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Pro Wrestling Nicknames

The 8-Bit Luchador (Player Uno)

The 8th Wonder of the World (Andre the Giant)

The 9th Wonder of the World (Chyna)

A-List (David Otunga)

Above Average (Mike Sanders)

The Ace in the Hole (Sonny Siaki)

Ace of Hearts (Shane Valentine)

Addicted to Love (Rhett Titus)

The AK-47 (Allysin Kay)

The Alaskan Assassin (Ice)

The All-American (Ron Simmons, Doug Basham, Jeff Peterson, Steve Rivers)

The All-American American (Jack Swagger)

The All-American Boy (Bob Backlund)

The Alpha Male (Monty Brown)

Alushe the one made of felt, The Mayan Goblin (Alushe)

The Ambling Alp (Primo Carnera)

America's Hardcore Icon (G.I. Ho)

America's Hero (Sgt. Slaughter)

America's Sweetheart (Babe the Farmer's Daughter)

American Angel, the Queen of Wrestling, the Death Rey (Sara Del Rey)

American Dragon (Bryan Danielson)

The American Dream, the Bull of the Woods, Stardust (Dusty Rhodes)

The American Hero (Johnny Magnum)

The American Wolf (Davey Richards)

The Anarchist (Arik Cannon, Doug Williams, Ian Daniels)

The Angry Amish Warrior (Roadkill)

The Animal (George Steele, Batista)

The Anomaly (Niles Young)

The Anvil (Jim Neidhart)

Argentina (Antonino Rocca)

The Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine (Husky Harris)

The Asian Nightmare (Kwan Chang)

The Assassin (Aric Dylan)

The Axe (Larry Hennig)

B-Gizzle, The Trailer Park Gangsta (B.G. James ["Road Dogg" Jesse Jammes])

Bad Attitude (Brian Beech)

The Bad Guy (Razor Ramon)

Bad S (Sharon Palty)

The Bad Seed (Shawn Osbourne)

Bamm-Bamm (Terry Gordy)

The Barbaric Berzerker, the Zombie Princess (Jimmy Jacobs)

The Barber (Brutus Beefcake)

The Bashing Bulgarian, the Bulgarian Brute, the Super-Athlete, the Russian Gladiator (Alexander Rusev)

The Bashman (Doug Basham)

The Basket Case, the Reflection of Perfection (Mark Jindrak)

The Beast (Dan Severn, Bob Sapp)

The Beast from the Black Hole (Abyss)

The Beast from the East (Bam Bam Bigelow, Shak Khan)

The Beastmaster (Rick Link, Francine)

The Belfast Bruiser (Dave "Fit" Finlay)

Best-Dressed Man (Jason Harris)

The Big, Blue Bruiser of the Colony (assailANT)

The Big Cat (Ernie Ladd, Curtis Hughes)

Big Daddy (Shirley Crabtree)

Big Daddy Cool (Diesel)

The Big Daddy of Destruction (J-Rocc)

Big Hungry (Ryback)

The Big Kahuna (Sir Oliver Humperdink)

Big Lalo, El Presidente (Osama Rodriguez Alejandro [Armando Alejandro Estrada])

Big League (Byron Saxton)

Big Magic (Shane Matthews)

Big Money (Hank James)

Big Nasty (Angelo Mosca)

The Big Red Machine, the Devil's Favorite Demon (Kane)

The Big Shot, The Superheavyweight, The Alabama Slamma (Hardcore Holly)

Big Thunder (Gene Kiniski)

Big Time (Nick Mitchell [Mitch of the Spirit Squad])

Big V (Vern Henderson)

The Big Valbowski (Val Venis)

Big Vis, The World's Largest Love Machine (Viscera)

The Billion-Dollar Princess (Stephanie McMahon)

The Bird Man (Koko B. Ware)

The Birdman (Hieracon)

The Bitchboy Annihilator (The Juggulator)

The Bizarre One, the Prince of Perversion (Goldust)

The Black and White Express (NWO)

Black Magic (Norman Smiley)

The Black Nature Boy (Scoot Andrews)

Black Prince (Minoru Tanaka)

The Black Redneck (Kliff Hanger)

The Blonde Bomber (Ray Stevens, Art Crews)

The Blonde Bombshell (Jade- not the Jade from WOW)

The Blueprint (Matt Morgan)

The Body (Chris Tolos, Jesse Ventura, Scotty Braddock, Brent Albright)

The Bombshell (Macaela Mercedes [Jillian Hall])

The Boogie-Woogie Man (Jimmy Valiant)

The Boss (Andre the Giant, Spike Dudley)

The Boston Bad Boy (Tony Rumble, Jason Rumble)

The Boston Battler, the Prince of Darkness, the Gamesmaster, the Taskmaster (Kevin Sullivan)

The Boy Wonder (Shane McMahon)

The Brain (Eddie Creatchman, Bobby Heenan)

The Brandon Bull, Mr. Wonderful (Paul Orndorff)

The Brazilian Beast (Kafu)

The British Babe (Steve Lewington)

British Storm (Ian Harrison)

The Broadstreet Bully (Tony Stetson)

The Brothers of Destruction (The Undertaker and Kane)

Brown Chivalry (Tadasuke)

Buff Daddy (Buff Bagwell)

The Buffalo Bad Boy (Brian Jennings)

The Bull (Curtis Iaukea, Ed Gantner)

Bulldog (Don Kent, Bob Brown, Harry Smith)

Bulldozer, Killdozer (Brian Lee)

The Bullet (Bob Armstrong)

The Butcher (Paul Vachon, Larry Cameron)

The California Hippie (Mike Boyette)

The California Kid (Tommy Jammer)

The California Stud (Rod Price, Ken Ericson)

The Calypso Kid (Lenny Hurst, Dory Dixon)

The Cambodian Ax Murderer (Joker)

Canada's Greatest Athlete (Gene Kiniski, "Iron" Mike Sharpe)

Canada's Strongest Man (Dino Bravo)

The Canadian Crime Spree (Spyder)

The Canadian Destroyer, Maple Leaf Muscle, Little Petey Pump, The Definition of Definition (Petey Williams)

Canadian Dynamite (Josh Daniels, Max Boyer)

The Canadian Enforcer, the It Factor (Bobby Roode)

The Canadian Freight Train (Jos LeDuc)

The Canadian Rage, Captain Charisma, the Instant Classic (Christian Cage)

The Canadian Tiger (Mike Lozansky)

Canadian Wildcat (Vic Rain)

Captain HUSTLE (Naoya Ogawa)

Captain Redneck (Dick Murdoch)

The Caribbean Legend (Savio Vega)

The Cat (Ernest Miller)

Caveman (Tyler Elkins)

The Chairman (La Parka)

The Chairman of the Board (King Curtis Iaukea)

The Charismatic Enigma, the Rainbow-Haired Warrior, the Extreme Enigma, the anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling (Jeff Hardy)

The Chosen One (Jeff Jarrett, Drew McIntyre)

Choujuu (super beast) (Bruiser Brody. This was his nickname in Japan.)

