The WOW Revolution [Episode 10]

Note: I'm jumping ahead a few weeks to give the storyline enough time to build. For everyone who has been wondering about "It's over Steph," the answer will be revealed tonight.

Setting: WWF RAW, Chicago, IL

JR informs us of two surprising developments. First, HHH is back. Second, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is looking to end her marriage to HHH and is scheduled to explain why.

Before all this, we go to a match.

Paradise and Boom Boom the Volcano vs. Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson

Lillian: "The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall."

("Legs" by ZZ Top plays)

Lillian: "Introducing first, from Baltimore, MD, Stacy Keibler, and her partner, from Los Angeles, CA, Torrie Wilson!"

Mixed reaction.

("Paradise" by Sade plays)

Lillian: "And their opponents, first from The Kingdom of Tonga, representing The WOW Revolution, Paradise!"

Crowd pops

("Volcano" by Jimmy Buffett plays)

Lillian: "And her partner, from Maui, HI, also representing The WOW Revolution, Boom Boom the Volcano!"

Crowd pops.

Paradise and Boom Boom storm the ring to start. Boom Boom easily overpowers Torrie. The WOW Revolution works over the talentless heels with some good basic stuff. Double Legsweep leads to Boom Boom hitting the Samoan Drop and Hawaiian Squash on Torrie for the pin.

Lillian: "Here are your winners, the team of Paradise and Boom Boom the Volcano!"

Refs help the heels to the back.

Paradise and BBV celebrate their win and talk with the fans for a bit.

("We're Coming Down" plays)

The Dudley Boys come out with a table and threaten BBV and Paradise. The faces try to escape, but the DUDS knock them down. D-Von sets up the table as Bubba Ray grabs Paradise for the tablebomb. D-Von is about to set up Paradise for Bubba Ray when they are interrupted.

(Rikishi's music plays)

Haku and Rikishi run in to make the save. Haku beats up D-Von as Rikishi rescues Paradise. Rikishi Samoan Drops D-Von through the table. D-Von takes the Stinkface and Rumpshaker (Banzai Drop). Haku slams Bubba off the top and gives him the Tongan Death Grip. Haku then throws Bubba to the corner so Rikishi can give him the Stinkface and Rumpshaker.

Paradise and Boom Boom thank Haku and Rikishi for their help. Rikishi gets the mic and tells the Dudleys not to mess with people from the islands, and names their foursome The Island Connection.

Fast forward to HHH and Steph.

("Game" plays)

Lillian: "Making his way to the ring, HHH!"

HHH: "Steph, I know that you want out of the marriage. What I don't understand is why. So get out here and tell me why you want out."

("Bodies" by Drowning Pool plays.)

Lillian: "Making her way to the ring, one of the owners of the World Wrestling Federation, 'The Billion-Dollar Princess' Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!"

Steph enters the ring, whispers something to Lillian, and walks to the back.

Lillian: "Forgive me, I have been corrected. Making her way to the ring, one of the owners of the World Wrestling Federation, 'The Billion-Dollar Princess' Stephanie McMahon!"

Steph enters the ring and confronts HHH.

Steph: "HHH, I've decided that I just don't need you anymore. When I think about it, I never needed you at all. You needed me, since you lost all your heat after my father beat you for the WWF World Heavyweight Title back in September 1999. Well, I'm through with you. I found someone much better than you."

HHH: "Ok, so who is it?"

(Trish's music plays.)

Lillian: "Making her way to the ring, Trish Stratus!"

HHH: "What's she doing here?"

Trish enters the ring.

Steph: "HHH, on my way to the arena tonight, I heard a song by Pearl Jam that summed up how I felt. The chorus went, 'She lies and says she's in love with him, can't find a better man.' The song was right. I couldn't find a better man, so I found a better woman!"

Trish and Steph face each other, embrace, and give each other a deep, passionate kiss. The crowd goes crazy because of this. This isn't like the fake kiss Beulah McGillicutty and Kimona Wanalaya gave each other at ECW Hostile City Showdown '96. This kiss makes Matt Hardy and Lita look as passionate as Vince and Linda McMahon. JR has no clue what to say.

Steph: "The reason neither of us could or would talk about it before was because we weren't ready. We are now. By the way, unlike you, HHH, she is that damn good!"

HHH is in shock, and he tries to attack Trish, but Steph low-blows him to make the save. Trish celebrates by stripping down to bra and thong, and the happy couple leaves as the copyright notice comes on and the show ends.