A very warm welcome to everyone to the website of the Florida Greyhound Association. The FGA is your "legislative voice" in the State of Florida. We represent breeders, owners, kennel operators and vendors to our industry from around the United States. We are affiliated with the National Greyhound Association, located in Abilene, Kansas, and we have seven regional associations throughout Florida that operate in cooperation with us.

The Florida Greyhound Association is represented by Public Affairs Consultants in Tallahassee. James Blanchard of Bonita Springs is the NGA Director for District 1A and FGA President. Representing District 1B is Hall Gill of Inverness, Florida. Board of Directors meetings are held in various areas in Florida and are opened to all FGA members. Time and place will be announced on this web site two weeks prior to the meeting.

We hope you will investigate our website and become a little more enlightened as to the importance of the Greyhound Industry in the State of Florida. More than half of all race tracks in North America call Florida home. Greyhounds from around the country run the ovals in the sunshine state.

P.O. BOX 10932
Email: Florida Greyhound Association

FGA Board Elects New Officers

The FGA elected new officers at our annual board meeting in Sarasota on November 15, 2012. James Blanchard of Bonita Springs was elected president for 2013/2014 replacing Philip Ruotolo, the retiring president. Mr. Blanchard is also the president of the Southern Florida Greyhound Assn., representing kennels racing at Naples/Ft. Myers, Miami’s Flagler track, Hollywood’s Mardi Gras track and the Sarasota Kennel Club. He also serves as a National Greyhound Association board member, representing Florida. He has served as our fund raising and legislative chairman for the past six years and has a very close working relationship with Jack Cory, our chief FGA/NGA lobbyist.

Serving as vice president will be Calvin Holland of St. Petersburg. Mr. Holland is president of the Tampa Bay Greyhound Association and has been a very prominent member of our board and member of the legislative committee for years.

Of course Jack Cory and Public Affairs Consultants will remain our chief lobbyists. And, Yvonne Gurbada has been re-elected as the FGA’s secretary/treasurer. Mr. Blanchard and Mr. Cory will be announcing our 2013 lobbying team within the next month.

Contact information:

James (Jim) Blanchard, FGA President
PO Box 3193
Bonita Springs, FL 33959
(239) 287-5026

Calvin Holland, FGA Vice President
10661 1st Way North
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
(727) 433-3834

2013/2014 FGA’s Board of Directors

James Abernathy Sr. (Sarasota)
Arthur Agganis (Palm Bch Greyhound Assn.)
James Blanchard (Bonita Greyhound Assn.)
Todd Byers (Daytona Bch Greyhound Assn.)
Rodney Connell (Lake Mary)
Catherine D’Arcy (St. Petersburg)
Russell Fortunato (Central Florida Greyhound Assn.)
Michael Gerard (Jacksonville)
Yvonne Gurbada (Bradenton)
Calvin Holland (Tampa Bay Greyhound Assn.)
Jimmie Rae (Greyhound Owners of Jacksonville)
Philip Ruotolo (Ft. Myers)
Danny Viles (Pensacola Greyhound Assn.)

Please know your efforts on behalf of the sport of Greyhound Racing in Florida is most appreciated. We wish you and yours Happy Holidays and hope the New Year is filled with health, happiness and success for us all.

FGA's Board of Directors

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