Gimmick Wrestling Hometowns

The 3rd trailer on the left (Dirty White Boy Matt Bateman)

The 4th Floor of Bellevue Mental Institution (The Freak)

The 7th Circle (Syn)

The 8-Bit Universe (Starman)

10 Miles South of Your Nightmares (Bonesaw)

The 13th Step of the 13th Pyramid (Abudadein)

The 19th Hole (Chip Fairway)

The 36th Chamber (The Osirian Portal)

555 Elmwood Dr. (Mikey)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Shark Boy, Shark Girl)

Action City, CA (Tyler Bateman)

Afar, PA (Gran Akuma)

The Alley Behind the Frontier Restaurant (Hobo Hank)

Amadar7 (The Galactic Grappler)

Amityville, IL ("Golden Boy" Greg Anthony)

The Ancient Green Hills of Two Mountains (The Green Phantom)

Angel Grove, CA (Xavier Woods)

The Animal Kingdom (Marquis Cor Von [Monty Brown])

The Ant Hill (The Colony)

Anywhere but America (J.C. Westler)

Anywhere but here (Barney Rumble)

Anywhere he damn well pleases ("The Delinquent" Damian Michaels)

Anywhere he darn well pleases (Sid Vicious, Harv Sihra)

Anywhere he pleases (Chris Nelms)

Anywhere in the world but Las Vegas, NV (Lodi [WCW Halloween Havoc 98])

Anywhere the road takes me (Charlie Davidson)

Anywhere They Hang Their Hats (Cornelius Crummels and Sonny DeFarge)

Area 51 (The Prototype [John Cena])

Arkham, MA (Dr. Gene Spleissing)

Asgard (Skarin)

Asslick, KY (Hornswagglin' Hillbilly)

The Asylum ("Syko" Sean Dahmer, Dr. Gangreen)

Aus dem himmel (from the sky) (Gabriel Angelfyre)

Awesometown (Jonnie Juice)

Awesomeville (Cash Calloway)

Back in the Day ("Mr. Money" Randy Price)

The Back of his Tour Bus (Johnny Yuma)

The back of the big top (Trinket)

The Backstage Area (Beef Wellington)

The Backwoods (Hoe-Boy)

The Badlands (Glenn Osbourne)

Bad Axe, GA (Bad Brad Michaels)

Badstreet, USA (The Fabulous Freebirds, the Bad Crew, Dr. Feelgood and Princess Jade, the Extreme Freebirds, "Showtime" J.T. Roberts)

The banks of the Sugo River ("Devious" Donn E. Allen)

The Barracks of Badness, USA (Sgt. Fury)

Barrelswoggle, MS (Fat Fuck Barrel Boy [Mean Mitch Page])

The Barren Wastelands of the Netherworld (Brimstone)

The Basement (Gilbert)

The Bates Motel (Leva Bates, Buzz Bloodsaw)

Battle Creek, India (Rob Van Dam)

Behind the camera ("Lights" Cameron Action)

The Belly of the Beast (Hydra)

Berbertown, OH (Sassy Stephie)

The Bermuda Triangle (Jigsaw, Callos)

Beyond Humanity (Big Vigo)

Beyond The Galaxies (ThunderFrog [formerly the Estonian ThunderFrog])

The Bible Belt (Preacher Finneus James, Arlene James)

Big Stone, AK (Mighty Joe Thunder)

Binoville, USA (Naphtali)

Biscuitville, TX (Bubba Dumplins)

Bitters, AR (The Godwinns)

The Black Abyss (Mandrake)

Black Hills, NC ("The Hellbilly" Bo Jones)

The Black Lagoon (Shotzi Blackheart)

Blackpool Insane Asylum (Kassi)

Bluntzville, USA (Buzz Dupp)

The Board of Education (The Disciplinarian)

Boca Raton, Japan (Craig Classic)

Boggy Depot, OK (Anarchy)

Bohemian Grove ("The Oracle of Ominous" Enoch Tsarion)

Bohemian Grove, CA ("Gentleman" Joe Cothern)

The Boiler Room (Mankind)

Bombay, MI (Sabu)

The Boondocks (Damien)

The Bottomless Pit (The Boogeyman)

The Bright Side of Sexy Sirius (D*Star)

The Broken Mirror (Krimson)

Brutalsville, USA (The Hooligans [Devin and Mason Cutter])

