The JWL- Episode 42

Live from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH.

You know the drill.

(Video package covering the feud between the Hardcore Alliance and the Royals, culminating in the Scorpio-Regal match from Episode 41 and the big brawl that ended the show.)

Opening Match: 2 Cold Scorpio (w/"The Hardcore Legend" Terry Funk) vs. William Regal (w/Jerry "The King" Lawler)

LG: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall."

("Rule Britannia" plays)

LG: "Introducing first, being led to the ring by Jerry Lawler and representing the Royals, from Blackpool, England, weighing in at 247 lbs., WILLIAM REGAL!"

Crowd boos.

("Jungle Boogie" plays)

LG: And his opponent, being led to the ring by 'The Hardcore Legend' Terry Funk and representing the Hardcore Alliance, from Denver, CO, weighing in at 229 lbs., 2 COLD SCORPIO!

Crowd cheers.

Scorpio attacks immediately with speed and aerial offense to take Regal off his game. Scorpio mixes in some solid wrestling as well, getting a few 2 counts. Regal fights back with his usual stuff. Funk and Lawler brawl on the outside. Regal bails, but Scorpio hits him with a plancha to the floor. Back in, Regal looks for his brass knucks but Funk has stolen them and decked Lawler with them. Regal turns around and takes an enzuigiri from Scorpio followed by the moonsault for the pin at 7:00.

LG: Here is your winner, 2 COLD SCORPIO!

Scorpio dances to celebrate the win, but RVD attacks and lays him out. RVD badmouths Scorpio and the Hardcore Alliance. Funk gets in Van Dam's face, but, to everyone’s shock and disgust, DENNIS KNIGHT runs out of the crowd and attacks Funk! Dusty's Dream Team comes out and joins in the beatdown. This brings out Tommy Dreamer, the Sandman, Balls Mahoney,and New Jack from the Hardcore Alliance, but also brings out TAZ who joins the fight on the Hardcore Alliance's side! Eventually, Taz and the HA fight off RVD and Dusty's Dream Team, now including Dennis Knight.

TAZ: RVD! I'm calling your ass out tonight! I'm gonna choke you out and make you tap! Because I'm Taz, the Human Suplex Machine. Beat me if you can, survive if I let you!

Taz throws down the mic. RVD accepts the challenge.

(911 video package)

911 (w/Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Kwang and the Gobbledygooker

LG: The following handicap match is scheduled for one fall. In the ring at this time, first from Osaka, Japan, weighing in at 180 lbs., KWANG! And his partner, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 231 lbs., THE GOBBLEDYGOOKER!

(Frankenstein by the Edgar Winter Group plays)

Crowd cheers.

LG: And their opponent, being led to the ring by Paul E. Dangerously and representing the Dangerous Alliance, from New York City, NY, weighing in at 315 lbs., 911!

Crowd chants 911! 911! 911!

Double chokeslam, goodbye in 15 seconds.

LG: Here is your winner, 911!

The crowd chants One more time! One more time! and 911 obliges with another double chokeslam.

All of a sudden, the One Man Gang attacks 911 and splashes him in the corner. Then another splash. Brock Lesnar runs out and makes the save, powerslamming the Gang and sending him on his way.

(Perfect Strangers hits, bringing out the Franchise Foundation, Shane Douglas, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Kane and Sid, with manager Francine. They all have grim looks on their faces.)

FRANCINE: I am sick and tired of you guys failing every single time you get a big match. I sent Shane, Jeff, Scott and Kane into the Royal Rumble to bring home the JWL World Heavyweight Title and none of you could get the job done. We've been battling the Dungeon of Doom for so long that I've lost track. Jarrett and Steiner, you guys went into the Tag Team Tournament and got eliminated in the first round by those freaks Gangrel and Saturn. Jarrett, this is your last chance. If you don't beat Chris Benoit for the JWL World Heavyweight Title tonight, you are fired from the Franchise Foundation. Benoit, get out here and accept the challenge.

(Rabid plays)

Crowd pops.

BENOIT: I heard the challenge and I accept it. Jarrett, I will retain my belt and you will not prove me wrong!

(Video package covering past conflicts between Team Xtreme and Raven's Nest.)

