The JWL [Episode 4]

Setting: The Ice Palace, Tampa, FL

You know the drill.

(We go back to the surprise debut of the Franchise Foundation at the end of Episode 3 and the brawl with the Dungeon of Doom.)

Opening match: Earthquake (w/"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart) vs. Jeff Jarrett

LG: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall."

(Jarrett's "Chosen One" theme plays)

LG: "Introducing first, representing the Franchise Foundation,from Hendersonville, TN, weighing in at 234 lbs., Jeff Jarrett!"

Crowd is apathetic.

(Earthquake's music plays)

LG: "And his opponent, being accompanied by 'The Mouth of the South' Jimmy Hart and representing the Dungeon of Doom, from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, weighing in at 430 lbs., Earthquake!"

Crowd cheers.

Jarrett, not used to fighting people as big as Quake, stalls to start and tries to use speed to counter Earthquake's size and power. Quake gets the advantage and flattens Jarrett with a corner splash and elbow drop. It gets two. Jarrett relies on classic cheap Memphis heel tactics to get control. Jarrett actually gets a rollup for two. Quake comes back with more power stuff. Quake hits another corner splash, and drags Jarrett into the middle of the ring to set up for the Earthquake Splash. EQ does the thumb-across-the-throat sign and begins the "pre-shocks." Finally, EQ runs off the ropes and hits the Earthquake Splash. Unfortunately, the impact of the Splash knocks referee Tim White off his feet. Shane Douglas and Scott Steiner run in and attack Jimmy Hart. Quake goes to revive the ref and Shane nails Quake with the megaphone. The Franchise Foundation members double-suplex Quake and put Jarrett on top. Steiner drags Tim White back into place to count the pin.

LG: "Here is your winner, JEFF JARRETT!"

Kamala and Meng run in to make the save for their DOD cohorts and fight off the Foundation members. As Kamala and Meng help Hart and Quake back to the locker room, they are approached by Joey Styles. Meng threatens the Foundation with bodily harm, and the rest of the DOD nods in agreement.


We return to the ring for our next match.

The Hurricane vs. Raven

LG: "The following hardcore match is scheduled for one fall. It is a no-DQ, no-countout, falls-count-anywhere match."

("Come Out and Play [Keep 'Em Separated]" by The Offspring plays)

LG: "Introducing first, he is the leader of Raven's Nest, from the Bowery, weighing in at 237 lbs., RAVEN!"

Crowd boos.


LG: "And his opponent, representing Team Xtreme, from the Hall of Justice, weighing in at 191 lbs., THE HURRICANE!"

Crowd cheers.

Before the match can start, Raven grabs the mic and goes on a long, boring rant. Hurricane interrupts this with a dropkick to the face to start the match. Hurricane takes control with a good mix of mat wrestling and high flying moves. These moves bear the unique stamp of an OMEGA veteran. Raven counters with a clothesline and throws Hurricane to the outside. Raven unleashes some chairshots, and hits the Russian Legsweep into the Guardrail. It gets two. Hurricane continues fighting back, but Raven's years of experience in hardcore brawls allows him to maintain the advantage. Hurricane fights back with some chairshots of his own, and throws a table at him. They proceed to fight throughout the arena. Hurricane slams a door in Raven's face for two. Hurricane keeps trying for the pin, drawing great heat. Raven goes for the Raven Effect, but Hurricane turns it into the Eye of the Hurricane for the surprise pin!

LG: "Here is your winner, THE HURRICANE!"

Stevie Richards and the Dudley Boys run out and attack the JWL's resident superhero. The Hardyz and Shannon Moore fight them off with chairs and ladders. D-Von calls for a six-man match for the next show. The Hardyz and Moore agree.


When we come back, Scott Hall of the Clique is in the ring. He runs through some of his catchphrases and basically says nothing new or notable. He issues an open challenge to fight anyone in the lockerroom.

("Highway to Hell" plays)

Little Spike Dudley runs in, lowblows Hall, hits the Acid Drop and pins Hall in the center of the ring! The crowd pops HUGE for this. Hall is so shocked at having actually jobbed that fast to someone so much smaller than he is that he can barely move. Spike stands on Hall's chest and beats his own chest like Tarzan to celebrate. Spike takes his bows and leaves.

End of show.