Burt Reynolds' Guest House (Casanova)

Buzzard Creek, OR (Stan Stasiak)

Camp Crystal Lake (Jason the Terrible)

Candyland (Candie)

Cape Suzette, WA (Michael Sweetser)


Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Mad Men (Cremator)

The Carnival (Crazzy Steve)

Carnyville, USA (Jeckles the Jester)

Castle Mackula (Euan G Mackie)

Center of Mardi Gras ("Loverboy" Nate Andrews)

Central State Hospital (Little Damion)

Chapel Perilous (Shaka)

Chocolate City (Ruckus)

Choppatree, MI (Patrick Brink)

The Circus, Circus City (Doink the Clown)

The City of Angels ("The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky)

The City of Champions (Mr. Main Event)

The City of Destruction (T-Wreck)

City of Lakes (Johnny "Scotia" Soul)

The City of Pretty (Terrence Garvin, Dom Vitalli, Gabriel Gallo)

The City of Pretty, USA (Frenchy Riviera)

Clark County Medical Center (Fluffy)

Classified (The Prototype [John Cena], Soldier Ant)

Clown Town (Chukkles)

Cobra Kai, KY (Skilled Death Artist #2)

Coconut Beach, Jamaica ("The Cabana Kid" Coconut Jones)

The Compound (Apollyon)

The Compound, TN (The Devil's Rejects)

The Concrete Jungle, Planet Funk (Brodus Clay)

Consequences, LA (Angel of Sin)

The Cosmos (Blitzkrieg)

Crack Town, NM (Dextor)

Cronic, NY ("Doomsday" Danny Rose)

Crooklyn, RI (Triplelicious)

The Crossroads (Maxx Burton)

CSIRO ("The Scientist" Robbie Barnes)

The Cult Fiction Compound by way of Cleveland, OH (Cult Fiction)

Da Hood (D Mac, Young Money Chong)

Dale Winton's House (Mad Man Manson)

Damaged, OR (Alterboy Billy)

The Dance Floor of Studio 54 ("Jivin'" Jimmy Capone)

Dancing Korsakov ("The Dancing Sensation" Ace Vicious)

Danger Mountain by way of Knife City (Billy McNeil)

The Danger Zone (Danny Danger)

Dante's Inferno (Delirious, MsChif)

The Dark Carnival (Lexi Quinn, the Joker Rico)

Dark City (Blackout [Murder One and Rainman])

The Dark Side (The Midnight Express)

The Dark Side of the Moon (Scorpio Knightmare, "Unholy" Gregory James)

The Darker Side of Evil (Tasha Simone)

The Darker Side of Love (Princess Lilith)

The Darkest Corner of the Midway (The Darque Karnival)

The Darkest Depths of Hell (El Vampiro)

The Darkest Wild (Beastly Brody)

The Darkness (Darkko)

The Darkside (The Dark Patriot)

Dead Man's Island (Captain Jack Swallow)

Death Note City (Draven Cross)

Deathlehem, PA (Blind Rage)

The Deep Blue Sea (Shark Boy)

The Deep Freeze (Ice Cold)

The Deep South (The Bad Guys [Blac and Blu])

The Deep Woods (Kris Wolf)

Deepest, Darkest Africa (Akeem the African Dream)

The Deepest, Darkest Corner of His Mind (Black Reign)

The Depths of Hell (Rellik, Judas Mesias)

Detroit Rock City (Hard Rockin Inc. [Jeff McCready and Jimmy Lightning])

The Devil's Back Bone (Dameon Daniels)

Diablo Canyon, CO (The Midnight Rider [Dusty Rhodes])

The Diamond Mine (The Diamond Studd [Scott Hall])

The Dirty South, Ontario (John Greed)

The Discotheque (Papa G)

Dixieland (General Lee)

The Dog Pound (Sal the Pug)

Don't Worry About It (Sozio)

Down South (Elvis Pridemoore)

Down By The Beach, the 6th Borough of New York (Cheech)

Down the Street (Chaz [Headbanger Mosh])

Downtown (Brent Banks)

The Dragon Den Dojo, Sin City (James Blade)

Dragon's Lair, AR (Dragon Dragon)

Dreamland, USA (Tommy Dreamer)

Dubb City (K-Dubb)

The Dude Ranch (Darin Corbin)

Dudleyville (The Dudleys)

A Dumpster Near You (Milo Beasley)

