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Bill has left Gotti 13. I would like to wish him the best of luck with his solo projects.

Bill Peck


6-16-01 House Of Blues, Orlando
The following questions were answered on 09/05/01! Thanks Bill! I really appreciate it!
1. When did you start playing the guitar?
When I was 15. I worked very hard and practiced somedays for 10 hours in hopes of becoming the next famous guitar virtuoso.
2. What CD/tape is in your vehicle at the moment?
I really like a lot of 80's rock but of course some of it is really cheesy. I would probably be listening to something like Ozzy, Guns N' Roses, Skid Row, Steve Vai, and lots of other bands that are on those cheesy compilations. MONSTERS OF ROCK!!!!! LOL I also listen to mainstream radio so I can keep up with all of the new stuff. I like all sorts of music and I really like some techno stuff.
3. Do you have any pre/post show rituals?
Probably just that my stomach is always a little bit nervous. I just try and get myself excited and then give it my best.
4. For someone who has never heard Gotti 13 before how would you describe the "Gotti sound" to them?
Well that is a really hard question for me. I think Chris would be better suited to answer that one. I will just say it rocks!
5. Describe Gotti 13 in one word:
badassenergydrivenrock, Is that a word? LOL
6. Since i have asked this questions to the other guys in the past: What M&M flavor would you be and why? (Flavors are: Plain, peanut butter, crispy, peanut, and mint)
Green, should keep that to myself!
7. What's one thing you'd like Gotti 13 to accomplish?
To really be successful and to bring a show and a record to fans around the world that they will never forget. I take music very serious and want to put a smile on people's faces while doing it. To me music is about self expression, but also about entertaining people and enriching people's lives.
8. Got anything to say to the fans??
Thanks for all of your support! Since I have only been in Gotti for a short while, a lot of you have not gotten the opportunity to probably meet me. If you ever see me at a show, please feel free to say hello and talk to me. Thanks to the fans who have welcomed me aboard and I promise I will rock as hard as I can and help Gotti 13 reach the next level!

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Bill's Birthday is April 1st 1979