The JWL [Episode 22]

Live from the Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

You know the drill.

We go right to Joey Styles in the ring.

JOEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor right now to introduce to you the new JWL Women's Champion, MOLLY HOLLY!"

("Revolution" by the Beatles plays, as the Champ makes her way out followed by the other members of the Revolution.)

JOEY: "Molly, congratulations on your big win in the Women's Title Royal Rumble match at SuperBrawl."

MOLLY: "Thank you very much, Joey Styles. We said that the Women's Title would be coming home to the Revolution and we kept our promise. I know that Lita, Harley's Angels, Jacqueline, Jazz, Tori and many others all want a shot at my belt. Well, I'm not gonna be backing down from anybody."

("Time to Rock and Roll" plays)

Crowd boos.

TRISH: "Hey, Molly. I heard what you were saying about how you weren't going to be backing down from any challenges. Well, I'm issuing the first challenge. I should have been in that Royal Rumble match. I want my shot at that belt."

MOLLY (rolling her eyes): "Trish, are you serious? At SuperBrawl you were beaten up and stripped down by Terri Runnels, who, no offense Terri, is less of a wrestler than you are. However, I am a woman of my word and if you want a shot tonight, you'll get that shot. However, if you lose, that's it. No more title shots for you. And keep your goons away from the ring."

TRISH: "I agree. I'll see you and my belt later tonight."

We see clips from the Women's Title Royal Rumble match from SuperBrawl, ending with Molly dropkicking Lita over the top for the win.

JR informs us that the JWL fired John "Bradshaw" Layfield. He adds that there was supposed to be a match tonight with the APA facing the New Age Outlaws, but now it doesn't look like Ron Simmons will have a partner.

("Oh You Didn't Know" plays)

ROAD DOGG: "You damn right! That's right it's me, it's me, it's that D-O-DOUBLE-G! Rolling once again with Mr. A-DOUBLE-S, MR. A-DOUBLE-CROOKED LETTER!"

The Outlaws enter the ring.

ROAD DOGG: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. The Clique proudly brings to you its (under his breath: soon-to-be) JWL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORRRRLLLLD! (Points to himself) The Road Dogg Jesse Jammes! (Points to Billy) The Badass Billy Gunn! THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS!"

ROAD DOGG: "Hey, American Badass Inc.! Looks like you boys will have to forfeit this match, because your buddy got fired! Hey Lillian, why don't you just announce us as the winners by forfeit?"

("American Bad Ass" plays)

The Undertaker, Ron Simmons and Jacqueline come out onto the stage.

RON: "Hey, Outlaws! It's true, Bradshaw is gone and is not coming back. Although the APA is gone forever, American Badass Inc. still lives. We are evaluating several possible new members. Until then, we still have work to do. We are not quitters and we do not forfeit matches. I still need a tag team partner. Hey Deadman, what do you say we go kick those two punks' asses all over this arena."

UT: "I say, let's do it."

The match starts, and Ron and UT just dominate the Outlaws with power stuff. The faces take turns tossing Road Dogg around like a rag doll. Billy Gunn trips up Simmons, allowing Road Dogg to make the tag to Gunn. Gunn goes through his limited offense, but does it enough times to get control of the match and make Simmons the face-in-peril. Road Dogg adds in some cheapshots from outside, which doesn't prove to be such a smart idea. Even though it draws heel heat, it also draws Jacqueline's attention, as she runs over and takes down Road Dogg. Jacqueline punches and stomps away on Road Dogg. This brings out CHYNA, who goes after Jacqueline. The "9th Wonder of the World" attacks Jackie and clotheslines her down. Jackie fights back, and the women battle all over the ring area, and ultimately into the ring itself. Referee Chad Patton gets bumped in all the chaos, and other refs who run down suffer the same fate. Shawn Michaels, HHH, and X-Pac all run in to assist their Clique stablemates. Finally, head referee Earl Hebner comes out and throws the match out at 7:30.

LG: "Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been declared a double-disqualification."

Meanwhile, as security and backstage officials (Sgt. Slaughter, Pat Patterson, Michael Hayes, Tom Prichard, Gerald Brisco and Tony Garea) run in to separate everyone, Jacqueline and Chyna are STILL fighting each other, and no one seems brave enough to try to stop them. Finally, their respective stablemates are able to separate them.

Jacqueline grabs the microphone from Lillian Garcia.

JACQUELINE: "Chyna, you big ugly skank! You think you can beat me? No way! I'll see your ass (dramatic pause) at WRESTLEMANIA!"

HUGE pop from the crowd. Chyna doesn't bother to respond.


Back to the ring.

Lance Storm vs. Shawn Stasiak

LILLIAN: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. In the ring at this time, from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 242 lbs., SHAWN STASIAK!"

(Lance Storm's music plays)

LILLIAN: "And his opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 232 lbs., LANCE STORM!"

We see a video package of Storm losing to JWL World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit and being subjected to Trish Stratus' "Stratusfaction Suspension," and his squashes of Ken Stasiowski and Tom Marques.

Storm squashes Stasiak like a grape and finishes with the Canadian Maple Leaf at 2:10.

LILLIAN: "Here is your winner, LANCE STORM!"

Storm takes the mic.

