The JWL [Episode 31]

Live from the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

You know the drill.

(Video package covering the Caged Heat/Selina Majors-Harley's Angels feud)

Opening match: "The Real Deal" Selina Majors vs. Thug

LG: "The following women's contest is scheduled for one fall."

("Born to Be Wild" plays)

LG: "Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Harley's Angels members Charlie Davidson and EZ Rider, from Dublin, GA, THUG!"

Crowd boos.

("We Will Rock You" plays)

LG: "And her opponent, representing the Revolution, from Reynolds, GA, 'THE REAL DEAL' SELINA MAJORS!"

Crowd cheers.

Referee Charles Robinson gives Lillian some instructions.

LG: "Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has instructed me to announce that Harley's Angels and Caged Heat are both banned from ringside for this match."

Charlie and EZ protest, but leave without incident. As they head toward the entrance, Caged Heat attack them and the four women fight to the back.

JR plugs the Caged Heat/Selina-Harley's Angels match at JWL WrestleMania I.

Being the seasoned veterans they are, Selina and Thug put on an exciting, well-paced well-worked match. Selina misses a blind charge, and Thug chokeslams her and finishes with the Last Call for the pin at 6:00.

LG: "Here is your winner, THUG!"

(Chyna video package)

Handicap match: "The 9th Wonder of the World" Chyna vs. Jeannie Kim and Lana Kinnear

LG: "The following women's handicap match is scheduled for one fall. In the ring at this time, first, from Los Angeles, CA, JEANNIE KIM! And her partner, from Hollywood, CA, LANA KINNEAR!"

("Who I Am" plays)

Crowd boos.

LG: "And their opponent, representing the Clique, from Nashua, NH, 'THE 9TH WONDER OF THE WORLD' CHYNA!"

Chyna squashes both and gets the pin at 3:45.

LG: "Here is your winner, CHYNA!"

Jacqueline attacks post-match and they fight to the back, as JR plugs their Loser-Leaves JWL match at WrestleMania.

Coming in three weeks

From the world's most famous arena

Madison Square Garden in New York City

It's JWL Wrestlemania I

The Main Event: JWL World Heavyweight Champion "The Crippler" Chris Benoit vs. The Rock

Plus, the crowning of new JWL World Tag Team Champions

It only happens once a year

The showcase of the immortals

JWL WrestleMania I, live on PPV in three weeks

Be there

We go to Dusty's ranch, where he basically says that the Dream Team will wreak havoc in the JWL.

Dusty's Dream Team

Coming Next Week


(Kane video package)

Tag Team Handicap Match: Sid and "The Big Red Machine" Kane (w/"The Head Cheerleader" Francine) vs. Teddy Annis, Randy Orton and Alex Wright

LG: "The following handicap match is scheduled for one fall. In the ring at this time, first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 195 lbs., TEDDY ANNIS! And his partners, first, from St. Louis, MO, weighing in at 265 lbs., RANDY ORTON! And from Atlanta, GA, weighing in at 225 lbs., ALEX WRIGHT!"


("Snapped" plays)

LG: "And their opponents, being led to the ring by 'The Head Cheerleader' Francine and representing the Franchise Foundation, first, from Anywhere he darn well pleases, weighing in at 325 lbs., SID! And his partner, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 330 lbs., 'THE BIG RED MACHINE' KANE!"

Crowd boos.

Brutal, violent, ugly squash as the monsters toss the jobbers around. Sid powerbombs Annis and Kane chokeslams and Tombstones Orton and Wright for simultaneous pins at 2:30.

LG: "Here are your winners, SID AND KANE!"

(Commercials and promos)

Main Event, JWL World Tag Team Title Tournament: Gangrel and Perry Saturn (w/Luna Vachon) vs. Raven and Stevie Richards (w/Tori)

LG: "The following is our main event. It is a second round match in the JWL World Tag Team Title Tournament and is scheduled for one fall."

("Come Out and Play" plays, as Raven, Stevie and Tori climb over the guardrail.)

LG: "Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Tori and representing Raven's Nest, at a total combined weight of 464 lbs., from the Bowery, RAVEN and from Philadelphia, PA, STEVIE RICHARDS!"

Crowd boos.

("Blood" plays)

LG: "And their opponents, being led to the ring by Luna Vachon and representing the Misfits, first, from Boston, MA, weighing in at 234 lbs., PERRY SATURN! And his partner, from the Other Side of Darkness, weighing in at 240 lbs., GANGREL!"

Crowd cheers.

Raven takes the mic and demands that the match take place under "Raven's Rules." Saturn and Gangrel agree.

The match is filled with exciting wrestling and brawling. Luna chases Tori to the back. The Misfits take over, Gangrel takes out Stevie with Moppy 2.0, and then Saturn and Gangrel hit...


Saturn covers for the 1..2...3!!!!

LG: "Here are your winners, advancing to the semifinals of the JWL World Tag Team Title Tournament at WrestleMania, GANGREL AND PERRY SATURN!"


Crowd cheers, as Luna comes back out and the Misfits celebrate with the fans.

End of show.