The JWL- It was the Summer of Episode 69

DOUG FURNAS 1961-2012

WOODY FARMER 1935-2012



Dark Match: The Shane Twins (Mike and Todd, w/Ron Niemi) d. CJ Parker and Leo Kruger when Mike pinned Parker after a Double Rock Bottom.

Dark Match: Samoa Joe d. Chase Stevens after a Muscle Buster and the Kokina Clutch

Dark Match: Tamina Snuka d. ODB with the Superfly Splash.

Dark Match: Jimmy Wang Yang d. Alex Shelley with Yang Time.

Dark Match: Bobby Lashley d. Jeff Bradley with the Dominator

Live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX on the USA Network

You know the drill.

We do ten-bell counts for Doug Furnas, Woody Farmer, Tommy Weathers and Joe McCarthy. R.I.P.

Scott and Mike welcome us to the show and let us know that tonight's main event will be Miss Texas herself, Dallas' own Jacqueline vs. Melina Perez.

Opening match: "The Scream Queen" Daffney Unger vs. "The Blonde Bombshell" Amber O'Neal

LG: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

LG: Introducing first, from Smithfield, NC, making her JWL debut "THE BLONDE BOMBSHELL" AMBER O'NEAL!

Polite reaction from the crowd.

Big pop from the crowd!

LG: And her opponent, from Atlanta, GA, making her JWL in-ring debut, 'THE SCREAM QUEEN' DAFFNEY UNGER!

Daffney screams and dances down to the ring.

The ladies lock up and an exciting match filled with a mix of technical and aerial offense results. Daffney controls, to the cheers of the fans. Amber gets in some good moves of her own, but it is clear that this match belongs to Daffney. Amber fights back and climbs up top, but Daffney stops her and debuts the Frankenscreamer for the pin at 8:00!

LG: Here is your winner, DAFFNEY UNGER!

Crowd cheers. Daffney helps Amber up and the ladies take their bows and leave.

(We go back to Randy Orton defeating 2 Cold Scorpio last week and Masato Tanaka and the returning Balls Mahoney making the save and Balls threatening Jerry Lawler with a "secret weapon.")


LG: Ladies and gentlemen, THE ROCK!


ROCK: FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO THE SMACKDOWN HOTEL! The Rock says that the Smackdown Hotel this week has the BEST GUEST it has had to date and even the Rock, THE GREAT ONE, is unsure exactly how he will top this week's show. It is the Rock's honor to introduce his guest tonight, please welcome, the leader of the Royals, the Rock's own manager, JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER!

(Lawler's music plays)

Crowd boos and the announcers groan at the thought of the ass-kissing they expect to take place.

ROCK: YOUR HIGHNESS, let the Rock first say that it is truly an HONOR to have you as his guest this week in the Smackdown Hotel.

LAWLER: Thank you, Rock. It is an honor to be here, too bad we're stuck in front of a crowd full of disrespectful, lazy, ugly Texas trailer park trash idiots who aren't smart enough to realize how great we are.

ROCK: That's damn right! The Rock says that you are looking great here tonight. The Rock went back into the archives and watched some installments of YOUR show the King's Court and the Rock has to say that he was impressed and that he hopes that even though the Rock has already made the SMACKDOWN HOTEL into THE (pause) most electrifying show in wrestling today, he still wants to meet the standard that you set.

LAWLER: Thank you Rock.

ROCK: YOUR HIGHNESS, last week Balls Mahoney of that washed-up so-called Hardcore Alliance said that they had a secret weapon, someone from your past who was coming back to make your life a living Hell. While the Rock feels it may be a waste of time to even do so, the Rock wants to know what you think about what Balls Jabronie said.