Classic, Boom Boom (Colt Cabana)

The Classic Superstar (Spiro)

The Claw (Claudia Reiff)

The Clawmaster (Baron Von Raschke)

The Coach (Jonathan Coachman)

The Cold Hearted Playa (Danny Demanto)

The Colossus of Boggo Road (Nathan Jones)

Confederate Currency (Chris Hamrick)

Copetes, El Rey Moro (Moor King) (Rene Guajardo)

The Cornfed Colossus (Festus)

The Cornfed Meathead (Skip Sheffield)

The Count of California (The Black Pearl)

Coventry's Loudest (Jetta)

Cowboy (Bob Orton Sr., Bob Orton Jr., Bill Watts, Bob Ellis, Scott Casey, Ron Bass, Jack Lanza)

The Creation of Devastation (Adam Bomb)

The Crippler (Ray Stevens, Rip Oliver, Chris Benoit)

The Croatian Panther (Wesna Busic)

The Cruncher (Larry Zbyszko)

The Crusher (Stan Stasiak, Jerry Blackwell)

Cutie Pie, Madonna's Boyfriend (Louie Spicolli)

DA MAN (Goldberg)

The Dancing Sensation (Ace Vicious)

Dangan (Bullet) (Masato Tanaka)

Danger Man (Shoji Nakamaki)

Dangerous (Dan Spivey, Doug Gilbert, Devon Storm,Dawn Marie)

Dangerous K, HUSTLE K (Toshiaki Kawada)

Dangerous Queen (Akira Hokuto)

The Daredevil of Extreme (Tack)

Dark Angel (Sarah Stock)

Dark Prince, Black Hulk (Osirus)

Das Wunderkind (Alex Wright)

Dashing (Cody Rhodes)

The Dastardly One, The Danaconda (Danny Doring)

Deadly Angel (Angel Mortal)

The Deadly Demonic Warmonger (Obariyon)

The Dean of Professional Wrestling Announcers (Gordon Solie)

The Definition of Technician (Cindy Rogers)

The Delinquent (Damian Michaels)

The Demon of the Deep (Leviathan [Batista])

Der Heldenvater (the Hero Father) (Herbert Audersch)

The Deranged One (Mankind)

The Devious One (Mr. Fuji)

Diamond (Timothy Flowers, Dallas Page)

Die Hard (Eddie Edwards)

Lola Dinamita (Dynamite), Lola La Grande (Lola The Great) (Lola Gonzalez)

The Dirtiest Player in the Game (Ric Flair)

Dirty T.X. (Tex Monroe)

The Dirty White Boy (Tony Anthony)

The Dirty White Girl (Kimberly [not Kimberly Page])

The Diva (Kelly Tabor, Crystal Carmichael)

Do It To It (Steve Cox)

Dr. D (David Schultz)

Dr. Death (Steve Williams)

The Dr. of Desire (Tom Prichard)

The Doctor of Style (Slick)

The Doctor of Thugenomics (John Cena)

The Dogfaced Gremlin (Rick Steiner)

The Dominant Male, the Sicilian Psychopath (Tommaso Ciampa)

Double A (Arn Anderson)

Double C, the Most Money Making Man, the Stalwart Swiss Powerhouse, Very European (Claudio Castagnoli)

The Dragon (Ricky Steamboat)

The Dream Machine (Troy Graham)

The Duchess of Dudleyville (Stacy Keibler)

The Duke of Dorchester (Pete Doherty)

The Dumpster (Duke Droese)

East Coast Intensity (Jose Perez)

The Eater of Worlds, the Man of 1000 Truths (Bray Wyatt [Husky Harris])

The Ebony Hercules (Honeyboy Zimba)

The Edge (Chris Evans)

El 1000% Guapo (Handsome), El Rudo del Milenio (The Rudo of the Millenium), El Hombre Electrico (The Electric Man) (Shocker)

El Abogado del Diablo (The Devil's advocate) (Arkangel/Arkangel de la Muerte)

El Amo de los Ocho Angulos (The Master of the Eight Angles) (Octagon)

El Amo del Escandalo (The King of Scandals) (Sangre Chicana)

El Artemarcialista (The Martial Artist) (Kung Fu)

El Ave de las Tempestades (Storm Bird) (Gory Guerrero, Gran Markus Sr. [not related to Gran Markus Jr.])

"El Black" (Black Warrior)

El Bocazas (The Big Mouthed One), Pierroth Le Fou (Pierroth Jr.)

El Bufalo (the Buffalo) (Violencia)

El Caballero del Estilo Diferente (The Gentleman with a different style), El Hombre Elastico (The Elastic Man) (Mr. Niebla)

El Can de Nochistlan (The Dog from Nochistlan) (Perro Aguayo)

El Capo de Capos (The Boss of Bosses) (Cien Caras)

El Charro (The Horseman) (Charro Aguayo)

El Che (as in Che Guevara), The Colossal Man (Coloso Colosetti)

El Chino (The Chinese One) (El Gladiador)

El Consentido de las Damas (The pampered one by the ladies) (Tarzan Boy)

El Dado de Oro (Super Astro)

El Duende que Camina (The Ghost Who Walks) (Fantasma)

El Elefante Volador (The Flying Elephant) (Tamba)

El Enmascarado de Oro (The Man of the Golden Mask), El Soli (El Solitario)

El Enmascarado de Plata (The man of the silver mask) (El Santo, El Hijo del Santo)

El Escandalo del Topochico (The Scandal from Topochico) (El Sanguinario)

El Fabuloso (The Fabulous One), El Efectivo (The Effective One) (Silver King)

El Galeno del Mal (The Evil Doctor) (Dr. Wagner Sr., Dr. Wagner Jr.)

El General (The General) (Rambo)

El Geniecillo Azul (The Little Blue Genius) (Lizmark)

El Gigante de la Laguna (Lagunero Giant) (Gran Markus Sr.)

El Gigante de Ebano (The Ebony Giant), Black Bullet (Dory Dixon)

El Gigante Sabio (The Wise Giant), El Capitan Aventuras (Captain Adventure) (Tinieblas)

El Guapo (The Handsome One) (Bestia Salvaje, Scorpio Jr.)

