Tommy Naddeo
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Tommy Naddeo

10-11-99 questions
7-14-01 questions
Thanks Tommy for answering these for me :)
8:05 PM
  1. When you have free time, what do you usually do? 
I need some of that free time stuff you talk about
  2. Do you like surprises? 
Depends on if I like the girl or not
  3. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
 I would love to be invisible. 
  4. What is the last thing you ate?
Grilled Cheese
  5. Last movie you have seen?
Land of the Dead - I think thats the name -
Goes to show how good it was since I cant even remember the title
  6. When you order pizza, what do you normally get?
Chris has me on a diet so I cant eat pizza
  7. Favorite word or phrase?
What the deuce
  8. How tall are you?
  10. What did it feel like to win the "Cup Of Rock"?
It was a great feeling and achievement.  Whenever we compete in a battle of the bands, we
never play to win.  We always play to have fun.  When we win, thats just a bonus and an
excuse to party
  11. Have any nicknames?
  12. Worst part about recording?
Waiting on other peoples schedules
  13. What band would you like to tour with?
Goldfinger and Good Charlotte.
  14. This one is from my mom....
If you were an ice cream flavor, what flavor would you be and why?

  I would be plain vanilla...
because that is the flavor most desired by hot moms :)
  15. Is it Hey Andy, Hey Randy or both?
HAHAHA  Hey Andy - That F*$ker  
16. Anything you want to say?
17. Fill in the blanks with as many words as you need....have fun :)
Gotti 13 Will...
.finally finish recording so they can get signed!!!!!!!!!!
I am good at.....
a lot of things with my tongue - Oops - playing bass guitar
Don't mess with Mike When.....
he wears that dress he likes to dress up in
Chris can cook....
anything in the microwave
Kevin has...
not gotten laid in a very long time
Mike knows how to....
be a pain in the a**
I don't like....
when Family Guy is not on TV

{note: these questions were answered on 7/14/01 }
Thanks Tommy for answering these for me!
1. Date:
Call 1900-TOMMY to set up a date
2. Time:
Any Time
3. When did you start playing the Guitar?
I started playing about 6 years ago but really started studying it about 3 years ago
4. When did you decide that you wanted to be in a band?
When I had to fill in for a bass player in Chris's old
band. I was really nervous but as soon as I walked off
the stage I knew it was what I wanted.
5. What CD/Tape is in your vehicle at the moment?
Its a compilation of 101 30second punk songs
6. Got any hidden talents?
HAHAHAHAHA but if I said something they would not be hidden
7. Message to fans:
Thank you so much for all the support you have shown us.
We wouldnt be where we are without ya's
8. When can we possibly expect a CD from you guys? (I get asked this A LOT! )
Hopefully soon.....everyone will know shortly
9. Are you guys signed yet? If yes, to what label?
10. How often do you practice?

These Questions were answered 10-11-99.
A "BIG THANK YOU" goes out to Tommy for answering these questions for me!!!!
1. What is the best thing to happen in your life so far?
Being part of GOTTI 13
2. Is there anything that always goes with you when you are on the road?
(and no you can't say your guitar! :)
The rest of the group :)
3. Had any embarrassing moments on stage yet?
My pants were almost pulled I double knot them
4. Do you have a favorite song to perform?
"Turn Away"
5. What is one thing you'd like Gotti 13 to accomplish?
World Domination
6. What's the one CD you can't get out of your CD player?
Lionel Richie
7. What is the best thing about performing?
Hearing the fans scream
8. Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I like to make weird noises to warm up my voice...and I
always do finger excercises to warm up for playing
( the guys always look at me funny for that one )
9. What have you noticed about the audience that comes to see you?
They are into every minute of our show.
10. What's your opinion on the whole y2k thing?
Whats that..Just kidding
11. Does the 13 in Gotti 13 have a significance?
A new beginning
12. What do you normally do after a show?
I like to go home and relax, so the next morning we can get ready for rehearsal again :)
13. Can you describe your music for someone who has never heard it before?
Its music that you cant get out of your head. It will stick with you for a very long time
14. Describe Gotti 13 in one word.
15. Besides music what did you want to be when you were growing up?
A Professional Baseball Player
16. Tommy can you describe Chris for me?
HAHAHA He is the most fun person to be around. He has a personality you can never forget
17. What's one thing you hope stays the same?
All of our personalitys
18. If you were an M&M flavor, what flavor would you be?
(plain, peanut, crispy, peanut butter, or mint)
Sorry it was about 2 am when i thought of this one! =)

19. Got anything to say to your fans??
Thank you guys so much for you care and support. You
have no idea on how much it means to us. You guys are the
heart and soul of GOTTI 13. We could not ask to have
better people behind us than all of you .