Dunktown, USA (Sugar Dunkerton)

The Dust Bowl (The Great Depression)

Eagle River, AL (Eli Evans IV)

East of the Pacific Ocean, West of London England, South of Mars and North of Hell ("Bad Boy" Batty Bat)

The Edge of Sanity (Delirious)

The Edge of the Netherworld, the Inferno (MsChif)

The Electric City (Shockwave the Robot)

The Electric City, NY (Cloudy)

The Elite Section of Jim Thorpe, PA (Draven Blaze)

Elm Street (Drake Gallows)

Emerald City (Oz)

Emerald City, CA (Rahne Victoria)

The Enchanted Forest (Solo Darling)

The End of the Rainbow (Hornswoggle)

The End of Time (Mr. Mortis)

The Environment (The Stalker [Barry Windham])

Eternia (Darkside)

Every Man's Dream (Penelope Ford and Maria Manic)

Every Man's Fantasy (Brittany Force)

Every Man's Nightmare (Sting)

Every Woman's Dream ("Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, The Heartbreak Express)

Every Woman's Fantasy (Love Bug, London Vice)

Everyone's Imagination ("The Ultimate Temptation" Vanessa Harding)

Everywhere because his home is mobile (Trailer Park Trash)

F U Up, USA (Dom Vitalli and Gabriel Gallo)

Fairchild Asylum for the Mentally Deranged ("The Psycho Superman" Smiley)

Fantasia, IL (Nikki Mayday)

The Far Reaches of the Galaxy (Star [from GLOW])

Fear Town (Spectro)

A Firehouse in New York (The Ghostbusters [Ryan Venkman and Johnny Stantz])

Forest Hill Cemetery (Mannibal)

Fraternity Row (Phi Delta Slam)

The Front Lines (S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs)

The Front Row of Every Show ("Superfan" Mark Zout)

Frontierland (The Maverick)

Funcoland, MI ("Gameboy" Max Morrison)

Funkytown, USA (King Kong Fu)

The Future (The New Breed [Chris Champion and Sean Royal], Aaron Xtreme)

G-Punkt City (Peter Love)

Gallows Hill ("The Gallowsman" Soloman Longfire)

Gamma, TX ("Big Ricky" Ricky Romida)

The Garage (Amber Nova)

Garden Circle, IN (Erico)

The Gates of Heaven (Junior Garza)

The Gates of St. Peter's (The Holy Rollers [Earl the Pearl and "Ramblin'" Rich Myers])

Gateway, WA (Havoc)

Gatlin, NE (Nightmare Known as Jeremiah)

The Ghettos of Snake Way (Ninjas With Altitude [Shynron and Kitsune])

G-d Only Knows (Blok Busta)

Goddamn, WV, Sinkhole, TX, the Kingdom of Pain (The Necro Butcher)

Golden Corral, TX (Sam Stackhouse)

Goof City, USA, the Dark Side of a Broken Heart ("The Barbaric Berzerker" Jimmy Jacobs)

Gotham (Courageous Cruz)

Gotham City (Crow)

Gotham City, FL, the Clearance Rack (Leva Bates)

Government Way, Washington DC (Agent Sly Stetson)

The Great Eastern Sun (Kai Katana)

Grundles, RI ("The Real Deal" Aaron Neil)

Halls of Justice ("Wonderman" Glenn Spectre)

Happy Minds Mental Facility (Locura)

Happy Valley Insane Asylum (Hector Hatchet [Violent J])

Hardcore Hell (Borne Again [Matt Borne])

Hayabusa, Japan (Super Hentai)

The Heart of Darkness ("The Priest of Punishment" Mikael Judas)

Heaven's Gate, CA ("The Creature" John Cannon)

The Heavy Set Section (The Heavy Hitters [Frank Champion and Shay Cash])

Heinzeington Beach, CA (Idol Heinze)

Hell ("Genocide Junkie" Daemon Crowley)

Hell Yeah, USA (Bull Dredd)

Hells Canyon, ID (Jason Gory)

Hells Gates ("The Devil's Reject" Brandon Webb)

The Hershey Chocolate Factory via way of Tibet (Buddha)

Hicksterville USA (Hank Hickster)

High Desert (Kyra [Melina])

The High Rent District (Charlie Roberts)

The Highlands (Hyzaya, Toby Klein)

The Highway to Hell ("Primetime" Amy Lee)