The Hardyz (w/Lita) vs. Raven and Stevie Richards (w/Tori)

LG: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall.

(Come Out and Play hits)

LG: Introducing first, being led to the ring by Tori and representing Raven's Nest, at a total combined weight of 464 lbs., from the Bowery, RAVEN and from Philadelphia, PA, STEVIE RICHARDS!

Crowd boos.

(Live for the Moment plays)

LG: And their opponents, being led to the ring by Lita and representing Team Xtreme, from Cameron, NC, at a total combined weight of 437 lbs., MATT AND JEFF, THE HARDYZ!

Crowd cheers.

Raven demands that the match take place under Raven's Rules, and the Hardyz agree.

JR points out that this is a rematch from JWL Royal Rumble 2003.

A fast-paced, action-packed match that goes all over the ring area. The Hardyz use the plunder well against the former ECW World Tag Team Champions. Matt hits Raven with the Twist of Fate on a chair and Jeff pins him with the Swanton at 10:00.

LG: Here are your winners, THE HARDY BOYZ!

The Dudley Boys and Rhino come out to make the save for the Nest but the Hurricane and Shannon Moore attack and Team Xtreme clears the ring area of the Nest.


(Kurt Angle video package)

(Pomp and Circumstance plays, bringing out Kurt Angle, manager Mr. Bob Backlund and a couple of security guards.)

LG: Please welcome to the ring, KURT ANGLE!

Crowd boos and chant You suck! You suck!

Angle takes the mic.

KURT: This is an important night. I have decided to introduce into the JWL the Kurt Angle Invitational. While I would have preferred to have this start at the last show in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Commissioner Foley told me that we didn't have a place for it. As a result, I have to start in this idiot town Cleveland. So, I am issuing an open challenge to any Cleveland-based wrestler in the lockerroom to come out here and try to beat me in less than three minutes for my Olympic gold medal.

Brief silence, then out walks JERRELLE CLARK!

Clark enters the ring.

KURT: And who the hell are you?

CLARK: My name is Mr. 630 Jerrelle Clark. I may live in Orlando, but I was born right here in Cleveland, OH. (Cheap pop from the crowd.) I accept your challenge.

Angle consults briefly with Backlund and asks for a timer to be set up for the match.

KURT ANGLE INVITATIONAL: Kurt Angle (w/Mr. Bob Backlund) vs. "Mr. 630" Jerrelle Clark

Angle goes right to work on Clark with suplexes and holds intended to slow Clark down. Clark fights back and hits a bodypress off the top rope but only gets 1.5. Clark hits a couple of dropkicks for two. Clark clotheslines Angle and goes up for the 630 Splash, but Angle crotches him up top and superplexes him down. Angle then gets the Ankle Lock and grapevines the leg. Clark hangs on but finally taps out at 2:59.

LG: The winner of the Kurt Angle Invitational, KURT ANGLE!

Crowd boos and chant You suck! You suck!

Ron Simmons and D-Lo Brown (w/Jacqueline) vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Christian

LG: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall.

(Self High-Five plays)

LG: Introducing first, representing the Royals, from Atlanta, GA, weighing in at 253 lbs., DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE! And his partner, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 215 lbs., CAPTAIN CHARISMA CHRISTIAN!

Crowd boos.

(The Real Deal plays)

LG: And their opponents, being led to the ring by Jacqueline and representing American Badass Inc., first from Warner-Robins, GA, weighing in at 260 lbs., RON SIMMONS! And his partner, from New Jersey, weighing in at 285 lbs., D-LO BROWN!

JR mentions that DDP and Christian beat Simmons and Brown in the first round of the JWL World Tag Team Title Tournament on Episode 29 and that Lawler is not with DDP and Christian due to Terry Funk decking him with brass knuckles during the Scorpio-Regal match at the beginning of the show. Tenay points out that Simmons and DDP are both former WCW World Heavyweight Champions, former WCW World Tag Team Champions (Simmons with Butch Reed as Doom, DDP with Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon as the Jersey Triad and with Kevin Nash as the Insiders), and former WWE World Tag Team Champions (Simmons as Faarooq with Bradshaw as the Acolytes/APA and Page with Kanyon.)D-Lo and Christian are both former WWE Intercontinental Champions and former WWE European Heavyweight Champions. Christian is also a 9-time WWE World Tag Team Champion with Edge, Lance Storm and Chris Jericho.D-Lo and Simmons are both former NWA World Tag Team Champions (Simmons with Butch Reed as Doom and D-Lo with El Gran Apollo.)