LAWLER (serious): Well, the last time someone from the Hardcore Alliance threatened me like that, it was their manager Terry Funk saying that he, that idiot Paul E. Dangerously and Luna Vachon, may she rest in peace, were going to send what they called A Half Ton of Holy Hell to face myself, Dusty Rhodes and Mr. Bob Backlund in a cage match at JWL Slamboree I. Well, they certainly delivered, as, well, we got our butts kicked by Abdullah the Butcher, King Kong Bundy and Abyss. As everyone knows, I go back a long time with Terry Funk and he is someone who gave you good reason to take him seriously if he threatened to do something to you. This Balls Jabronie, while he was a Tag Champ back in Extremely Crappy Wrestling, he was never anything more than that. As much as I call Paul E. and the rest of the ECW guys idiots, even Paul E. was smart enough never to make THAT guy into a main eventer. So, based on that, Rock, I don't think I have anything to worry about from that idiot Balls Mahoney.

ROCK: THANK YOU, YOUR HIGHNESS! It has been a pleasure to have you here tonight in the SMACKDOWN HOTEL! There you have it, jabronies, JERRY LAWLER, THE ROCK and the rest of the Royals have NOTHING TO FEAR from the washed-up Hardcore Jabronies. This has been THE SMACKDOWN HOTEL! IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!

The Royals start walking toward the back when the pyro goes off and the JWL World Heavyweight Champion KANE starts power-walking down to the ring.


Kane makes the pyro go off and leaves.


(We go back to last week's edition of the Smackdown Hotel where Khosrow Daivari introduced Vladimir Kozlov and his assistant Aksana as the newest acquisitions of Daivari International, their post-match attack on Shelton Benjamin after he had defeated Cody Rhodes, and Dusty Rhodes paying them off for the attack.)

The World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) (w/Paul E. Dangerously and 911) vs. Trevor Murdoch and Vladimir Kozlov (w/Khosrow Daivari and Aksana)

LG: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall.

(Daivari's music plays)

LG: Introducing first, being led to the ring by Khosrow Daivari and representing Daivari International, from Houston, TX, TREVOR MURDOCH! And his partner, with his assistant Aksana, from Moscow, Russia, making his JWL in-ring debut, VLADIMIR KOZLOV!

Crowd boos.

(Bodies by Drowning Pool plays)

Crowd cheers.

LG: And their opponents, being led to the ring by Paul E. Dangerously with 911 and representing the Dangerous Alliance, from Orangeburg, SC, SHELTON BENJAMIN and from Edmond, OK, CHARLIE HAAS, THE WORLD'S GREATEST TAG TEAM!

911 checks under the ring and in the first few rows to make sure no one is hiding there who could interfere and cost the WGTT the match. He reports to Paul E. that it appears clear.

LG: Ladies and gentlemen, JWL Commissioner Mick Foley has ordered that Paul E. Dangerously, 911, Khosrow Daivari and Aksana have all been banned from ringside for this match and that if they or any other members of the Dangerous Alliance or Daivari International interfere in this contest they will be suspended.

Paul E. and Daivari give their wrestlers some last minute advice before leaving. As Paul E., 911 and Daivari head to the back, DOINK THE CLOWN shows up out of nowhere and blasts 911 with a chair! Doink laughs and runs off , as 911 struggles to get up and finally does and chases after the Clown again.

Haas and Murdoch start, and the expected technique vs. power battle results. Murdoch overpowers Haas, who tries to counter with scientific wrestling. Murdoch controls and gets a couple of two-counts. He tags in Kozlov, who immediately dominates Haas, throwing him around with ease. The crowd does not even boo at first, as they appear to be almost scared by Kozlov. Haas goes into Ricky Morton mode as Daivari International take turns inflicting punishment. The crowd starts getting behind Haas and cheers CHARLIE! CHARLIE! After several minutes, Murdoch gets overconfident and misses a blind charge, enabling Haas to FINALLY crawl over to the corner and make the hot tag to Shelton. Shelton rushes in and takes down Murdoch to the cheers of the crowd. Shelton fires off some suplexes for some 2-counts. Shelton keeps up the attack, but Murdoch keeps fighting back. Shelton catches Murdoch with a drop toehold out of nowhere and goes into a half-crab, then a full Boston Crab. As referee Chad Patton is checking with Murdoch to see if he wants to submit, Kozlov drops to the floor and runs over to the face side and gives Haas the Battering Ram Headbutt and the Iron Curtain. Kozlov then headbutts Shelton to break the hold and runs back to his corner. Murdoch is SLOWLY crawling back to his corner, but Shelton is in no position to stop him. Murdoch tags in Kozlov, who takes over on Shelton, finishing with the Iron Curtain for the pin at 10:30!