Hill Valley (Kevin Grace)

Hippo Island (King Hippo)

His Own Inner Turmoil (Snare)

His own private island (Mr. Big$$$)

The Hive (Bee Boy)

Hog Hollow, NE (Babe the Farmer's Daughter, Beckie the Farmer's Daughter)

Hogwaller, TN (Cousin Luke)

Hollywood, Quebec, Canada (Kacey Diamond)

Holy Acres Ranch (The Divine Prophet)

Holy Land, USA (Platinum Nat)

Hoobland (Tyler Browne)

Hooker's Creek, TN (Brandi Wine)

Hoover Dam (Bolt Brady)

The House of 1000 Corpses (Ron Zombie)

The House of the Rising Sun (Morgan Xero)

The House That Rock Built (Suzie Q)

Hubba Bubbaville (Bubble Gum)

Illinois Department of Corrections (X-Con)

The Indand Empire (Tanja Warrior Woman)

Inside His Own Mind (Sorrow)

Institute of Mental Health (Isamel)

The International House of Paincakes (Rachel and Jessica's Excellent Tag Team)

The Iron Gates of Fate ("The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan)

James Brown's Funky Town (EYFBO ["The Funky Monkey" Angel Ortiz and "The Real Deal" Mike Draztic])

Jerk Town, NJ (Crossbones)

Jersey Shore, Japan (Sumie Sakai)

The Joe Zone Layer (Bazooka Joe)

The Jungle (Jungle PAC)

Just past the buffet line (Kubiak)

The Karoba ("The Riot" Kellan Thomas)

Kelownafornia (Adam Fedyk and Collin Cutler)

The Kennel Club (The Yellow Dog [Brian Pillman])

The Kingdom of Pretty (Hollie)

The Knapp Cemetery (Evil Dead)

Kobra Dojo (Kobra Kai)

Labarre, AR (James Johnson)

Laboratory 34 (Professor Milo Shizo)

The Land of the Giants (Unabomb [Kane])

The Land of Yin and Yang (The Zodiac)

Last Chance, TX (Brain Damage)

The Last House on the Left ("The Shah" Hack Meyers, "The New Horror" Sami Callihan)

Latin America, FL (Gu$ Money)

Latveria ("The Evil Genius" Greg Spitz)

The Launch Pad (Rickety Rocket)

Liberty City, USA (American Anarchy)

The Lions' Den ("The Texas Lion" Carson)

Little Tijuana (Dr. Diablo, El Condor)

Little Tokyo, NY ("American Sasuke" Mikaze)

A little town in France (Black Blood [Billy Jack Haynes])

The long swamp of Reperoa (Stix)

Longstat, IL (Paul Dose)

Los Angeles, Salifornia (Sal Rinauro)

Los Sancho, Mexico (El Ligero)

The Lost City of Atlantis (Ashley Vox)

The Lost Decade (Those 80s Guys ["Vintage" Vince Beach and "Retro" Reed James])

Lovers Lane ("Ace of Hearts" Shane Valentine)

The Lunacy Asylum (The Twisted Sisterz)

Mad Town, USA (Mad-1)

The Maggot Pit (Meathead)

A Magician Never Tells ("Black Magic" Sean Feeney)

Man's Deepest Fear (Mondo Kleen)

The Manor, Ireland ("Lord of the Manor" Paul Tracey)

Mantown, USA ("The Manliest Man" Biff Busick)

The Mars Chocolate Factory ("Sexy" Slim Goody)

The Marvel Universe (Player Dos)

A maximum security daycare facility (The Brute)

The mean streets of Lakeline Mall (Rachel Summerlyn)

Medieval Times (Jeremy Hadley)

Metropolis (The Skyscrapers, Chris Hero, Super Eric [Eric Young])

Messiah Valley, OK (Jon Cross)

The Mexican Badlands ("The Mexican Werewolf" El Chupacabra")

The Milky Way Galaxy (Cereal Man)

The Ministry of Bizarre (Jester)

Miskatonic University (Lloyd Cthulowitz)

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Candice LeRae)

Mochiville, Mexico (Paco)

Monster Island, Japan (Blue Dragon)

Montreal, Japan (Lufisto)

Moon Creek, GA (Priscilla Kelly)

The Moonchild Commune (CJ Parker)

Mooseville, AK (Mike "The Moose" Musso)