El Guerrero Cartaginas (The Carthagenian Warrior), La Saeta Azul (The Blue Arrow), La Furia Azul (The Blue Fury), El Principe de Seda (The Silk Prince) (Anibal)

El Guerrero del Averno (Warrior from Hell) (Shu El Guerrero)

El Hercules Poblano (The Hercules from Puebla) (Mr. Mexico)

El Heredero de la Leyenda de Plata (The heir of the silver legend) (El Hijo del Santo)

El Hijo de la Leyenda Azul (The son of the Blue Legend) (Blue Demon Jr.)

El Hijo del Gigante Sabio (The son of the wise giant) (Tinieblas Jr.)

El Hombre del Guante Negro (The man in the black glove) (Mano Negra)

El Hombre de la jugada mortal (The man with the deadly movement) (Jacque Mate)

El Hombre Pez (The Fish Man), El Latigo Lagunero (The Lagunero Whip) (Fishman)

El Hombre Verde (The Green Man) (Espectro I)

El idolo del bombeo de hierro (The pumping iron idol) (Cibernetico)

El Idolo de los ninos (The Idol of the Kids), El Principe de la Atlantida (The Prince of Atlantis) (Atlantis)

El Indio de Mezcala de la Asuncion (The Indian from Mezcala de la Asuncion) (Ringo Mendoza)

El Lider (The Leader) (Fuerza Guerrera)

El Luchador de la Elegancia (The Fighter of the Elegance) (Ares)

El luchador mas rapido (The fastest luchador), El Gato Volador (The Flying Cat), Felino Centella (spark) (Felino)

El Maestro Lagunero (The Lagunero Master) (Blue Panther)

El Manotas (The man with the big hands), El Profe Manotas, El Demonio Azul (The Blue Demon) (Blue Demon Sr.)

El Mejor Luchador del Mundo (The best wrestler in the world) (Pirata Morgan)

El Metalico (The Metallic One) (Oro)

El Millonario de Tijuana (Tijuana's Million Dollar Man) (Nicho El Millonario [Psicosis])

El Mister Nuevo Leon (Latin Lover)

El Monarca (The Monarch), El Tijeras de Oro (Golden Scissors) (Javier Cruz)

El Munecazo (The Big Baby Doll) (Hugo Savinovich)

El Numero Uno ("The Number #1") (Satanico)

El Orgillo de Oriente (Orient's Pride) (Sugi Sito)

El Principe de Plata y Oro (The Prince of Silver and Gold) (Mistico [Sin Cara])

El Principe Maya (The Mayan Prince), El Gigante de Tabasco (The Giant from Tabasco) (El Canek)

El Principe Negro (Black Prince), El Hombre de Goma (The man made out of rubber/The Elastic man) (Black Shadow)

El Profe (Blue Demon Sr., El Santo)

El Profesor (Rolando Vera)

El Ranchero (The Rancher) (Angel Blanco)

El Rey Arturo (King Arthur) (Villano III)

El Rey del Aire (The King of Air) (Antifaz del Norte)

El Rey del "Beautiful" (The King of Beautiful) (Emilio Charles Jr.)

El Rey del Derechazo (The king of the right hand punch) (Firpo Segura)

El Rey del Martinete (The King of the Martinete) (Abismo Negro)

El Rey Feo (The ugly king), The World's Ugliest Man (in Texas) (Scorpio)

El Rudo de los Ojos Esmeralda (The rudo with the emerald eyes) (El Faraon)

El rudo de los ojos verdes (The green-eyed rudo) (El Dandy)

El Senor de los Enigmas (Lord Enigma), El Rey del Tenedor (The King of the fork) (Misterioso)

El Terror de Jalisco (Jalisco's Terror) (Bestia Salvaje)

El Tigre Blanco (The White Tiger) (Mascara Sagrada original)

El Tigre Enmascarado (The Masked Tiger) (Tiger Mask- original)

El Trailer Asesino (The Killer Truck) (Gran Markus Jr.)

El Two Faces (Dos Caras)

El Volador Jarocho (The High Flyer from Veracruz) (Ricky Marvin)

The Energetic Insectoid Grappler (Fire Ant)

The Enforcer (Arn Anderson, C.W. Anderson)

Everybody's Favorite Girlfriend (Jessie McKay)

Everybody's Favorite Homeboy (Chilly Willy)

Evil Zombie Fresh From the Grave (Ichabod Slayne [Icarus])

The Excellence of Execution, the Best There Is the Best There Was the Best There Ever Will Be (Bret Hart)

The Excellence of Innovation, the Dolphin Master, the Intrepid Traveler (Paul London)

The Extreme Commissioner (Tod Gordon)

The Extreme Giant (The Big Show)

The Extreme Strongman (Gino Martino)

The Extreme Stud, The Sicilian Shooter (Little Guido Maritato)

The Fabulous Firebird (Phoenix [Beth Phoenix])

The Fabulous One (Jackie Fargo)

The Face of Terror (Meng)

The Fallen Angel, Mr. TNA (Christopher Daniels)

The Father of Destruction (Paul Bearer)

Fear Factor (P.J. Friedman)

The Female Fighting Phenom (Jazz)

The Female Phenom, the New York Knockout (Trinity)

The Female Wrestling Machine (Nikita Fink)

The Fink (Howard Finkel)

The First Lady of Hardcore (Lufisto)

The First Lady of Wrestling (Elizabeth)

The Fish (Gilles Poisson)

Flash, Flapjack (Scott Norton)

The Flatliner (Chris Manns)

Flippin' Sweet (Brett Gakiya)

Fonzie, The Man Who Calls It Right Down the Middle (Bill Alfonso)

The Force from the North (Vigo)

Foxy Lady, The Experience (Lexie Fyfe)

The Franchise (Shane Douglas)

The Freak (Rob Terry)

The Free Spirit (Rick Titan [Big Titan/The Fake Razor Ramon])

Freight Train (Rufus R. Jones)

The French Paradox (Pierre Marceau)

The French Phenom (Rene Dupree)

A Frenetic Ball of Kinetic Energy (Frightmare)

The Funkasaurus (Brodus Clay)

The Funker (Terry Funk)

The Funky Pharaoh, the Madjai of the Dieties (Amasis)

Fuun Noboriryu (Sky-Rising Dragon), Mr. Puroresu, Monster General (Genichiro Tenryu)

The Future (Frankie Kazarian, Joey Matthews, Chris Sabin, Deuce Shade)

The Future Legend (Cheerleader Melissa)

