The JWL [Episode 58]

Live from the Rose Garden in Portland, OR

You know the drill.

(Collection of Burmese Python promos)

Opening match: The Burmese Python (w/Khosrow Daivari) vs. Al Snow (w/Head)

Python comes out to the Burmese National Anthem, Kaba Ma Kyei (Till the End of the World, Myanmar)

Al and Python lock up and Python pushes Al into the corner. Python pounds on Al for a few minutes, throwing him all over the ring. Al tries coming back but he can't knock the Python down. Finally, the Python throws Al over his shoulder and debuts his finisher, Beyond Rangoon (pumphandle tombstone), for the pin at 8:00.

LG: Here is your winner, THE BURMESE PYTHON!

Crowd boos. Daivari and the Python bury Al under the Burmese flag.

Psicosis vs. Shannon Moore

Excellent, fast-paced wrestling to start. Moore, interestingly, plays the subtle heel role here, drawing Psicosis some great face heat as a result. Both guys get several two-counts, with Moore working a little stiffer than usual to reinforce the roles. They go back and forth until Moore misses a moonsault and Psicosis hits the Guillotine Legdrop for the pin at 7:30.

LG: Here is your winner, PSICOSIS

(Victoria video package)

Victoria vs. Tori

Even though Tori gets the hometown heroine pop, she makes sure to stay heel here. Great wrestling, as the more experienced Tori and the younger, faster, meaner Victoria work very well together. Tori goes for the superplex but Victoria pushes her back to the mat. Vicky follows with a frogsplash for two and the Widow's Peak for three at 8:00.

LG: Here is your winner, VICTORIA!

Crowd cheers both women for their efforts.


(Dustin Rhodes video package)

Norman Smiley vs. Dustin Rhodes (w/"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes)

Dustin attacks before the bell and just pounds on Smiley, drawing boos. Dustin actually dominates the match, with Smiley taking a beating in the process. Smiley comes back and gets some good offense, but this match belongs to Dustin. Dustin hits the Curtain Call for the pin at 8:00.

LG: Here is your winner, DUSTIN RHODES!

Elijah Burke promo

Undertaker video


JWL World Tag Team Titles: The Faces of Fear (w/"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart) vs. The New Age Outlaws

The usual match from these two, with the champs dominating. The heels cheat a lot to counter, drawing good heat. Each side gets two-counts on the other. Finally, Meng backdrops Gunn into a powerbomb by Barbarian for the pin at 7:00.

LG: Here are your winners, and still JWL World Tag Team Champions, THE FACES OF FEAR!

Road Dogg looks disgusted with his partner, and walks to the back without him.

Daivari's music plays, and he comes out with the Burmese Python to a chorus of boos.

Daivari: Ever since I came to this country, I have heard time and time again "Buy American!" So (pause), I did.

JR: He did? What does that mean?

All of a sudden, TREVOR MURDOCH AND LANCE CADE, THE REDNECK WRECKING CREW, run out of the crowd and ambush the Champs! The heels beat down the Champs and the announcers and crowd are shocked. Daivari and the Python even beat up Jimmy Hart!

Daivari: Allow me to introduce the American representatives of Daivari International, Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade, the Redneck Wrecking Crew. It does not matter who wins the JWL World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, because my Burmese Python will take the title soon enough, and my Redneck Wrecking Crew will win the tag titles.

Daivari International leave to loud boos.


We look at the brackets for the second round of the JWL World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Kane-Tommy Dreamer

2 Cold Scorpio-HHH

Christian-D-Lo Brown

The Sandman-Dave Batista

Main Event 1: JWL World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Second Round: "The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer vs. "The Big Red Machine" Kane

Brawl to start, with Kane controlling with power. Dreamer fights back, getting in some good offense against the Big Red Machine. They actually go back and forth, drawing great heat. Tommy goes for the DDT, but Kane powers out of it. After several minutes of action, Kane chokeslams Dreamer and finishes with the Tombstone at 9:00.

LG: Here is your winner, advancing to the semi-finals at Vengeance, KANE!

Kane makes the pyro go off in celebration.

Crowd boos, but they can tell that Kane is a serious threat to win the title.

Main Event 2: JWL World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Second Round: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. HHH

Solid action to start, with HHH controlling. Scorpio gets in some good moves of his own, frustrating HHH. HHH gets a knee to the head and a neckbreaker for 2. Scorpio keeps fighting back, drawing great pops. HHH gets control again and goes for the Pedigree but Scorpio backdrops out of it. Scorpio hits a DDT and finishes with the 450 Splash for the pin at 9:00.

LG: Here is your winner, advancing to the semi-finals at Vengeance, 2 COLD SCORPIO!

The crowd cheers, while HHH looks confused and upset as he heads to the back and the show ends.