Morgan's Corner, AR (Haystacks Calhoun)

The Moshpit ("Slamdance" Tim Lennox)

Mount Everest, WA (Avalanche [John Tenta])

Mount Olympus (Lamar Titan, Icarus)

Mount Pulpit Haven (Oleg the Usurper)

Mt. Trashmore, FL (Duke "The Dumpster" Droese)

Mt. Vesuvius (VK)

Mudlick, British Columbia, Canada (Junior)

Muscle Beach, TX (Spiro)

The Mushroom Kingdom (The Super Smash Brothers)

Nashville, Italy (Tracy Smothers)

Nastyville (The Nasty Boys)

The Nearest Biker Bar Possible (Chaos [from IPW Hardcore])

The Nearest Mall (Roxie Cotton)

The Nether Void (Hellfire Symphony)

The Nevada State Correctional Facility (Caged Heat [Loca and Delta Lotta Pain])

Neverland (Kirby Mack)

The Neverland Ranch Projects, the Projects of Neverland Ranch (Pinkie Sanchez)

A Nightclub Near You (DJ Fusion)

The Nile River, Egypt (Ophidian)

None of Your Damn Business ("The Rogue" Anthony Gangone)

The North Atlantic Ocean (Bastian Snow)

The North Pole (Arctic Rescue Ant)

The Northern Part of Our Celestial Sphere (Samson)

Norwegia (Nord the Barbarian)

Nothing, AZ (Josh Briggs)

Ocean State (Jawsolyn)

Off the Grid (Su Yung)

Ogden Marsh, IA (Christian Rose)

Oil Trough, TX ("Dirty" Dutch Mantel)

The Old Dome (This Guy)

Old Town, Sin City ("The Angel of Death" Angie Skye)

One Dollar Fitness ("Delicious" Devin Carter)

Only the finest gentleman's clubs (Wilba Force)

The Open Road (Brodie Lee)

The Open Waters ("Smooth Sailin'" Ashley Remington)

The Orphanage (DG Taylor, Zac Taylor, Sky de Lacrimosa)

The Other Side of Darkness (Vampire Warrior/Gangrel, Luna Vachon, Holidead)

The Other Side of Sanity (Devon Storm)

The other side of the river Phlegeton (Belthazar)

The Other Side of the Tracks (Deuce, Domino and Cherry, Ryan Slater)

The Other World, the Skies Above (Shynron)

Out of the Closet (Jules Lambrini)

Out of Town (Charlie Brown [Jimmy Valiant in a mask], Snake Brown)

The Outer Reaches of Your Mind (Damien Demento [Mondo Kleen])

Outer Space (Max Moon, Spaceboy Dacey, Saturyne, Orbit Adventure Ant)

Outpost 98 (Major Hardway)

Over the Rainbow (Cole Callway)

The Overcompensation Station Training Facility in Las Vegas, NV (Mixed Martial Archie)

P.O. Box 43 (Ron Davis)

The Pages of Penthouse Magazine (Beulah McGillicutty)

The Pages of Wrestling History (The Old School Heroes [Steve Corino and Jack Victory])

Paradise City (The Ring Crew Express, Penni Lane, "Rock N Roll" Mike Sydal)

Paradise City, FL ("The Last Rockstar" Eddie Graves)

Paris, CT (Pierre Provert, Marko Smootho)

Paris, via the TARDIS (Re-Generation X [Allison Danger and Leva Bates])

Parts Unknown (The Ultimate Warrior, etc.)

Parts Unmentionable (InHuman Fly)

Party Town, USA (Rick Garrett)

Peckham, TN (Tennessee Honey)

Pelican Crossing, FL (Arch Kincaid)

The Penalty Box (The Goon)

The Pennhurst Asylum (Mr. Jester)

The Pennsylvania Turnpike (Shane Storm)

Pepperland (The Blue Meanie)

Perdue Farm in Salisbury, MD (Chicken Neck)

Petsmart, USA (Lince Dorado)

Philadelphia, Northern Ireland (Ace Delic)

Pigeon Forge, KY (Cousin Junior)

Piscon 7 (Call-Me-Kevin)

The Pitts of Hell (Crazy Chainsaw Bastard)

Places Men Fear to Tread (Iceberg)

The Planet of Exo (Delmi Exo)

Planet Intergalactica (Team Sea Stars)

Planet Stasiak (Shawn Stasiak)

Planet Terror ("Chainsaw" Joe Gacy)

Planet Vegeta (Keith Lee)

Playaville, USA (The Impact Playaz [Mr. Incredible and N.M.E.])