The Future of Flight (Richochet)

The Gallowsman (Soloman Longfire)

The Game, the Cerebral Assassin, the Sadistic Son-In-Law (HHH)

The Gangster of Love ("Sweet" Stan Lane)

Gato (cat) (Ari Romero)

The Generator (Race Jaxon)

The Generic Luchador (El Generico)

Genesis, The Savior (Yako Romero)

The Gentleman (Chris Adams)

The Georgia Greyhound (Jerry Oates)

The German Beef (Otto Schwanz)

The Giant (Paul Lauria)

The Giant-Killer (Little Spike Dudley, Tom Dub, Mike Mondo [Mikey of the Spirit Squad])

The Gigolo (Jimmy Del Ray)

Girl Dynamite (Jennifer Blake)

The Gladiator (Mike Awesome)

The Glamazon (Beth Phoenix)

Go Time (Chris LaPlante)

G-d of Pro Wrestling (Karl Gotch. Nickname in Japan)

The Goddess (Chikako Shiratori)

The Godfather (Theodore R. Long)

The Godfather of Extreme (Damien Kane)

The Gold Standard (Shelton Benjamin)

The Golden Boy (Arnold Skaaland, Adrian Adonis, Jerry Grey, Chic Donovan, Ted Oates, Dan Spivey)

The Golden Greek (Jim Londos, John Tolos)

The Golden-Haired Fox (Sunny)

The Golden Star (Kota Ibushi)

The Golden Warrior (Kevin Von Erich)

Good Ol' JR (Jim Ross)

Goth Rock Monster (Blind Rage)

The Great and Devious One, the Angry Insect Evildoer, Part Insect Part Superhero (UltraMantis Black)

The Greek Goddess (Alexia)

The Green Goddess (Tori)

The Grim Reaper, the Man from the Dark Side, the Pale Destroyer, the Lord of Darkness, the American Badass, the Deadman, the Red Devil, Big Evil, the Demon of Death Valley, the Last Outlaw (The Undertaker)

The Guiding Light (Captain Lou Albano)

Gusano (Worm), Gusano de Seda (Silkworm) (Javier Llanes)

Hacksaw (Butch Reed, Jim Duggan, Brett Sawyer)

The Haitian Sensation (Tyree Pride)

The Hammer (Frank Goodish [Bruiser Brody], Greg Valentine, Beverly Slade, Mark Coleman)

Handsome (Johnny Barend, Harley Race, Johnny Valentine, Jimmy Valiant, Dallas Page, Heath Slater, Johnny Bradford)

The Handsome Half-Breed (Gino Hernandez)

Hard Rock (Paul Diamond, Ricky Reeves)

The Hardcore Chair-Swinging Freaks (Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten)

The Hardcore Giant (Ron Niemi)

The Hardcore Icon (The Sandman)

The Hardcore Legend (Mick Foley, Terry Funk)

The Hardcore Monster (Kubiak)

Hardwork (Bobby Walker)

The Hawaiian Hellraiser, the Hawaiian Tornado, Mr. H50 (Taiyo Kea)

The Head Cheerleader, the Queen of Extreme (Francine)

The Heartbreak Kid/HBK, the Show Stopper, Mr. WrestleMania (Shawn Michaels)

Heavy Metal (Van Hammer, Ric Savage)

The Heavy Metal Maniac (Riot)

The Heavyweight Horror (Crossbones)

The Hebrew Hercules (Abe Coleman)

The Hellion of the Dark Army (Kodama)

The Helsinki Hellraiser (Ludwig Borga)

The Heretic (Red Vinny)

High Flying Optical Illusion (Rorschach)

High IQ (Quinten Lee)

Hinotama Kozou (Fireball Kid) (Michiaki Yoshimura)

The Hip Hop Hippo (Albert)

The Hippest Cat in the Land (Dude Love)

The Hitman (Bret Hart, Doug Gilbert, Tony Stetson, Michael Bruno)

Hollywood (John Tatum, Bob Holly, Hulk Hogan)

The Homicidal Suicidal Genocidal Death-Defying Maniac (Sabu)

Honoo no Hiryu (Dragon of the Flame) (Tatsumi Fujinami)

The Horny Little She-Devil (Terri Runnels)

Hot Chocolate (Kory Williams, Kris Krude)

The Hot Property (Shane Matthews, Fire Ant)

Hot Stuff (Eddie Gilbert)

Hotrod, the Rowdy Scot ("Rowdy" Roddy Piper)

Hott Chocolate (Acid Jaz)

Hott Stuff (Paul Hudson)

The Houdini of Hardcore (Crash Holly)

The Hounds of Justice (The Shield)

The Hulkster, the Immortal One (Hulk Hogan)

The Human Highlight Reel (Sabu, Rey Misterio Jr., Cody Jones)

The Human Massacre (Keith Walker)

The Human Orchid, the Toast of the Coast, the Sensation of the Nation (Gorgeous George)

The Human Rulebook (Chandler McClure)

The Human Skyscraper (Tower)

The Human Suplex Machine, the Path of Rage, the Orange and Black Attack, the One Man Human Crime Spree (Taz)

The Human Wrecking Machine (Zeus)

Hurricane (Hank James, Scott Hudson [AWA jobber, not the WCW announcer], John Walters)

Hustle Prince (Wataru Sakata)

Hustler (Rip Rogers)

The Hybrid Diva (Kaitlyn)

The Iceman (Buck Quartermaine, Dean Malenko)

The Icon (Dutch Mantel, Shawn Michaels, Sting)

The Ideal Reflection (Christopher Ryseck)

The Idol (Aaron Stevens)

Inazuma Senshi (Lightning Warrior) (Kengo Kimura)

The Innovator of Offense (Kanyon, Nova)

The Innovator of Violence (Tommy Dreamer)

The Insane Luchador (Super Crazy)

The Intellectual Savior of the Masses (Damien Sandow)

The Internet Icon (Petey Staniforth)

The Irish Lionheart (CJ O'Doyle)

Iron Man (Gran Hamada)

Ironhead (Kazuyuki Fujita)

Ironman (Tommy Cairo, Rob Conway)

The Italian Eagle (Marco Corleone [Mark Jindrak])

The Italian Monster (Tony Mamaluke)

The Italian Superman (Bruno Sammartino)

Jagged (Scott Parker)

Jam (Jimmy Garvin)

Jammin' (Mitch Snow)

The Japanese Buzzsaw (Yoshihiro Tajiri)

Jefe Indio Dedos Chuecos (Indian Chief Twisted Fingers) (Rey Mendoza)