Ron and D-Lo are clearly pumped about being back in the ring after an absence. ABI dominate the match with power, speed and intensity. After some back-and-forth action, Ron powerslams Page and D-Lo pins him with the Lo Down at 8:00.

LG: Here are your winners, RON SIMMONS AND D-LO BROWN!

In Four Weeks

The JWL returns to PPV

The Main Event

Chris Benoit vs. Bret Hart for the JWL World Heavyweight Championship

Joey Styles is in the ring, looking nervous.

JOEY: I may regret doing this, but please welcome my guest at this time, THE STRANGER!

("Welcome to My Nightmare" plays)

Stranger enters the ring.

JOEY: Stranger, when you first appeared in the JWL on Episode 37, you said that your goal was to send Shawn Michaels into retirement forever. Shawn Michaels has not been on JWL TV since you burned his face and stabbed him with a metal spike on Episode 38. However, we have seen you attack other members of the Clique, namely HHH and X-Pac. Are you trying to destroy the rest of the Clique as well?

STRANGER (weird, almost British, voice): Joseph Styles, my goal remains the retirement of Shawn Michaels. If HHH, X-Pac or anyone else gets in my way, that's their problem. I don't care at all what happens to the rest of the Clique. What I want to do is create fear, make them afraid of leaving the lockerroom knowing that I might be there to attack them. I await Shawn Michaels' return to the JWL so I can continue making his life a living hell. Good day.

The lights go down, and the Stranger walks away.


(Video clip of Taz challenging RVD earlier in the show.)

"The Human Suplex Machine" Taz vs. Rob Van Dam

LG: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

(One of a Kind plays)

LG: Introducing first, representing the Royals, from Battle Creek, MI, weighing in at 236 lbs., ROB VAN DAM!

Crowd boos.

RVD gets in the ring, rambles a bit, and gives the mic back to Lillian.

(War Machine plays)

LG: And his opponent, from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY, weighing in at 248 lbs., he is the Human Suplex Machine, ladies and gentlemen,!

Crowd pops big for Taz.

Taz attacks immediately with suplexes and clotheslines to counter RVD's kicks. Taz hits the belly-to-belly Tazplex for 2. RVD fights back with kicks, sending Taz into the corner. RVD then does a couple of backflips and does the "points to self" pose. Taz responds with a vicious clothesline out of the corner. The crowd is LOUDLY behind Taz here. Finally, Taz hits the T-Bone Tazplex, gives the thumb-across-the-throat sign, and locks on the Tazmission. RVD struggles for a bit but finally taps out to a big pop at 9:00.

LG: Here is your winner, TAZ!

Main Event, JWL World Heavyweight Title: Chris Benoit © vs. Jeff Jarrett

LG: The following contest is our main event. It is for the JWL World Heavyweight Championship and is scheduled for one fall.

(Jarrett's music plays)

LG: Introducing first, representing the Franchise Foundation, from Hendersonville, TN, weighing in at 230 lbs., JEFF JARRETT!

Crowd boos.

Jarrett takes the mic, says some of his usual stuff, and gives it back to Lillian.

(Rabid plays)

Crowd cheers.

LG: And his opponent, representing the Four Horsemen, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 220 lbs., he is the JWL World Heavyweight Champion, CHRIS BENOIT!

Benoit brings the pain to Jarrett with some hard chops, clotheslines and suplexes. Jarrett fights back but gets overwhelmed. Jarrett gets some offense in before Benoit takes over for good. Benoit hits the three German Suplexes, the Diving Headbutt and the Crippler Crossface for the tapout at 8:00.

LG: Here is your winner, and still JWL World Heavyweight Champion, CHRIS BENOIT!

Francine and the rest of the Foundation come out.

FRANCINE: I've seen enough. Jeff Jarrett, YOU'RE FIRED!

Crowd actually pops, simply because they won't have to put up with Jarrett any longer.

End of show.