The JWL [Episode 46]


The JWL extends its condolences to the family and friends of Johnny Grunge. R.I.P.

Live from the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, WI

You know the drill.

We do a special ten-bell count for Johnny Grunge.

JR and Tenay welcome us to the show, repeat the results of Slamboree and announce that we have a big main event tonight, Ric Flair vs. Raven!

We get a special video package covering highlights from Slamboree.

"IF YOU SMELL........"

The Royals (The Rock, Diamond Dallas Page, Christian, Rob Van Dam and William Regal) come out to the ring.

The Rock takes the microphone.

THE ROCK: "FINALLY, the Rock has come back to Milwaukee. Wait a minute, the Rock and the rest of the Royals hate this loser town. Our great manager, Jerry 'The King' Lawler, is not with us tonight because of what A Half Ton of Holy Hell did to him, to Dusty Rhodes and to Mr. Bob Backlund at Slamboree. Well, the King is in the hospital and he gave the Rock some instructions for tonight. But first, we have an important announcement from Diamond Dallas Page."

DDP: "I hate to admit it, but Mikey Whipwreck, you were the better man at Slamboree. You beat me in the career vs. career cage match. Now, I am going to hold up my end of the bargain. As of right now, I am officially retired."

DDP walks away.

THE ROCK: "The Rock says that just because our leader is in the hospital and Page just retired, do not think that the Royals are done. No way jabronie. As the Rock said earlier, the King gave the Rock some instructions before the show. Those instructions are regarding the introduction of the two newest members of the Royals. The Rock says, all you idiots in the crowd stand up and show some respect for the newest members of the Royals, the Royal Assassins RANDY ORTON AND DAVE BATISTA!"

("Burn in the Light" plays as Orton and Batista walk out to boos.)

Orton and Batista enter the ring and shake hands with their new stablemates.

THE ROCK: "These men, these ROYAL ASSASSINS, were specially selected by Jerry 'The King' Lawler himself. Randy Orton, you will be the LEGEND KILLER! Batista, you will be THE ANIMAL! IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!"

The Royals leave to a chorus of boos.

(Brock Lesnar video package)

Brock Lesnar and 911 (w/Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Aldo Montoya and Kwang.

LG: "The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. In the ring at this time, from Lisbon, Portugal, weighing in at 230 lbs., ALDO MONTOYA! And from Osaka, Japan, weighing in at 180 lbs., KWANG!

("Frankenstein" plays)

Crowd cheers.

LG: "And their opponents, being led to the ring by Paul E. Dangerously and representing the Dangerous Alliance, from Minneapolis, MN, weighing in at 295 lbs., BROCK LESNAR! And from New York City, NY, weighing in at 315 lbs., 911!"

F5 and chokeslam, goodbye in 10 seconds.

LG: "Here are your winners, BROCK LESNAR AND 911!"

Crush and the One Man Gang attack, but the DA members fight them off with little trouble.

(Sandman video package)

"The Animal" Dave Batista vs. "The Hardcore Icon" The Sandman

LG: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall."

("Unleashed" plays)

LG: "Introducing first, representing the Royals, he is one-half of the Royal Assassins, from Washington D.C., weighing in at 317 lbs., DAVE BATISTA!"

Crowd boos. Batista poses and looks menacing.

("Enter Sandman" plays)

Crowd cheers.

LG: "And his opponent, representing the Hardcore Alliance, from Philadelphia, PA, weighing in at 240 lbs., he is the Hardcore Icon, this is the SANDMAN!"

Sandman does his usual drawn-out entrance to the delight of the fans and the irritation of Batista. After a few minutes of this, Batista rolls out of the ring and attacks the Sandman! This draws immediate boos. Batista rolls Sandman into the ring and controls with power stuff. Sandman fights back with the cane, as referee Chad Patton is allowing a lot of leeway with this match. Batista and Sandman go back and forth with each scoring two-counts. Finally, Batista hits a big spinebuster and debuts the Batista Bomb for the surprise pin at 7:00!

LG: "Here is your winner, DAVE BATISTA!"

Batista continues beating up Sandman until BALLS MAHONEY and MIKE AWESOME make the save. They help the Sandman to the back. Scott Hudson catches up with them and they both threaten Batista and the other Royals.