The Jezebel (Eden Black)

The Joeverine (Joey Knight)

Juan El Hermoso (Juan, The Beautiful One) (El Brazo)

The Juice (Juventud Guerrera, JT Dunn)

K-Dog (Konnan)

Kakumei Senshi (revolution warrior) (Riki Choshu)

Kamen Kizoku (Masked Noble) (Mil Mascaras)

Kanaami no Oni (Monster of Steel Cage) (Rusher Kimura)

The Kansas Cowboy (Art Crews)

The Kentucky Gentleman, Raccoon City's Favorite Son, Sexy Chucky T, Smooth Chucky T (Chuck Taylor)

The King (Jerry Lawler, Harley Race, Kenny Bolin)

King Kong (Bruiser Brody, Angelo Mosca, Abe Kashey, Malcolm Kirk)

The King of Chaos (Ali Muhammad)

The King of Diamonds, the War King (Eddie Kingston)

The King of Old School (Steve Corino)

The King of the Green Mountain (Maxx Burton)

The Korean Monster (Ryze)

Kryptonite (Jeremy Crony)

La Bestia del Apocalipsis(The Apocalypse Beast) (Damian 666)

La Bruja (The Witch) (Miss Janeth [pronounced Jeanette], Rossy Moreno)

La Calabacita (The Little Pumpkin) (Halloween [Ciclope])

La Esencia de la Exelencia (The Essence of Excellence), the Mexican Aristocrat (Alberto Del Rio)

La Machine (Cecil Dubois)

La Pantera Rosa (The Pink Panther) (Villano I, Villano III, Villano IV, Villano V)

Lady Destroyer (Hiroyo Matsumoto)

The Lariat, the Bad Man from Borger, Fuchinkan (unsunk battleship) (Stan Hansen)

The Last of a Dying Breed (Eddie Kingston, Bull Dempsey)

The Latin Heartthrob (Al Perez)

The Latin Hellcat (Lita Marez)

The Latina Sensation (Mercedes Martinez)

The Latina Super Woman (Caliente)

Latino Heat (Eddie Guerrero)

The Laughing Man (Hugh Morrus)

Le Justice (Michel Dubois)

The Legacy (Blare Rogers)

The Legend-Killer, the Viper, the WWE's Apex Predator (Randy Orton)

The Lethal One, Black Machismo (Jay Lethal)

The Lethal Weapon (Steve Blackman)

Lightning (Cheryl Rusa, Mike Quackenbush, Tim Lutz)

Lightning Foot (Jerry Flynn)

Lionheart, Your Hero, Role Model and Paragon of Virtue, The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, The Man of 1004 Holds, the King of the Loopholes, Y2J, the Larger-Than-Life Living Legend, the King of the World, the Highlight of the Night, the King of Bling-Bling, the Sexy Beast (Chris Jericho)

The Living Legend (Bruno Sammartino, Larry Zbyszko, Larry Winters)

Lone Eagle, Rey Aguila (Aguila Solitaria)

The Lone Wolf (Barry Windham, Davey Richards)

Lonestar (Dustin Rhodes)

The Long Island Loudmouth, Long Island Iced-Z (Zack Ryder)

The Loose Cannon (Brian Pillman, Teddy Hart)

The Louisville Slugger, The Louisville Lip (James E. Cornette)

Los Sustos (The Scares), Los Tinacos (Los Hermanos Espanto)

The Love Machine (Art Barr)

Loverboy (Dennis Condrey)

The Mack Daddies of Violence (The Public Enemy)

The Macho Man (Goldie Rogers, Randy Savage)

Mad Dog (Maurice Vachon, Buzz Sawyer, Marcial Bovee, Pierre Lefebvre, DC Drake, Mike Bell)

The Mad Dogs of War (The Pitbulls- Gary Wolfe/Anthony Durante)

The Mad Russian (Alexis Smirnoff)

The Mad Scientist of Professional Wrestling (Paul Heyman)

Made in the USA (Mike Jones [Virgil], Lex Luger)

The Madman from the Badlands (Glenn Osbourne)

The Madman from the Sudan, Kuroi Jujutsushi (black wizard) (Abdullah the Butcher)

The Mag Daddy (Brutus Magnus)

Magnificent, The Rock (Don Muraco)

The Main Attraction (Adam Action)

The Main Event, Custom Chucky P (Chuck Palumbo)

The Main Man (Tracy Smothers)

The Man (Stan Stasiak, Ric Flair)

The Man-Bear (Sylvester Terkay)

The Man Monster (Hydra)

The Man of 1000 Holds (Earl Caddock, Frank Sexton, Al Costello, Red Bastien, Les Thornton, Dean Malenko)

The Man That Gravity Forgot (PAC)

The Man Who Loves to Steal the Show (Flash Flanagan)

The Manager of Champions (The Grand Wizard, Neil Sharkey, Bill Alfonso)

Maniac (Mark Lewin, Mike Davis, Matt Borne)

Marvelous (Marc Mero)

The Master and the Ruler of the World, the Millenium Man (Sid Vicious)

The Master of a Thousand Holds (Mike Quackenbush)

The Master of Darkness, The Snakemaster (Abudadein- Note: This guy is NOT the son of King Curtis Iaukea. He is at times confused with King Curtis's real son Rocky Iaukea, who held titles in the Pacific Northwest territory and in Puerto Rico as Abudda Dein. Mike "Prince Iaukea" Haynor is also not King Curtis's son.)

The Masterpiece (Chris Masters)

The Mastodon (Vader)

The Mat-Wrestling Machine (Tim Donst)

Mean Streak (Mike Dempsey)

The Menace from East L.A, East L.A. Player (Lemus II)

The Messiah of the Backbreaker (Roderick Strong)

The Messiah of the Spinebuster (David Young)

The Mexican Spitfire (Rita Cortez)

The Mexican Superman, SuperMex (Hernandez)

The Mexican Warrior (Chavo Guerrero Jr.)