Pleasure Creek, OR by way of Memphis, TN (The Blanchard Brothers)

Pokémon Stadium (Kenny Omega)

Port Charles, NY (Victor Lord)

The Post Office (Petey the Package)

Poundtown, USA (The M1nute Men ["Delicious" Devin Blaze and "Terrific" Tommy Trainwreck])

The Power Generator on Space Station 11 (Super-Electro)

Powerhouse Hill (Big Bully Busick)

The Pumpkin Patch (Johnny Swift)

Purgatory (The Freakin' Deacon [Festus/Luke Gallows])

Raccoon City (Chuck Taylor)

Raccoon City, CO (Cast-Iron Cothern)

Ragnarök (Crazy Mary Dobson)

The Rails (Hobo Joe)

The Realm of Pain (Mad Man Pondo, "Crazy" Mary Dobson)

The Realm of the Endless (The Whisper)

The Realms of Heaven (The Deacon of Doom)

The Red Light District (The Godfather)

Redrum Inc. (The Tazmaniac)

The Reservation ("The Bird of Prey" Kyle Hawk)

Richardson, USA (Dakota)

The Rivers of the Amazon (Merlok)

Roads & Traffic Authority (Traffic)

Roams the streets at night, creeping while you're sleeping (Michael Facade)

Rocky Beach, ME (Hermit Crab)

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (Greg Excellent)

Royaume des Cieux (Kingdom of Heaven) (The Reverend)

Ruggsville County (Cremator Von Slasher)

Sai'Kuz Reservation (CJ Strongheart)

Sais, Egypt (Amasis)

San Monique (Muddbone)

The Sanitarium (Jacklyn Hyde)

Scum City (The Hate Junkies)

The Sea of Capricorn, the Black Tea Garden (UltraMantis Black)

The Sea of Japan (Wani [Kai Katana])

Second Star to the Right and Straight On Until Morning ("Ultra Girl" Brittany Wonder)

Selfish Island off the coast of Ireland ("Ironman" Mike Roselli)

Sellafield (Cyanide)

Sexy Beach, CA (Ricky Mandel)

The Shadows (Ninja, The Misfit [Australian wrestler])

Shorinji Temple, Fukuoka, Japan (Glacier)

Silent Hill, SC ("The Vulture" Kenny Campbell)

Sin City ("The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, the Sin City Mafia, Dehok, Aaron Angel,"The Urban Jewel" Dymond, J_SIN Sullivan, Ryback, Jessie Kaye)

Skull Island (Oni the Leopard King)

Skunkbluff, MS (Billy Ray Hickerson)

Slaughter Creek, NC (Swede Hanson)

Smalltown, USA (Dynamo)

Snake Mountain (Vic Viper)

The Soda Factory (Canno Tangoe)

Solomon's Mental Institute in Lowell, MA (Psycho)

Somewhere extra pretty (Jessie)

Somewhere You Can't Afford (Will Power! [from South East Professional Wrestling])

The Soul of America (Da Soul Touchaz)

South of Heaven (Azrieal)

South Philly, Japan (Trent Acid)

Southside of Smurf, TX (Chingo)

Space Tonga (G-Force)

Splash Mountain (Dan Splash)

Spook City, USA (Dagon Briggs, Seven Briggs, Christina Von Eerie)

Springwood, OH ("The Springwood Slasher" Khris Wolfe)

Stagshire, Ireland (Hooligan O'Brady)

The Stars of the Milky Way, the Fifth Dimension (Stardust [Cody Rhodes])

State Hospital (Norman the Lunatic)

StaTe oF ConFuzioN (Deranged)

The State of Emergency (LJT)

The State of Euphoria (Maxx Payne)

The Steel Mines (Master Blaster Steele)

Stittsvegas, Ontario, Canada (Tyler Logan)

Straight from the 80s ("The One Man Glam Band" Scotty Saxxon)

Straight from the wedding chapel (Laurel Van Ness)

Straight From Yo Momma's House (Trik Nasty)

The Streets (Montego Seeka)

The Streets of Nowhere, NY ("The New Era" Kriptic Keegan)

The Streets of Rage ("Serious Business" Andy Header)

Studio 54 in Tempe, Armenia (Disco Machine)