"The Legend-Killer" Randy Orton vs. Little Spike Dudley

LG: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall."

("Burn in the Light" plays)

LG: "Introducing first, representing the Royals, he is one-half of the Royal Assassins, from St. Louis, MO, weighing in at 265 lbs., 'THE LEGEND-KILLER' RANDY ORTON!"

Crowd boos as Orton poses.

("Highway to Hell" plays)

Crowd cheers.

LG: "And his opponent, representing the Hardcore Alliance, from Dudleyville, weighing in at 155 lbs., LITTLE SPIKE DUDLEY!"

Spike Dudley runs into the ring and immediately goes for the Acid Drop, but Orton throws him to the mat. Orton goes to work with basic wrestling holds and Spike fights back and turns it into more of a brawl. Spike takes over with high flying. Spike gets a schoolboy rollup for 2. Orton slows the pace down with a headlock, drawing boos. Spike fights back and gets the Acid Drop, but Rob Van Dam has tied up referee Tim White. This allows Batista to run in, powerbomb Spike, and put Orton on top. RVD leaves and White turns around to see Orton on top of Spike and counts 1..2..3 at 7:30.

LG: "Here is your winner, RANDY ORTON!"

Orton leaves to major boos.

(Video package covering the Stranger-Shawn Michaels feud)

Scott Hudson is in the ring.

SCOTT: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, 'THE HEARTBREAK KID' SHAWN MICHAELS!

(Sexy Boy plays, as Shawn struts out to boos.)

SCOTT: First of all, Shawn, I want to congratulate you on your victory over the Stranger at Slamboree. My question is, is this the end of the Stranger-Shawn feud, and, if so, what is next for the Heartbreak Kid?

SHAWN: Scott Hudson, it is definitely over between the Stranger and the Showstopper. Now, once we put the Shooters behind us, it will be smooth sailing for HBK to the JWL World Heavyweight Title.

The lights go down and eerie music plays. Then the Stranger appears on the JWL-Tron.

STRANGER: FINISHED? FINISHED? NOTHING IS OVER UNTIL I SAY IT IS OVER! You think that you getting one win over me means that it is all over between us? You can not be that stupid and ignorant. This ends once I have sent you into retirement forever. Only then will I remove my mask and all the puzzle pieces will fall into place. Until then I intend to make your life a living hell. As a great man in this sport once said, you will have to kill me to be finished with me!

The lights come back on and Shawn, looking spooked, leaves the ring, presumably to find the Stranger.

(Perfect Strangers plays, bringing out the Franchise Foundation, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, "The Big Red Machine" Kane and Sid, with manager Francine.)

FRANCINE: I think I have figured out why we keep losing the big matches. It is because I have been sending BOYS to do a WOMAN's job. Yes you heard that right. I am calling out the JWL Women's Champion Molly Holly because I want a title shot right here on TV.

(Revolution plays, as the Champ comes out.)

MOLLY: Francine, you want a match, you got it. But this is the only match you get for this gold.

The other Foundation members do not look too enthusiastic about this and try to talk Francine out of it, but she ignores them.

Impromptu JWL Women's Title Match: Molly Holly (c) vs. "The Head Cheerleader" Francine (w/The Franchise Foundation)

The match starts and Francine attacks right off the bat and hits a DDT. It gets nothing. Unfortunately, that is the only real move Francine has and so she tries to resort to her old standby: catfighting. That junk is not going to fly with Molly, who squashes Francine with wrestling moves, finishing with the Molly-Go-Round for the pin at 3:00.

LG: "Here is your winner, and still JWL Women's Champion, MOLLY HOLLY!"

The Foundation members collect Francine and head to the back, prepared for the worst.

(Video package covering the Undertaker-Rhino feud, ending with Rhino pinning Taker to win the street fight at Slamboree.)

Joey Styles is in the ring.

JOEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Man-Beast RHINO!"

(Gore plays)

RHINO: "I did it! Nobody thought I could beat the Undertaker three times straight, especially not in a street fight, but I did it. The way I see it, this business with the Undertaker is over. Once the Dudleys and I finish off Ron Simmons and D-Lo Brown from American Badass Inc., I will continue to destroy everyone in my path right till I get the JWL World Heavyweight Championship. Hey, I want to see the ending from Slamboree again. Roll the damn clip!"