The Miami Pound Machine, The Turncoat, The Rod Damn Champ (Rod Steele)

The Middle Eastern Nightmare (Sheik Abdul Bashir [Daivari])

Mighty Mighty Monster Monster Medieval Medieval (Dragon Dragon)

The Milan Miracle (Santino Marella)

The Militant Mat Mite (Soldier Ant)

The Milkman (Jake Milliman)

The Million Dollar Man (Ted DiBiase)

The Mind (Jesse Ventura)

Mississippi Queen (Christie Ricci)

The Missouri Tiger (Jeff Gaylord)

Mr. #1 (Scott Zenzen)

Mr. 1.9 (Michael Tarver)

Mr. 200% (Yoji Anjo)

Mr. 630 (Jerrelle Clark)

Mr. 6033 (Angelo Poffo)

Mr. America (Gene Stanlee)

Mr. Ass, the One (Billy Gunn)

Mr. Charisma, No Gimmick Needed, Hard Knox (Chris Candido)

Mr. Chippendale, Mr. Fantasy (Tom Brandi)

Mr. Class (A-1)

Mr. Danger (Mitsuhiro Matsunaga)

Mr. Ebony (Tom Jones)

Mr. Electricity (Steve Regal [original], Herb Abrams)

Mr. Hardcore (Kintaro Kanemura, Rico Suave)

Mr. Irresistible (Sweet Daddy Siki)

Mr. Israeli Pro Wrestling (Gery Roif)

Mr. M-80 (Marshe Rockett)

Mr. Magnificent (Kevin Kelly [Nailz])

Mr. Majestic (Flex Lavender)

Mr. Monday Night, The Whole F'N Show, Mr. PPV, Mr. TNN, Mr. Thursday Night (Rob Van Dam)

Mr. Money (Randy Price)

Mr. No Days Off (Darren Young)

Mr. Perfect (Jerry Stubbs, Curt Hennig)

Mr. Piledriver ("Bruiser" Bob Sweetan)

Mr. Raytings (Ray Gonzalez)

Mr. Romeo, Dirty Deeds (Darren Wyse)

Mr. Smackdown (John Bradshaw Layfield)

Mr. Torture (Mr. Saito)

Mr. Touchdown (Mark Angelosetti)

Mr. TV (Jackie Pallo)

Mr. USA (Tony Atlas)

Mr. Universe (Earl Maynard)

Mr. Unpredictable, Mr. Excitement, the Rebel (Dick Slater)

Mr. Wrestling (Vince Torelli [Ken Shamrock], Jeff Roth, Nick Dinsmore [Eugene], Kevin Steen)

The Mistress of Destruction, the Ravishing Russian (Lana)

The Mistress of Mayhem, the Queen of the Night (Misery De Sade)

Moalm (The Man of All Living Men) (Joey Tylec)

The Model (Rick Martel)

The Modern Day Icon, the 4:20 Pimp (Barry Ace)

The Modern Day Miracle (Steve Madison)

The Modern Day Warrior, Tora no Tsume (nails of tiger), the Texas Tornado (Kerry Von Erich)

Moeru Toukon (Fighting Spirit That Burns) (Antonio Inoki)

Mongo (Steve McMichael)

The Monster (Meng, Abyss, Kevin Randleman)

Monster K (Toshiaki Kawada, Kohei Sato)

The Mormon Giant (Don Leo Jonathan)

The Moscow Mauler (Vladimir Kozlov)

The Most Professional Tag Team in Wrestling, the Sultans of Smirk (3.0 [Shane Matthews and Scott Parker])

The Mountain from Stone Mountain (Jerry "The Crusher" Blackwell)

Mourningstar (Marcus Hall)

The Mouth of the South (Jimmy Hart)

The Murderous Monk (J. Miller)

The Mysterious Mythological Warrior from Afar (Gran Akuma)

Namida no Karisuma (Charisma of Tears) (Atsushi Onita)

The Narcissist (Lex Luger)

The Natural (Butch Reed, Dustin Rhodes, Bobby Roode, Nick Nemeth [Nicky of the Spirit Squad/Dolph Ziggler], Nathan Crown)

The Natural One (Mike Modest)

The Nature Boy (Buddy Rogers, JJ Dillon, Ric Flair, Buddy Landel, Roger Kirby)

New Attitude (Jamie Howard [Jamie Noble])

The New Era (Kriptic Keegan)

The New Era Icon (Jon Moxley [Dean Ambrose])

The New F'N Show (Jerry Lynn)

The New Faces of Fear (The Wyatt Family)

The New Genesis (Christopher Arkadian)

The New Horror (Sami Callihan)

The New Knockout Kid (JT Dunn)

New Superstar, the Vision (Steve Douglas)

The New Thing, the Robgoblin (Robbie Dawber)

The New Wave (Cheech Hernandez)

The Next, the Prospect, the Technical Messiah (Alex Shelley)

The Next Big Thing (Brock Lesnar)

The Nightmare Warrior, Dark Minion of the Underworld (Hallowicked)

No Class (Bobby Bass)

No Fear (Mike Mondo)

No Money (Malcolm Monroe)

The No Pain Train, the Being of Inconceivable Horror, the Harbinger of Sorrow (Iceberg)

The Noticeable One, the Dandy Highwayman (Aaron Proctor)

The Notorious 187, the Strong Style Thug (Homicide)

The Notorious B.I.G. (Big Moe)

The Notorious K.I.D. (Kid Kash)

Number One (Paul Jones)

The Obsession, the Midnight Son (Caleb Konley)

Old Brown Eyes, the Italian Stallion (J.T. Smith)

The Old-Timey King of Swing (Dasher Hatfield)

The Omega (Aaron Draven)

The One Man Gang, Hands of Stone (Ronnie Garvin)

The One Man Glam Band (Scotty Saxxon)

The One Man Rock Band (Heath Slater)

The Orange Dream (Jenna Tangerine)

The Original Gangsta (New Jack)

The Original King of Swing, Dancin'(Stevie Richards)

The Original Playa from the Himalaya, the Guru (Sonjay Dutt)

The Original XTC, the Crown Jewel of the Embassy (Jimmy Rave)

Ornery Octogenarian From The Old Folks Home (Melvin Snodgrass)

The Other Dark Meat (Gotti)

Outlaw (Ron Bass, Don Bass, J.D. McKay, Charlie Haas)

P.S. (Purely Sexy) (Michael Hayes)

The Palm Beach Heartthrob (Scott Anthony)

The Panama City Playboy (Adam Cole)

The Panther (Tyrone Evans [Michael Tarver])

The Paparazzi Princess, the Paparazzi Diva (Melina)

The Paragon of Virtue (Elijah Burke, Mike Burry)

The Paranoid Pied Piper of TNA (Eric Young)

The Party Peacock (Dalton Castle)

The Pascagoula Plowboy (Stan Frazier)

The Pearl of the Orient (The Great Muta)

The Pearl River Powerhouse (Ahmed Johnson)

The People's Champion, the Great One, the Brahma Bull, the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment Today (The Rock)

The Perfect 10 (Baby Doll)

The Perfect One, Perfectshawn, the Mecca of Manhood (Shawn Stasiak)