LANCE: "If I could be serious for a minute. Trish, you said that I would need to win three matches for my Stratusfaction Suspension to be lifted. Well, I won three matches. Now, I would appreciate it if you would, as a Canadian, please come out here and tell me if you have decided to lift my suspension."

("This is a Test" plays)

TEST: "Hey, Lance. Trish heard what you said and she sent me to give you a message. She says that, yes, the Suspension has been lifted and you are once again an employee of Stratusfaction Inc. However, she insists that you don't talk to her at all for the rest of the show because she really has to focus on her Women's Title match tonight against Molly."

LANCE: "Thank you Test."

Lance leaves the ring and he and Test head to the back. On their way there, they get AMBUSHED BY THE HORSEMEN!

It's a HORSEMEN BEATDOWN on Test and Lance Storm, and the crowd watching it on the JWL-Tron is LOVING it! Albert, Kanyon and Val Venis make the save, but this has Trish even more nervous.

(Video package covering the feud between the Hardcore Alliance and the Royals)

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Diamond Dallas Page

LILLIAN: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall."

("Self-High Five" plays)

LILLIAN: "Introducing first, representing the Royals, from New Jersey, weighing in at 256 lbs., DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE!"

Crowd hates DDP, even in his home state.

DDP takes the mic.

DDP: "Good gawd. You love me, you hate me, either way, you'll never forget me. All you slobs hate me because I moved out of this stinking dump and I've been spending the last 13 years living the high life in Atlanta. But you see that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing. Bring that little punk out here so I can make him feel the BANG!"

("Pepper" by the Butthole Surfers plays)

LG: "And his opponent, representing the Hardcore Alliance, from Buffalo, NY, weighing in at 187 lbs, MIKEY WHIPWRECK!"

JR observes that this will be a very interesting contest, since it will be a matter of whose version of the same basic move is superior, DDP's Diamond Cutter or Mikey Whipwreck's Whippersnapper. He adds that it is a battle of former World Champions, as DDP was a three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and Mikey held the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

Good wrestling sequence to start, with Mikey controlling. Mikey gets some dropkicks and a powerslam for 2. DDP fights back with Mikey taking some good bumps. DDP tries for the Diamond Cutter early, but Mikey grabs DDP's hands and turns it into a top wristlock. DDP tries to regain control, but Mikey kicks him in the gut and hits a DDT for 2. Now DDP is feeling frustrated, and Mikey capitalizes by unleashing his many aerial moves. DDP comes back, but Mikey just won't stay down. Mikey whips DDP off the ropes, hits the Frankenmikey and while DDP tries to recover from that, snaps off the Whippersnapper for the pin at 6:00! Big pop for that.

LG: "Here is your winner, MIKEY WHIPWRECK!"

Mikey celebrates with the fans, as DDP leaves shaking his head and wondering what went wrong.

(Faces of Fear video package)

The Faces of Fear (w/"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart) vs. Randy Orton and Matt Morgan

LG: "The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. In the ring at this time, first, from St. Louis, MO, weighing in at 265 lbs., RANDY ORTON! And his partner, from Ansonia, CT, weighing in at 330 lbs., MATT MORGAN!"

(The Faces of Fear's music plays)

LG: "And their opponents, being led to the ring by 'The Mouth of the South' Jimmy Hart and representing the Dungeon of Doom, at a total combined weight of 575 lbs., from the Kingdom of Tonga, MENG and THE BARBARIAN, THE FACES OF FEAR!"

Crowd cheers.

Squash is on the menu tonight, as the FOF destroy the jobbers with ease, with Barbarian getting the pin on Orton after a Kick of Fear and a Diving Headbutt.

LG: "Here are your winners, THE FACES OF FEAR!"


Back to the ring.

(Video package covering the feud between the Misfits and High Standards)

Gangrel (w/Luna Vachon) vs. Christopher Nowinski (w/Mr. Bob Backlund)

LG: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall."

("Pomp and Circumstance" plays)

LG: "Introducing first, being led to the ring by Mr. Bob Backlund and representing High Standards, from Watertown, MA, weighing in at 270 lbs., CHRISTOPHER NOWINSKI!"

Crowd boos.

("Blood" plays)

LG: "And his opponent, being led to the ring by Luna Vachon and representing the Misfits, from the Other Side of Darkness, weighing in at 240 lbs., GANGREL!"

Crowd cheers.

Gangrel wins an exciting match clean with the Impaler at 4:00.

(Molly Holly video package)

(Trish Stratus video package)

MAIN EVENT, JWL WOMEN'S TITLE: Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus

LG: "The following women's contest is our main event and is for the JWL Women's Title."

("Time to Rock and Roll" plays)

LG: "Introducing first, the challenger. She is the leader of Stratusfaction Inc., from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TRISH STRATUS!"

Crowd boos.

("Revolution" by the Beatles plays)

LG: "And her opponent, representing the Revolution, she is the JWL Women's Champion, from Mobile, AL, MOLLY HOLLY!"

Crowd cheers.

Molly controls the pace and finally wins with the Molly-Go-Round to retain at 5:50.

LG: "Here is your winner, and still JWL Women's Champion, MOLLY HOLLY!"

End of show.