The Suburbs (MC Hardbody)

The Super Dave Osborne Stunt Academy (Danger Jameson)

Super Walmart, Aisle C (Retail Dragon)

Superstar City (Viper)

Surf City, USA ("Surfer" Ray Odyssey)

Sybil, TX (Daffney Unger)

The Temple of Lust on Long Beach Island, NJ, the Temple of Desire off Long Beach Island, NJ ("Addicted to Love" Rhett Titus)

Temptation Island (Luscious Latasha)

That Gym on the corner (Team Alpha Fit)

The Theater of Pain (Fantasia)

Their Mom's House (Enhancement Talent [Jobber Dustin and Jobber Justin])

Thin Air ("The Illusionist" Paul Galic)

Thrillville, NJ ("The Thriller" Andy Bivians)

Tijuana, Canada (El Generico)

Tocula, Mexico (Tito Santana)

Tokyo, Mexico (Ayako Hamada)

Tolkis City- the lost Paradise (Valentine)

Toonville (Mighty Mouse)

Topsoil of Mother Earth (ShareCropper)

Touchdown City, USA ("Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti)

The Toxic Unknown (Poison)

The Trenches of an Unknown Battlefield (Warhed)

The Tribe of Shabazz in The African Continent (Prince Ashul-Naul)

Tsunami, the Great Barrier Reef (The Shark [John Tenta])

Turkey Creek Landfill (Kritter)

TV Land (Austin Starr [Austin Aries], TV Gen)

Under the Big Top (Il Cognito)

Under the Bridge (Homeless Tom)

Underground (James Kraven)

The Underground (Jimmy Rave)

The Underworld (Twisted, Lycan)

An undisclosed location, Freedomland USA ("Showtime" Eric Young)

Unholy Toledo (Hellvis)

United Bank of Switzerland (Claudio Castagnoli)

The University of Higher Learning (Dean Douglas)

Un-marked grave in Castlelville, MO (Suicide [not the TNA character])

The Unseen Woods (Hania the Howling Huntress [Saturyne])

Up the line somewhere ("The Crucifier" Shane O'Rourke)

The Upper Crust (The Elite [Adam Revolver and Ted McNaler])

The Urban Serengeti (Dane King)

VH1 I Love The 80s (Gabby Gilbert [Roxie Cotton])

Valhalla, Sweden (Mia Svensson)

The Vatican, PA ("Holy" Trent Acid)

WCW Special Forces (The Patriots [Firebreaker Chip and Todd Champion])

The Wasteland (Doomsday [Kane], the Ascension)

Way Out in Left Field (Dasher Hatfield)

Web City (Arachnaman [Brad Armstrong], the Spiders [the Headbangers])

The Weight Room (The Heavyweights [Dan Eckos and Sean Royal])

Welfare City (The Scab)

The West Side (Chris Maverick)

Where Stars Are Born (Bobby Star)

Wherever the Wind Takes Me (Pauly Platinum)

Wherever There is Combat (Viper the Ninja)

Wherever You Want (Create-A-Wrestler [Dasher Hatfield])

Who Knows Where (Who [Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart])

The Wicked Carnival (Flyin' Ryan and Superfreak)

Wicked City (Sway)

The Wild Wild West (Bronco Billie)

Winchester, PA (Freddie Orkin)

The Winners' Compound (The Winners' Circle)

Winningpeg, Manitoba, Canada (Courtney Rush)

Wizard Beach, Florida (Sinn Bodhi)

Wonderland, MN (Allison Wonderland)

The Woods (Kyle the Beast)

The World of Warcraft ("The Hacker" Scotty Oshea)

Wretched Hollows (Just Justin)

The Wrong Side of the Tracks (Loco Motive, Blanche Babish)

Xstacy Island (Slyck Wagner Brown)

Xyberspace (Xyberhawx2000)

Your Dreams (Jessie McKay, "Young and Handsome" Race Jaxon)

Your Girlfriend's Bedroom (Tristan Gallo)

Your Local Comic Book Store (Comic Book Guy Anderson)

Your Local GNC (Sam Bacardi)

Your Nightmares (The Nightstalker [Bryan "Adam Bomb"/"Wrath" Clarke])

Your Worst Nightmares (Sebastian Night)

Zorin Labs (The Drones)

Zug Island (The Sewer Dweller [Shaggy 2 Dope])