The Permanently Profit Producing Person (Ares [from CHIKARA])

The Phenom (Jimmy Snuka, The Undertaker)

The Phenomenal One (AJ Styles)

The Pink and Black Attack (The Hart Foundation [original- Bret/Neidhart])

The Pit Bull (Sgt. Craig Pittman, Skull Ganz)

Pitbull (Kerry Brown)

The Pinnacle (Shawn Patrick)

The Playboy (Gary Hart, Buddy Rose, Jamie Gibson, Pete Huge)

The Polar Bear (Paul Varleans)

The Policy (Orlando Jordan)

Polish Power (Ivan Putski)

The Polish Prince (Steve Olsonoski, Scott Putski)

The Polynesian Warrior (Mana)

Ponzona (Americo Rocca)

The Pope (D'Angelo Dinero [Elijah Burke])

Portugal's Perfect Athlete (Shanna)

The Portuguese Man-Of-War (Aldo Montoya [Justin Credible])

The Predator (Don Frye)

Pretty Boy (Pat Patterson, Gene Anderson, Larry Hennig, Bobby Heenan, Larry Sharpe)

The Pride of Tallinn (The Estonian Thunderfrog)

Primetime (Brian Lee, Elix Skipper, Amy Lee)

The Prince of All Goblins (Kobald)

The Prince of Pain (Joe Kane)

The Prince of Passion (Kenny Casanova)

The Prince of Pranks (Doink the Clown)

The Prince of Punk, The Reject (Shannon Moore)

The Princess of Darkness (Melicious)

The Prize (April Hunter)

The Prodigy (Tom Marquez, Alex Shelley, Mike Bennett)

The Professor (Mike Tenay)

The Profile, The Blond Adonis (Rip Hawk)

The Psycho Yuppie (Paul E. Dangerously)

The Pug (Alex Porteau)

The Punisher (Don Vega, Andrew Martin [Test])

The Punjabi Nightmare, the Punjabi Playboy, the Prince of the Land of Five Rivers (The Great Khali)

The Purrfect 10 (Lince Dorado)

The Queen of Rings (Lei'D Tapa)

The Quintessential Studmuffin (Joel Gertner)

The Rabid Wolverine, the Human Buzzsaw (Chris Benoit)

The Ragin' Bull (Manny Fernandez)

The Ragin' Cajun (Lash Leroux)

Rampaging Muscle (Naruki Doi)

The Rapmaster (PN News)

Rat Boy (Yoshinari Ogawa)

The Rate Tank (Kellie Skater)

The Rated R Superstar, the Ultimate Opportunist (Edge)

The Ravishing One, the Smooth Operator (Rick Rude)

Rayo Mexicano (Rito Romero)

The Real Deal (Selina Majors, Bobby Lashley, Aaron Neil, Adrian Steele)

The Real Double J, Road Dogg (Jesse Jammes)

The Red and Black Attack (NWO Wolfpac)

Redd Dogg (Rodney Begnaud [Rodney Mack])

The Redneck Messiah (Jamie Noble)

Redneck Woman (Mickie Knuckles)

The Resilient Rookie, the Submission Specialist (Green Ant)

Right Leg (Andy Ridge)

The Right Stuff, Big Rig, the Bulldozer, Throat Load (Brodie Lee)

Rock N Roll (Buck Zumhofe, Mike Sydal)

Rock Star (Roni Jonah)

The Rocket, the Avenger, the King of Harts, the Two-Time Slammy Award Winner, the Black Hart (Owen Hart)

Rodzilla (Dennis Rodman)

The Rogue Horseman, the Ticking Time Bomb (Brian Pillman)

The Rogue Outsider, the Straight Edge Warrior, the Voice of the Voiceless (CM Punk)

The Role Model (Rico Constantino)

Rollerball (Marc Rocco)

The Rookie Monster, the Big F'N Deal, the Man-Beast, the War Machine (Rhino)

The Royal Stud (Adam Windsor)

The Ruffneck (Mr. Hughes)

The Russian Bear (Ivan Koloff, Oleg Taktarov)

The Russian Giant (Nikolai Volkoff)

The Russian Lion (George Hackenschmidt)

The Russian Nightmare (Nikita FKoloff)

Russian Sickle (Evgeny Lyder)

The St. Louis Woman, the Amazon (Penny Banner)

The Samoan Bulldozer (Umaga)

The Samoan Storm (Afa Anoai Jr.)

The Samoan Submission Machine (Samoa Joe)

San Antonio's Original Vato Loco (El Latino)

Satan's Cheerleader (Synn)

The Savior of Misbehavior (Corey Graves [Sterling James Keenan])

The Scientist (Robbie Barnes)

Scrap Iron (Adam Pearce)

The Scream Queen, the Goth Goddess (Daffney Unger)

The Scrub (Steve Sabo, Tom Dub)

Sekai no Arawashi (Wild Eagle of the World) (Seiji Sakaguchi)

The Sensation, Superhero (Sean South)

The Sensation of Innovation, the Show, the Suicide Bomb, Sugar, IBM: Insane Bump Machine (Shane Helms)

The Sensei (Pat Tanaka)

The Sensei of Mattitude (Matt Hardy)

The Sexiest Man on Earth (Jason Knight)

Sexual Chocolate, the King of the Jungle (Mark Henry)

The Shah, The Dog (Hack Meyers)

The Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the Tuesday Night Delight (John Morrison)

The Shark (Mark Shrader)

The Shooter (Dean Malenko, Brent Albright)

The Show-Off (Dolph Ziggler)

Showtime (Eric Young, Percy Watson)

The Silence Behind the Violence (Sign Guy Dudley)

The Silencer (Brad Smith)

The Silver-Tongued Pugilist (Elijah Burke)

The Silverback (Mark Henry, Ryan Reeves [Skip Sheffield/Ryback])

Simply Irresistible, Double-J, the King of the Mountain (Jeff Jarrett)

Simply Marvelous (Mitch Ryder)

Simply Sensational, the Snowman, the Crown Prince of Hardcore (Al Snow)

The Sin City Vixen (Miss Danyah)

The Slaphead Superman (Keego Ward)

The Sledgehammer (Jason Neidhart)

Smackdown's #1 Announcer (Shoichi Funaki)

Smooth Sailing (Ashley Remington [Dalton Castle])

The Snake (Jake Roberts)

Sodbuster (Kenny Jay)

SOS, the Irish Curse, the Celtic Warrior, the Great White (Sheamus O'Shaunessy)

Soulman (Rocky Johnson, Alex G)

The Soviet Terror (Nikita Allanov)

