Billion-Dollar Princess' Stephanie McMahon and Trish Stratus!"

The crowd pops huge.

Steph: "First of all, Trish is not competing tonight. I call the shots and I say she has the night off. However, we have found two acceptable substitutes."

("Dragula" plays)

LG: "Making her way to the ring, from Chicago, IL, representing the WOW Revolution, she is the WWF Women's Champion, 'The Heavy Metal Maniac' Riot!"

Trish and Steph thank Riot for her help, and even give her a beer. Riot explains that the beatdown she gave Trish a few weeks back was just business, not personal.

The lights go down.

A voice comes over the sound system: "HE'S HERE!"

("American Bad Ass" plays, pyro goes off and the crowd goes nuts.)

LG: "And her tag team partner, from Houston, TX, weighing in at 328 lbs., The Undertaker!"

HHH looks nervous. The ref forces HHH to give up the sledgehammer before the match starts.

Brawl to start, and the heels bail. We start with Riot and Tori, as they put on a good match. The arrival of the WOW Revolution has vastly improved Tori's ringwork, which JR notes. Tori bails and tags in HHH, causing Riot to tag in UT. Taker destroys HHH for a while, finishing with the swinging DDT, Big Boot, chokeslam and Last Ride for the pin.

LG: "Here are your winners, the team of Riot and The Undertaker!"

Having fulfilled her obligation for the night, Tori runs like hell to get away from the still-furious HHH. Steph and Trish follow. UT and Riot head to the back, but HHH attacks them. UT prevents HHH from hitting Riot with the sledgehammer, and takes the shot to the gut himself. HHH continues to pursue the women, when he encounters another surprise: The APA! Faarooq and Bradshaw wrestle the sledgehammer from HHH and give him another hellish pounding on top of the one he had just taken during the match. Tori, by this point, has exited the building. UT gets the obligatory medical attention for the sledgehammer shot. Jackie shows up to support her APA allies and celebrates with Riot and The First Couple.

End of show.