The JWL [Episode 3]

Live from The Ice Palace, Tampa, FL.

You know the drill.

Opening tag-team match: The APA (w/Jacqueline) vs. The Dudley Boys

LG: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall.

("We're Coming Down" plays, as the Dudleys enter the ring.)

LG: Introducing first, from Dudleyville, at a total combined weight of 585 lbs., Bubba Ray and D-Von, The Dudley Boys!

Crowd boos. Bubba gets the mic and insults various audience members, drawing more boos. D-Von yells "Testify!" a lot.

(The APA's music plays, as Faarooq, Bradshaw and Jackie make their way to the ring.)

LG: Introducing their opponents, being led to the ring by Jacqueline and representing American Badass Inc., at a total combined weight of 550 lbs., from Warner-Robins, GA, Faarooq, and from Roscoe, TX, Bradshaw, The APA!"

Crowd pops big time.

Faarooq and Bubba start. Total power match for the first few minutes. Faarooq dominates, until D-Von gets in a cheapshot to put Faarooq in the face-in-peril role. The Dudleys take control and work over Faarooq with their usual offense. Bradshaw gets the crowd to rally behind Faarooq. Out of nowhere, Raven's Nest (Raven, Stevie Richards and Tori) sits down behind the guardrail. Back in the ring, Faarooq makes a comeback and tags in Bradshaw, to a huge pop. Bradshaw cleans house on the Dudleys with clotheslines, boots and slams. Tori then climbs over the guardrail and attacks Jackie! A fight breaks out between the two women, which distracts referee Tim White and allows the Dudleys to come back and hit the Wazzup on Bradshaw.


D-Von, of course, goes for the table, but gets cut off by Faarooq. Faarooq beats up D-Von, and slams him through the table. Faarooq then gets back in the ring and brawls with Bubba with Bradshaw joining in as well. Meanwhile, the ref has turned his attention away from Jackie and Tori, and tries to get Faarooq, who is not the legal man, out of the ring. This allows Raven and Stevie to attack Faarooq and beat him down with chairs on the outside. Stevie revives D-Von and rolls him back into the ring. The Dudleys grab Bradshaw and go for the Dudley Death Drop, but they accidentally hit referee Mike Sparks on the way down. Raven and Stevie try to revive the ref, but he is out. They go into the ring and join in the beatdown on Bradshaw, but Faarooq revives and attacks everyone. Head Referee Earl Hebner runs in and throws out the match.

LG: The referee has declared this match a no-contest.

Jackie finally takes out Tori and tries to return to the ring, but the Dudleys go after her. The APA puts a stop to that. However, more refs have to come out to break up the fight. Finally, Raven's Nest leaves. The Dudleys follow, however.

Somewhere in the back, we see Raven inducting the Dudleys into Raven's Nest.

We come back to the Clique's lockerroom, where a shouting match has broken out over conflicts between Chyna and Stephanie, with HHH caught in the middle. Stephanie is upset because Chyna is acting jealous about Steph's relationship with HHH. HHH is worried that they might want to take this argument to the ring, knowing that, despite her lack of talent, Chyna's size and strength would be enough to destroy Steph. Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and, to a lesser degree, Billy Gunn are demanding that HHH put a stop to this, since he caused the problem in the first place. Realizing that he has no other choice, HHH confronts both women.

HHH: Will you please stop, both of you? Don't you realize that this is bad for everyone? Both of you are important to me and I don't want to see you two fighting.

Chyna: "This isn't my fault, HHH. You're the one who betrayed me and went after that rich slut

Stephanie (over and over): I AM NOT A SLUT! STOP CALLING ME A SLUT!

HHH: Enough! Look, Chyna, remember I was the one who brought you into the WWF, and stuck by you when everyone thought you were a man in drag. I helped make you a star. But with Steph, I saw an opportunity to get into the main event.

Steph: What? Is that all I am to you, Hunter? An opportunity? You don't love me?

HHH: How dumb are you? You actually thought I cared about you? I wasn't beating up Kurt Angle all the time in late 2000 because I thought you were cheating on me or he was going to take you away from me. I did it because I knew that if you left me, I'd lose all my power behind the scenes, and that Vince would stop listening to me.

Steph: That's it, I've had enough. You and I are through, Hunter. I never really fit in with your group of egomaniacal drug addicts anyway. I'm going home and I'm not coming back.

Scott Hall (mumbling, half-asleep): "Did someone mention drugs?"

Nash: "No, damn it. Nobody said anything about drugs. Go back to sleep, Scott. You too Road Dogg."

Steph grabs her bags, walks out of the Ice Palace, gets in a limo, and heads for Tampa International Airport to catch the first flight back to Greenwich.


Back to the ring.

To everyone's surprise, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, Jeff Jarrett, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, Justin Credible, Tazz, "The Head Cheerleader" Francine and Midajah have assembled in the ring. Shane proclaims the group to be the Franchise Foundation, and dares anyone to come out and fight them, or as he put it, "get their asses Franchised."


The Dungeon of Doom, represented by Meng, Barbarian, Kamala, Earthquake and Hugh Morrus, runs in and brawls with the Franchise Foundation. To everyone's shock again, KANE runs in and joins in the fight on the Foundation's side. This brings out the Giant and the Yeti, and everyone brawls until security is able to break it up and the show ends.