The Spaniard (Crusher Verdu)

Sparkplug (Bob Holly)

Special Delivery (S.D. Jones)

Special K (Krissy Vaine)

The Specialist (Mason Hunter)

SPEED STAR (Masato Yoshino)

Spirit of Persistence (Taku Iwasa)

The Sports Illustrated Legend (Robbie Ellis)

Stampede Kid (TJ Wilson [Tyson Kidd])

Starfire (Derrick Dukes)

The Starmaker (Kenny Bolin)

Stinger (Sting)

Straight Up (Mikey Batts)

Streetfighter (Timothy Flowers)

Sugar Free, the Friday Night Kid (Brian Roche)

Sugarfoot (Alex Payne)

The Sultan of Slam Dunk (Sugar Dunkerton)

The Sultan of Swing ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton)

The Suntanned Superman (Ron Killings [R. Truth])

Super Estrella (Superstar) (Ayako Hamada)

Superbrat (Tully Blanchard)

Superfan (Mark Zout)

Superfly (Jimmy Snuka)

Superman from Space (Starman)

Supermouth (Dave Drason)

Supersock (Jose Lothario)

Superstar (Billy Graham, Bill Dundee, Stevie Richards, Scott Steiner)

The Supreme Fighting Machine (Kama [Charles Wright/Papa Shango/The Godfather])

Sweet 'n' Sour, the Golden Palomino (Larry Sweeney)

The Sweet Music Man (Billy Joe Travis)

The Sweetheart of GLORY, the Princess of ACW, the Princess of La Familia, the Portuguese Princess (Ariel)

The Swiss Superman (Antonio Cesaro [Claudio Castagnoli])

The Swordsman (Super Kendo)

The Syrian Princess (Raisha Saeed [Cheerleader Melissa])

TNT (Randy Greenaway)

The Tennessee Cowboy (James Storm)

The Tennessee Stud (Ron Fuller, Robert Fuller)

Tetsu no Tsume (iron claw) (Fritz Von Erich)

Tetsujin (Iron Man) (Lou Thesz)

Johnny Texas, Juan El Texano (El Texano)

The Texas Cowgirl (Wendi Richter)

The Texas Rattlesnake, the Toughest SOB in WWE, the Bionic Redneck ("Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

This Year's Model (Mark Magnus [Muhammad Hassan])

The Thrillseeker (Johnny Jeter [Johnny of the Spirit Squad])

Tiger Dream (Candy Okutsu)

The Timekeeper (Mike George)

To-chan (Toshie Uematsu)

Tokyo Monster (Kahagas)

Too Fine (Chris Divine)

Too Hot (Scott Taylor)

Too Sexy (Brian Christopher)

The Total Athlete (Roxy Powers)

The Total Package (Lex Luger, Christie Ricci)

Touyou no Kyojin (Giant of the Orient) (Giant Baba)

The Train (Wayne Bloom)

The Trend Setter, Book Daddy (Adam Booker)

The Truth (Kevin Casey, Ron Killings [R. Truth])

Turbo Lover (Chris Korvinn)

The Ultimate Male (Preston Steele)

The Ultimate Temptation (Vanessa Harding)

The Ultimate Warrior (Bad News Allen)

Unbreakable, the Canadian Crazyhorse (Michael Elgin)

The Underwear Model (Eric Priest)

The Unholy Altar Boy (Mikey Whipwreck, Tyler Shane)

The Universal Heartthrob (Austin Idol)

The Unpredictable (Johnny Rodz, Cactus Jack)

The Urban American Dream, Da Bomb (Willie Richardson)

The Urban Gladiator (Trauma)

The Urban Jewel (Dymond)

The Urban Legend (Chio Frost, Flex Fenom)

The Urban Sensation (C-Red)

The Vampire, the King of Men, the Hollywood Fashion Plate, the Ayatollah ("Classy" Freddie Blassie)

The Varsity Villain, the Rare Breed, A-Ri (Alex Riley)

The Venomous and Vile Serpent from the Nile (Ophidian)

The Voice of ECW (Joey Styles)

The Voodoo Queen, the Hardcore Knockout (Roxxi Laveaux)

The Vulture (Kenny Campbell)

Waka Daisho (young boss), Kaibutsu (monster) (Jumbo Tsuruta)

The Walking Condominium, the Master of the Five-Count (King Kong Bundy)

The Walking Riot (Missy Hyatt)

The War Eagle (Chris Chavis)

The Warrior Princess (Alere Little Feather)

The Weasel (Bobby Heenan)

The Whirlwind of the Pampas (Argentine Apollo)

The White Angel (Hakushi)

White Lightning (Tim Horner)

White Thunder, Big Poppa Pump, the Big Bad Booty Daddy, Freakzilla, the Genetic Freak (Scott Steiner)

The Whole Shebang (Johnny Gargano)

The Widowmaker, the Stalker (Barry Windham)

The Wild Bull of the Pampas (Pampero Firpo)

Wild Thing (Steve Ray)

The Wildcat (Wendell Cooley, Robbie Brookside, Chris Harris)

Wildfire, the Big Don (Tommy Rich)

Wildman (Salvatore Bellomo, Marc Mero)

The Winged Ring Warrior (Icarus)

The Winner, Mr. Technical (Barry Horowitz)

Wiseguy (Jimmy Cicero)

Wonderboy (Bobby Shane)

Wonderkid (Jonny Storm)

Wonderman (Glenn Spectre)

The World Warrior (Low-Ki)

The World's Largest Athlete (Maximum Capacity, the Big Show)

The World's Most Dangerous Man (Ken Shamrock)

The World's Most Dangerous Wrestler (Dick the Bruiser)

The World's Strongest Man (Ken Patera, Ted Arcidi, Doug Furnas, Bill Kazmaier, Mark Henry)

The Worm (Dennis Rodman,Scotty 2 Hotty)

The Wrestler Who Made Milwaukee Famous (The Crusher [Reggie Lisowski])

A Wrestling Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma (Jigsaw)

Wrestling's Worst Nightmare (Kevin Steen)

The X-Factor, T-Rex, Dreadlock Demolition Man (Tyler Reks)

The Yellow Rose of Texas (David Von Erich)

That Young Knockout Kid (Chris Hero)

Your Hero (Nick Nero)

Your Olympic Hero, The Wrestling Machine (Kurt Angle)

Your Soul's Tormentor (MsChif)

The Z-Man (Tom Zenk)

The Zenith of Zero Gravity, the Crown Jewel of the Emerald Isle (Bingo Ballance)

Zero-Gravity (Mason Cage)