LG: Here are your winners, the team of TREVOR MURDOCH AND VLADIMIR KOZLOV!

The crowd is shocked and does not even boo at first. The heels deliver a post-match beating, drawing boos. Daivari, Aksana and the Burmese Python come back out to celebrate the win and the Python joins in the beating as well.


The crowd pops huge as THE UNDERTAKER comes out to make the save. Daivari calls off his charges and they walk to the back to the boos of the crowd.

UT: KHOSROW DAIVARI! You think that the Reaper is done with you? I say, next time, how about a SIX-MAN TAG with your group against myself and the World's Greatest Tag Team?

The crowd pops at the thought of the match. Daivari takes a microphone and accepts on behalf of his stable. Scott and Mike wonder what Paul E. thinks of this.

We cut to Doink running out of the arena just before 911 is able to catch up with him. Joey Styles runs over to Paul E. and informs him of the Undertaker volunteering himself for a six-man tag with he and the WGTT against Daivari International next week.

PAUL E.: Well, Joey Styles, I admit that it would not be my first inclination, and I certainly would not ask the Undertaker to help us. However, I am smart enough to know that I am better off having the Undertaker on my side than I would be not having the Undertaker on my side.


(Samoa Joe video)

(Jimmy Wang Yang video)


We come back to hear WE'RE COMING DOWN!

LG: Making their way to the ring, BUBBA RAY AND D-VON, THE DUDLEY BOYS!

BUBBA: We have been waiting for Commissioner Foley to set up a tag team tournament so we could win the JWL World Tag Team Titles and become 25x (8 ECW, 8 WWE, 1 WCW, 1 WWE Smackdown, 1 NWA, 2 TNA, 2 New Japan IWGP, 1 HUSTLE) World Tag Team Champions. Until that happens, it looks like we are going to have to do what we do best, destroy every team in our path. We are DEMANDING that some tag team in the back comes out RIGHT NOW and face us because we will destroy them.


The crowd pops when they see the Hart Dynasty, DH Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya Neidhart, make their way to the ring. Natalya accepts the challenge on behalf of the team and we have an impromptu tag team match.

The Hart Dynasty (DH Smith and Tyson Kidd, w/Natalya Neidhart) vs. the Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray and D-Von)

DH and Bubba start, and the expected power vs. power battle results. DH actually controls, giving Bubba a chance to show off his bumping ability. DH hits some clotheslines and suplexes for a few 2-counts. He tags in Tyson, who blitzes Bubba with speed and high-flying. Bubba plays heel-in-peril for the Harts for a while until he can escape and tag in D-Von. D-Von comes in and takes over, with the Harts now doing the bumping. The action goes back and forth for a while until Tyson rolls out of D-Von's legdrop and dropkicks Bubba to the floor. Tyson tags in DH and the Harts debut the springboard Hart Attack into a Sharpshooter for the tapout victory at 9:30!

LG: Here are your winners, THE HART DYNASTY!

The crowd cheers.

The Dudleys regroup and are talking it over when RAVEN comes out, making his first appearance since his JWL World Heavyweight Championship Tournament first round loss to the Sandman on Episode 57.

RAVEN: Dudleys, I added you two to the Nest on Episode 3 because I knew you could bring the JWL World Tag Team Titles to me. You have been nothing but disappointments. I am kicking you two out of the Nest and if I can not find someone I can lead to greatness, I will leave the JWL. Quote the Raven: Nevermore!

Raven leaves.


(Bobby Lashley video)

(Jimmy Wang Yang video)

We come back to see Joey Styles in the ring.