Rhino comes back with a chair and hits some vicious shots on UT with it for 2. All of a sudden, the Dudley Boys, Bubba Ray and D-Von, come out of the stands and attack UT! It's the Nest three-on-one against the Undertaker now. The Dudleys set up a table against the barrier and Rhino gores UT through it! UT tries to get up and Rhino whacks him with a shovel! Rhino gets the shocking pin at 10:00.

Rhino has a sick grin on his face as he raises his fists in victory and leaves to the boos of the crowd.

(Kane video package)

"The Big Red Machine" Kane vs. Rodney Leinhardt and Pete Gasparino

LG: "The following handicap contest is scheduled for one fall. In the ring at this time, from Greenwich, CT, at a total combined weight of 506 lbs., RODNEY LEINHARDT AND PETE GASPARINO!"

(Burned plays)

LG: "And their opponents, representing the Franchise Foundation, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 330 lbs., THE BIG RED MACHINE KANE!"

Crowd boos.

Kane squashes both guys, finishing with chokeslams and tombstones, and pins them both at once at 3:10.

LG: "Here is your winner, KANE!"

Kane makes the pyro go off in celebration.

KAMALA barrels out and brawls with Kane until referees and officials are able to separate them.

(We look back to Raven and Stevie Richards defeating Ric Flair and Arn Anderson in the first round of the JWL World Tag Team Title Tournament on Episode 25, Arn defeating Stevie on Episode 36, Arn attacking Stevie on Episode 41, and the Arn-Stevie rematch on Episode 43.)

Main Event: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (w/"The Horny Little She-Devil" Terri Runnels) vs. Raven (w/Nest)

LG: "The following contest is our main event and is scheduled for one fall."

("Come Out and Play" hits)

LG: "Introducing first, being led to the ring by Tori, from the Bowery, weighing in at 237 lbs., RAVEN!"

Raven and Tori climb over the guardrail and enter the ring and Raven whispers something to Lillian.

LG: "Excuse me, I have been corrected. Presenting the Nest, Stevie Richards, Tori, the Dudley Boys and Rhino. From the Bowery, weighing in at 237 lbs., RAVEN!"

("Also Sprach Zarathustra" plays, drawing a major pop.)

LG: "And his opponent, being led to the ring by 'The Horny Little She-Devil' Terri Runnels and representing the Four Horsemen, from Charlotte, NC, weighing in at 243 lbs., RIC FLAIR!"

Flair comes down in a custom-made robe with a big smile on his face. Terri does the devil's-horn sign and raises her hands in the Horsemen sign with the crowd.

Raven takes the microphone.

RAVEN: "What the hell is this? Stevie Richards and I already beat you and that other fossil Anderson once. Are you sick, Ric Flair? Are you some kind of perverted masochist? You must be to want to get hurt by me again. This match must take place under Raven's Rules, meaning no-DQ, no-countout, and falls will count anywhere. I am going to do what Shane Douglas could not, and that is put you out to pasture once and for all. Quote the Raven: Nevermore."

Flair takes a microphone from ringside.

FLAIR: "Whoo! Raven, it looks to the Nature Boy that you, punk, are the one that is sick, since, whoo, Slick Ric is going to take you school tonight right here in Milwaukee. Whoo!"

The match starts and, for all his experience in wild, bloody matches, Flair is at a definite disadvantage, since his usual dirty tricks cannot draw a DQ here. Raven uses various weapons and Flair battles back with wrestling. Flair gets in the spirit and grabs a chair and gets in some shots on Raven. Raven fights back with a garbage can. Raven pulls out a piece of steel and makes Flair bleed! Flair is staggered, and Raven sends him to the floor for the Russian Legsweep against the guardrail. Flair is overwhelmed here, as Raven rolls him back in the ring and takes over with the Mr. Wrestling II kneelift and the Raven Effect DDT for the surprise pin at 10:00!

LG: "Here is your winner, RAVEN!"

Raven does his crucifix pose over Flair's fallen body as the show ends.

End of show.