JOEY: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, DUSTY'S DREAM TEAM!

The crowd boos as Dusty Rhodes, the Nasty Boys, the One Man Gang and Cody Rhodes make their way down to the ring. Dusty takes the mic from Joey.

DUSTY: J DUBBA ELLL! The time has come for the American Dream to introduce the newest member of mah Dream Team! Ah go back a long time with this guy and with his daddy! Ah had to think it over for a time, but ah know this is the right guy! Ah can credit mah son Cody for recommending this man to me! Please welcome, the newest member of mah Dream Team, (dramatic pause), TED DIBIASE JUNIOR!

The crowd boos as "I Come From Money" plays and Ted walks down to the ring.

TED: Mr. Rhodes, I consider it an honor to be a member of your team. There is no way the Dangerous Alliance can defeat us now!

DUSTY: J DUBBA ELL! You may not like this, but we will leave you flubbagasted, eef you weel!


(Video package covering the feud between the Hardcore Alliance and the Royals)

Masato Tanaka vs. "The Animal" Dave Batista (w/Jerry "The King" Lawler)

LG: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

(Batista's music plays)

LG: Introducing first, being led to the ring by Jerry Lawler and representing the Royals, from Washington, DC, weighing in at 315 lbs., one-half of the Royal Assassins, 'THE ANIMAL' DAVE BATISTA!

Crowd boos. Lawler stands to the side as Batista's pyro goes off and he does his posing.

(Tanaka's music plays)

LG: And his opponent, from Wakayama, Wakayama, Japan, weighing in at 220 lbs., MASATO TANAKA!

Crowd pops huge for Tanaka.

They tie up and Batista tries to control with power stuff, but Tanaka fights back with ease. Tenay mentions how Batista made his JWL PPV debut at JWL The Great American Bash I by defeating Tanaka’s Hardcore Alliance stablemate and longtime rival in FMW, ECW and MLW, Mike Awesome. Tanaka controls, but Batista does not fall easily here. They actually go back and forth for a time, each getting a couple of 2-counts on the other, with Lawler yelling encouragement and pounding the mat to motivate Batista. Batista goes for the Spear, but Tanaka counters with a Rolling Elbow for 2. Batista is caught off-guard and has trouble getting up from that. Tanaka, sensing that he has victory in his grasp, finishes with the JWL debut of the Sliding D for the 3-count at 8:00!

 photo c0081013_4afe24658596c_zpskcr6qmib.gif

LG: Here is your winner, MASATO TANAKA!

Crowd cheers.

Tanaka celebrates the win with the fans. Lawler looks frustrated, but signals to the back, bringing out the rest of the Royals, the Rock, Christian and Royal Assassins member Randy Orton, to collect Batista. The heels start to walk to the back when the "JOBBER WINS LULL MY NUN" video airs again.


(Samoa Joe video)


Main Event: Jacqueline vs. Melina Perez

LG: The following contest is our main event and is scheduled for one fall.

(Paparazzi plays, and Melina does the whole entrance, with JWL developmental wrestlers playing the photographers.)

LG: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, CA, MELINA PEREZ!

Mix of boos and whistles.

(Jacqueline's music plays)

LG: And her opponent, from Dallas, TX, JACQUELINE!

Crowd pops huge for the hometown heroine.

Before the match starts, we see Daffney Unger, Victoria, Natalya Neidhart and Amber O'Neal each make her way down to the ring area to observe the first women's match to main event a JWL TV show in some time.

Jackie and Melina put forth a great effort filled with excellent technical wrestling. They go back and forth for several minutes with each woman getting 2-counts on the other. Melina takes control and goes for the Extreme Makeover (Acid Drop), but Jackie blocks it and throws Melina down to the floor! Jackie rolls out, throws Melina back in, and hits the Tornado DDT for the pin at 10:30!

LG: Here is your winner, JACQUELINE!

Crowd pops.

Scott and Mike sum up the show and thank everyone for watching.

End of show.